Update-BIG BROTHER STARGAME: Goldie Saves Prezzo And Puts Up Keitta For Eviction

When we thought Ghana’s rep to the on-going Big Brother Stargame-Keitta had swerved the list of nominees for eviction this week, Goldie has brought him in…

As Head of  the House, Goldie has decided to save her boyfriend Prezzo from eviction and has replaced him with  Keitta for Sunday’s eviction. Not fair right? But that is how the game goes…

Although Keitta didn’t receive a single nomination earlier in the day, he will now be up for eviction alongside Manetta and Barbs.

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  • goldie is stupidly blinded by de ugly dog

    • jeff

      @nanakwame brobbey, oh say that again bros.lol

  • 27calibre (O-o)

    keita is not gonna go home ,am afraid barbz will go home !

  • jeff

    im not a big fan of Keitta but Goldie is such a FOOL, hell i evn tweeted abt it and ery1 was saying thats the truth. like aha na wo bedi )do tantan sei.lol do u think BBA is like a “Looking for love” show or smethn plus Prezzo is evn married or has a girlfriend. no sense or wht so ever.I bet his reasons for nominting Keitta wsnt even tangible mtchew

    • jeff

      @jeff, her***

  • Nana Ama

    lol,….tell me about it….,,like what the hell..!! she’s seem to be really looking for love ,…..i wouldn’t  be surprised if she wins & jux had over the money to prezzo saying ”ooohh baby please keep the money & help me think wat i wanna  i do wit it”…dats how dumb she capable of being,…smh!

  • Danisha

    I can’t stand dat Goldie, like at 1st she was very nice but now she lost her mind cuz of Prezzo. And 2 think he wasn’t talking 2 her till she won head of hse. mmmtttcchheeeewww

  • Immaculate

    Gosh! I hate goldie right now.