AZONTO Featured On BBC News….But I Am Not Feeling The Report!

BCC’s Alex Jakana flew to Ghana to report on the new craze in town-AZONTO, which is tipped to take over the world in the next few months…As a Ghanaian Entertainment blogger, I love the fact that an international mainstream media like the BBC has found interest in what was started at our little corner-Ghana.

However, I feel the report could have been better presented…There are huge AZONTO talents (dancers and musicians) who could have been featured. The likes of Sarkodie and Tiffany have added more meaning and style to Azonto, therefore, I think such a feature should not have excluded them. I thought Sarkodie was the King of Azonto…I guess BBC is saying a different thing!

Also, has  BBC not gotten a Ghanaian reporter? Even if they do not have one, they could simply have hired the many talented Ghanaian freelance showbiz reporters to have perfectly file the report…I am trying to say, eventhough Alex Jakana did his best, we can tell our story much better than any other person…#justsaying

All the same, the shine and highlight is a good thing!

This is what the BBC wrote…

Over the past year a new dance craze has popped onto the Ghanaian music scene and has been making waves across West Africa and beyond.

Azonto fever has gripped diaspora communities in the USA and in the UK with some London based artists even flying over to Ghana to learn the moves.

Check out the video below

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Editor

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moki says:

Chris is tribal bigtime. His beef is that they showed Jamestown instead of Kumasi. A Ga artist instead of an Asanti, Sarkodie. That is his beef. His website is doing more harm to non Akan artists than you could imagine. The dance evolved from fishing communities where Ga’s inhabit. It evolved from Kpanlogo. Gasmilla is the best Azonto artists I have seen so far. Sarkodie  does not even factor into this. I wish he would write about artists from his tribe only and leave the rest . Cause he does damage every time he talks about artists from non-Akan tribes!! He discriminates big time!! Azonto was long since started and existed among Ga’s along the coast. Deal with it. 

naa asheley says:

LOL I love this! Gotta give it up for Gasmilla tho. Dude is really an azonto king..

andy says:

i dont know y ppl r trying to pusu this whole azonto thing as  a creation of sarkodie?? i bet he had no idea of the dance when he recorded u go kill me, it just so happened that ppl found it easier to do the dance to that song… i say so cos we all know sarkodie is not that good at azonto. it was gasmillas clip”abodaaatoi” which has eveolved azonto to its current state where you raise one hand an twist ur foot. compare the number of views aboodatoi has to u go kill me on youtube. 

honey says:

@andy, dont mind him andy(matter of fac,say that again). im sooo pissed at his report/story. it sounds stupid. all this while (while reading his report), i was thinking BBC interviewed a non ghanaian artiste or somebody who couldnt do the azonto at all, not knowing it was gasmilla(who even described the meaning of the dance). u think sarkodie could have explained what that dance meant like gasmilla did?? puh-leeeeaaase.

27calibre (O-o) says:

m3 fri oman Ghana


Miyagi says:

I saw it last night and I have to say reporter made me laugh a bit but I’m proud of Gh for putting Azonto on the map you can watch the full coverage on bbc Iplayer

Amoah says:

That’s ok film. Since it’s about leaning I think it was very much ok that BBC flew in a non GH’ian! 🙂

honey says:

@Amoah, lmaaaooo @ok film

Adiepena says:

The reporter did a good job visiting James town to do the report. who is sarkodie n how well does he know the azonto dance. therez no better azonto dancer than gasmilla. He really deserve to be in this video. left with our Gh entertainment reporters alone, they will contact sarkodie n the likes, demand some small coins frm them a do a whack report. Thumbs up to the reporter. Do your reports well n you will be contacted by BBC.

honey says:

@Adiepena, sweety i cldnt agree with u less….chris’ report is ignorant(yes,u the reporter for ur report sounds ignorant and senseless…talking bout sarkodie(sarkodie my foot)how long has sarkodie been in this industry and do u know how long the azonto has been around?? waaay before i came to the states, so it surprises me how popular it has become now. They went exactly to where the azonto started,and if they had to go to jamestown,i think then they spoke to the right artist…an artist from jamestown(yes im from jamestown, born and bred). so whats wrong if gasmilla was interviewed instead of ur sarkodie?? aint it the same ghana(AKA Azontoland)??? and is gasmilla not a ghanaian artist?? mtcheew i’ve been a fan of urs but u just threw me to the curb rhi now. so now u see why ur story is senseless and sounds ignorant??

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