Behind The Scene Photos Of Becca’s $50,000 Video Shoot In South Africa Featuring Nigeria’s M.I.

At the launch of Okyeame Kwame’s ‘Sika’ video, Reggie Rockstone, the originator of  Hip Life confessed that over the years, he’s shot lots of low budget videos for his songs.

Though those videos didn’t look like low budget videos by then, it appears that the era of low quality and low budget music videos are being relegated.

Ghanaian artistes have now moved away from the mediocrity and pain-in-the-eye kind of music videos to a more creative and world class videos. One artiste who has over the years had great videos is Afro Pop singer, Becca who has won several awards for such nice videos.

Information reaching Ghanacelebrities.Com has it that, Becca’s just shot music video is estimated at $50,000. The video was shot and directed by one of the biggest and best production house in South Africa.

The video is for her latest single ‘No Away’. The song features one of Nigeria’s biggest contemporary musical icons- M.I.

If the footage and pictures available to GhanaCelebrities.Com is anything to go by, then the video will be one of the best on the continent.

The video would be premiered on Friday June 29 at Lizzy Sports Complex inside East Legon. Artistes from USA, South Africa and Nigeria will be joining several Ghanaian artistes for the premiere.

Listen to ‘No Away’ below


Check out the photos below

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Danisha says:

gud luck Becca

sarah says:

Poor her…. she cud’ve invested the money.
A gud song can sell newaiz without a video..No wander dese our Gh Artistes get broke easily..

honey says:

daaaamn MI,he needs sum gud tanning lol

S3M3NHYIA says:

@honey, you mean mosturising? If he tans,he’ll look more terrible than now

honey says:

@S3M3NHYIA, lmaaaooo what do u expect me to say??? i meaan have u seen the guy?/lol

Sweet Mother says:

becca is so pretty

Maame says:

If the song is not good, the video will not save the song but MI dey so let’s see

Rocklyn Love says:

hmmmmm yoooo….. hope de song gonna rock

JOE says:

how much do you get paid per show? rubbish

jealous one says:

@JOE, becca doesnt get more then 5000 cedis per show i dont understand why she is shooting such an expensive video when she wont make profit out of it.

endowed says:

good for Becca if she has the a money she should use it

cece enima says:

oh dear, i hope she makes that money back.50 grand on a 5 min video.not a very effective way of spending money as an African artist really.

dashinglystunning says:

Unless u want to tell me the equipments needed for this video cannot be found in Ghana otherwise ma hood is faarrrrrr more betta than the hood am seeing in the shots. Hope the video comes out nice otherwise its pointless shooting a video outside when we have beta locations is GH……………..just saying.

Adiepena says:

looks like the video is gona be a great . kudos to kiki n his team.

Esi says:

Becca, u are one of my favorite but be flexible small. U’ve became too stiff and rigid for my liking aabaa

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