Breaking News-BIG BROTHER STARGAME: Roki And Maneta Disqualified!

Roki Face After Bleach Was Poured On Him

Roki Face After Bleach Was Poured On Him

The drama in the big brother house this year seems to be endless. And the rules of the game are showing no mercy to any housemate who fails to act appropriately!

Just when we thought DKB and Zainab shocked us, Maneta shocks us even more and Big Brother delivers a chilling blow to them and their country.

Roki and Maneta are officially out of the Big Brother game ahead of sunday’s evictions.

Zimbabwe’s Starmates Maneta and Roki have been disqualified from the StarGame for contravening the Big Brother rules.

The two had a fight earlier on where Roki poured water on Maneta and she apparently poured cleaning liquid on his face thus inflicting harm on him, causing both to be axe from the game.
The road has come to and end for the two Zimbabweans. Lets see how they explain to their country for causing their own eviction…

Rokis Face After Blach Was Poured On Him

Rokis Face After Blach Was Poured On Him

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ijay says:

@ ngonidzashe……. i agree with u she (maneta) knows she was going to be evicted and decided to leave with rocki…….serves rocki right. he goes about bringing heads together to avoid nomination during eviction. it’s quite a disgrace to zim….

ngonidzashe midzi says:

i am very disappointed in maneta she knew she was falling and decided to go down with roki.

B.B says:

@ngonidzashe midzi, very true. she knew her time was up.

Papa Sly says:

Roki, U see why some fake b*tches must be slapped DKB style?…Slap me now b*tch, slap me now.

Adjoa Nbaaso) says:

Wow, this is the wrost big brother so far.I loved Roki and I knew he had the potential to win.That Maneta gurl acts too childish.She plays like a 5yr old girl..

takundae says:

much ado about nothin

27calibre (O-o) says:

BLA BLA BLA now some people will be ashamed for pouring insult on DKB,sometimes no one can calm or control his or her anger due to some circumstance, we are humans and any thing can happend ,noo one is perfect on this earth and some people act as angels just arriving on earth….

Silvia says:

I wil really miss maneta

tafadzwa muza says:

I will miss u baba sky when another door closes another one opens love u baba sky u make us proud

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