Behind The Scene Photos Of Roger Q Productions Movie Shoot In Italy Featuring Roger Quartey, Roselyn Ngissah, Kafui Danku, Prince David & Others


Roger Q Productions

Roger Q Productions

Roger Q, the production house that brought to Ghanaians movies like ‘Turn Me On’ and ‘Death After Birth’ is currently in Brescia Montichiari in Italy working on their new movie ‘My Wife’s Husband’.

The movie is a collaboration between Roger Q and Italian based O.R. Events. It features Roselyn Ngissah, Kafui Danku, Prince David Osei, Eddie Nartey among others.

Check out some of the behind the scene pictures obtained by GhanaCelebrities.Com


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The Truth says:

As For u Henry, I pity ur future, if u agree wiit those numbs on such a stupid assertion, then u realy must go bak to sch. The least sed abt u, the better. The film aint shot in Ghana fool, so u need to ask why an actor is wearing a particular costume, yes u heard me, a COSTUME. Get educated on what movie making is about. Sorry for ya assholes, I beg lemme now speak my mind. Roger Q & O.R events, God bless u for such a wonderful collabo, keep it coming and we will support u all we have got. Don’t be discouraged with wat those ignorant haters will say, they sky is just the beginning. And Florence, thanks for Educating those dumbasses to learn to appreciate what is their OWN. Gud nite.

The Truth says:

I must realy say I get disappointed wen people who have no knowledge about fimmaking and wat comes with it open their stinky mouths to talk. I realy dint wanna sound insulting but I guess the likes of miyagi and maaka who are jobless & unappreciative fools have no single knowledge what it takes to even produce a movie. Just because u go to the cafe to get access to the internet doesn’t mean u shd talk trash! Now lemme educate ya punky assholes if ya don’t know wat time it is. Every movie has a different story, a different pace and a different outcome, u dnt expect roger Q’s movies to satisfy a cheap uneducated fools like ya. He made it for the elites. And on the point of Leila or shirley, do u know the budget involved in that kinda of productions. Bitches, just appreciate the little u have and encourage people to move on, Rome wasn’t built in a day. And Critisism doesn’t mean, come & show ur low life knowledge and insult. Dummy

Miyagi says:

@The Truth,Thanks for teaching me whatever bla bla bla you just wrote was pretty awesome you deserve an award lmao and this is what you call educating me or maaka your so hilarious, an what makes you think I make use of Internet cafe do write things you don’t no okay cause you sound really sad I have seen his movies and to me it’s rubbish we all got our opinion and I gave mine and if you don’t like it than it’s your own wahala I am not going to insult you Or downgrade myself to your level on a serious note i can tell that you must be bored as a prostitute in a room full of priest yet you call yourself “the Truth” get a life okay for your info i work I’m happy with my life I don’t complain I use smartphones and tablets I don’t need to sit in a cafe to address you get your facts right adios and mucha gracias for replying me ciao bella 

shaolin says:

is that nadia buari’s sister?

maaka says:

Guaranteed to be absolute CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP as most of Roger Q movies are. Why the fck cant you guys make movies like Shirley or Leila -- all this apushkele nonsense movies is tiring. And the actors and actresses aint worth shyt neither.

stop praising mediocre movies -- enkruasi fuor eni omu nkwasia taste

Miyagi says:

@maaka,I agree with you his movies are absolutely rubbish and boring but there was no need to use insults 

ks@ says:

@Miyagi, i also agree his movies are nothing to write home about but miyagi you accusing somebody of insulting look with yourself who insults more than u look who is talking

Miyagi says:

@ks, I have stopped insulting a long time ago or have u notice or see me insulting anybody recently I don’t see any reason to insult anymore besides we are all here to drop our comment speak out mind but some people just feel like oh let me get this boy back let me give him my piece of mind but to be honest it’s not worth it anymore 

henry says:

@maaka, yeap na true tlk…..dis movie will be wack 4 sure…wonder where they got those long legs ladies frm…….ugly dresses eeewwww make-up…n wat is tht David Osei guy wearing…? jess ghana cele ma ass….apuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu tohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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