Get To Know The ‘Girls In The Yellow House’

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Girls In The Yellow House
Girls In The Yellow House

Dreams can come through so be careful what you dream about. After so much pressure from ardent viewers and fans of ‘Meet The Girls In The Yellow House’ show, the producers decided to go way back to record a special episode that tells the story of how the Girls met.

The episode also threw more light on their personalities and other troubles just for the fans and viewers. Follow the story of four girls found strength in friendship and enjoy their company while they bring you exciting interviews with great personalities.

Nana Ayesua - An eagle when she fly’s
Nana Ayesua – An eagle when she fly’s

The loving caring mother like friend every girl need. She found a job with a bank after national service and it was the job of her dreams. Not long afterwards her mother died. Out of her love for children and tenet of taking responsibility, she quits her job at the bank to take care of her mum’s school. She moves into her family home to be close to the school.

Jay - Hard working go getter
Jay – Hard working go getter

Jay is a restaurateur and a Client Service Executive who lived with her grandfather. The nature of her job and sometimes plain socializing keeps her out late. Her over protective grandfather would stay up waiting no matter the hour she gets home. On one of her visits she complained about it to Ayesua her childhood friend and they hatch a plan to convince Jay’s granddad to allow her come live with her (Ayesua) this succeeds and they move in together.

Frost Asiedu - Sweet chic actress
Frost Asiedu – Sweet chic actress

Frost and jay were course mates at the university and through Jay she became friend with Ayesua as well. She is an Advertising Executive; your basic fun loving girl who came to spend a weekend and never went back after a lot of convincing to take a break from tedious work. She is the center piece of the four friends.

Lisa Sowah

She is a onetime 1st runner up in Miss Malika beauty pageant, a marketing executive and an aspiring actress. She is the blunt friend who will tell it as it is and not be bothered how you react because it’s the truth. Her story is a classic mistake many girls go through. You meet a man; fall for his charm, move in with him only to realize it’s a huge mistake. She fell for the wrong one. One of her closest friends for a very long time has been Frost so after an ugly fight that was the shoulder she needed to cry on. She needed the Girls and they were there for her. The Girls accepted her with a welcoming hug so she moves in to join them.

The show has become an avenue where top personalities have let out lots of secrets about themselves as the Girls have corny interviewing charms that get people talking. Want to know the secret of your favourite star?

Meet the Girls In The Yellow House airs on Viasat 1 on Saturday 10am with a repeat on Sunday at 9.30am.

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