Lifestyle-THE BIG QUESTION: Which Telecom Company In Ghana Is A BIG MESS?

What a good topic to kick start the new GC’s Lifestyle column-THE BIG QUESTION…

I am yet to meet a Ghanaian who has not been ripped off by one of the many telecommunication companies in Ghana in a way of bad/poor service.

One basic expectation of any consumer is to get his/her money worth. However, when it comes to our part of the world, no matter how much of a demand you make, you are still likely to be given less value for your hard earned cash.

A sector which champions this disproportionate relationship between what they offer and what consumers pay is telecommunication. Most of the networks in Ghana are a mess…

You do not have to be with them to know how poor they are with their services. Their customers will easily give you the vibe from their facial expressions and unending complaints.

If the phone of every person you try to reach is not SWITCHED OFF, then all the people you are calling are busy on their phones.

If there is no network congestion, then the phone call you are paying for will cut off anytime the conversation is getting interesting.

If the internet modem you purchased will not take forever to open a page, then it will disconnect the moment you see something that you really want to read or look at.

If the little rains will not disrupt your internet service, it will surely make it excessively slow.

If the credits (units) on your phone are not being stolen by dwarfs when you have not used them, then you are on lucky Ghanaian. Do not get excited, even with your luck, you will still be told you have no credit to make a call when your balance says otherwise.

If you do not have to wait till your battery dies before you get to speak to a customer service agent, she/he will intentionally cut the phone call when you begin to tell her your problem and she figures out she cannot help.

If you are not confused as me when it comes to the countless packages these operators advertise to the extent that you do not even know which one is really cheap and good for you, then you do not simply have a mobile phone or data plan.

From your own experience, what telecommunication company in Ghana deserves to be booted out of the country? I mean, which one do you think is a BIG MESS and why? Which one will you recommend?


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don dee says:

Sometimes we are very ungrateful as Ghanaians as well. Do you know how 
Much people have benefitted from these companies indirectly and directly. 
No industry has seen price reduction like these companies. Yes they av to
Advertise because it is a very tight market and every company needs to draw
Attention to itself. check the Statistical service figures for jst ended May 2012
When we write such rubbish, appreciate where we av come from as Ghanaians, yes when we use to queue at phone booths and buy chips at 300gh. Telecoms is an enabler and don’t forget how we feel n*ked when we  .  leave our phones at home.
You can kick them out and go for 500,000dollars to get a license from NCA and a further 500million dollars to roll out infrastructure in the 10 regions.
Next time when u write, add water and ecg as I believe they are also utility
Service providers. By the way, I responded to this comment using my
Blackberry and not waiting to go to the internet cafe like den days.
If u dont believe av a genuine case, don’t respond to me using ICT means. Use the post office, I will get your reply in 3 weeks time. Thank You. 

JASEF says:

GLO is the worst. first of all, you will need to insert the SIM and wait for two days before u will be able to make and receive calls. that aside call charges to other networks are just too much. massa, they really are annoying

Kelikwes says:

Mtn. The worst network

Nii says:

those sayin MTN…use a network like glo, and u wud understand wat poor customer servicE..means……

kujo says:

its mTn everywhere u go yawa.alo network

Pozo says:

Its Vodafone, LIARS TO YOU!

Miyagi says:

@Pozo,Liars to you? What are you trying to say 

Esi says:

Ah! we all know its MTN, everywhere u go they will cheat u. they are unwanted k3k3

Sweety says:


Miyagi says:

@Sweety,I have to agree with you on this one they suck big time yeah 

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