READERS’ MAIL: I Am Not Racist But I Date ONLY White Men

It will be absolute absurdity to call me a racist, because I am black as many of you are. Both my parents are from Ghana and I was brought up like every ordinary Ghanaian woman.

With the issue of racism having been cleared, let’s look at why I have decided to send this piece to you guys at GhanaCelebritiess.Com.

Few days ago, I came across an article on this blog titled ‘The Beautiful Young Ghanaian Woman And The Old White Lover-A Sickening Trend?’ which unfairly castigate young Ghanaian girls who find love, preference and long term sustainability in older white men.

First of all, we all have different reasons why we may want to date somebody or a person of a particular race and heritage. But one thing is for sure, if you are looking for unconditional love and peace of mind in a relationship, then you have no option that to tow my line-be with a white man.

With that having been said, I will like to categorically mention that, I am against any woman who will go for a white man for other reasons such as money and plain desire to travel overseas. That is a scam and not a relationship of honesty.

I must also emphasize that, I have been living in the United States for more than a decade now. I am therefore not with my white man because I want to travel abroad or for financial gains but because I find so much in white people that our black men lack or do not just understand about women.

I have always been a precious diamond in the hands and life of the three white men I have dated, including my current partner. With the two black men I have tried to get comfortable with and buy into the unnecessary concept of dating your race, I have been nothing more than a punching bag and a cooking machine. Did I mention I that my views on any issue did not even count or matter? I guess black women do not have any intellect in the world of black men.

For reasons know to certain women like me, we are more than comfortable, happy and content with our white men. Either old or young, they offer what their black counterparts have failed to give us.

It therefore amounts to absolute baloney to call a trend of satisfaction, comfort, sustainability and above all, of good living a sickening trend-that is if the writer or any of your readers had this assumption.

You can call some of us who have seen the ‘light to heaven’ names just because you are bitter about yourselves and probably the standing of your relationship with black men. But the fact this, we have found true love, happiness, better future and respect for ourselves.

You can have an opinion standing from afar, but have you ever dated a white man? You do not know what you are missing out. Just because someone is with an older white man does not necessary mean, the relationship is not built on true love. Some of us have found the best option already, something most of black women are aggressively seeking. Give us a break!

Ophelia Dwomoh, U.S.A


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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Editor

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Betty says:

This woman is the most stupid , baseless piece of shit that ever walked the face of the earth. One minute you say you are not dating white men for the money but you go on to say nobody should blame you for choosing comfort and sustainability—It therefore amounts to absolute baloney to call a trend of satisfaction, comfort, sustainability and above all, of good living a sickening trend-that is if the writer or any of your readers had this assumption—
Are you some idiot who doesn’t even know when she is contradicting herself?
And you actually go on to insult other black women for their black choices? Insulting your own race? That is what makes you a piece of shit because you obviously hate yourself.
God forgive you for your ignorance . Go on and get used by all the white men. The only sad part is how you will not come back and tell us when they show you the shit you are.
Remember you said yourself that you have dated 3 of them? yet you have made your fabulous assumptions on that? and yet insulted black men because you dated only two? why didnt you stay with the first 2 white men? Indeed you are a monkey of no race. You belong in the gutter for ever daring to insult black men and women for not being as stupid as you.

C. says:

“You can call some of us who have seen the ‘light to heaven’ names just because you are bitter about yourselves and probably the standing of your relationship with black men.” That woman was very stupid for writing that. This is ignorant and absurd. Not all black men treat women like trash. You are putting all eggs in one basket. Never judge a book by its cover. It is written “What God has joined together, let no man put asunder”. May God have mercy on her.

xmiii says:

hmm i am dating a black guy though and he treats me like a baby too, my sister is married to a white man n at times it makes me confuse to stop n go date a white man too. Even though my bf treats me well n love me, the white man tops it.. wow, he carry my sister on his shoulders n treats her like his queen, the last time i visited them i was really jealouse..

Ball so hard miss dior says:

Who cares, if thats ur preference go for it but stop putting black men down not all of them are bad, unfortunately for u, u haven;t met the right ones

Take it or Leave it says:


—--Take it or Leave it——-- Im Out

Take it or Leave it says:

Ive dated all kinds of races. It has nothing 2 do with race, but with how the person is… Follow ur HEARTS and mr/mrs Right will show up! I Love Black men….! I just Love men in general (love LOVE)…so ppl lets not Hate lets Appreciate 😉 Love all “Colors”

—--Take it or Leave it—--  Im Out

B.B says:


“if you are looking for unconditional love and peace of mind in a relationship, then you have no option that to tow my line-be with a white man” ………. do you mean to tell me that black men are incapable of providing unconditional love and peace in a relationship?

I think you met the wrong “black” guys in your life but if you want to do only “white men”, yeah, go on and do them. Its your choice.

27calibre (O-o) says:

hmmmm bla bla bla blah

kumapem says:

“You can call some of us who have seen the ‘light to heaven’ names just because you are bitter about yourselves and probably the standing of your relationship with black men. But the fact this, we have found true love, happiness, better future and respect for ourselves.” wow, SO ALL GHANAIAN WOMEN WHO ARE MARRIED TO AND ARE DATING BLACKMEN, LACK ANY KIND OF RESPECT FOR THEMSELVES?. I don’t have respect for people who make such statements. IT WOULD BE VERY DUMB AND IGNORANT OF ME TO SAY ” black women often date the ugly white men, and African men date ugly white women (RFA’s : reserved for Africans)”, although that is what i often see. white men cheat, black men cheat, white women cheat, and black women cheat. So Ophelia, look carefully at yourself before making such statements cuz it only adds to the number of dumb and stupid Ghanaians, which we don’t need.

Amoah says:

Wow… a strong topic you’ve giving us today, Chris! 🙂
I think we are all created equal, however, your personality and your being is a reflection of where (the environment) you grow up in. There are both good and bad in all colours. Too many black african-american women are single, because the black-men are all… well not all of them …LOL… are in jail! And african-men have their mothers behind them 24/7…
Anyways my brother is a great men and is very good with his women. 😀

Akua says:

@Amoah, True true true. I am out

Semi-Cartermatic says:


TiffanyBabe says:

Ophelia, you do not know what you are also missing. White men are weak mentally and s*xually. Unless you are a woman who do not want a stronger man in front of you and also behind you, then you will never be content with a white man.

I have also met so many black men who will treat you like a Queen but only when you deserve it. Black men give you your worth so check yourself if you are not getting it from them and you are getting it from somewhere. It may also mean that, those giving you the perfect treat are not telling you the truth about yourself

kumapem says:

@TiffanyBabe, thank you Tiffany. some people only look thru their glasses and ignore looking in the mirror.

B.B says:

@TiffanyBabe, ………. “white men are weak mentally & s*xually”, well said!  I know some of them who simply hate on black guys due to those qualities.

Nyamekye says:

I usually don’t comment on articles here but I had to on this one..

Stupidity and ignorance is a bliss to some of you fish brains out there..self haters cretin like you should not be given any sort of platforms to air your views from your warped minds at all..

Here yourself ” But one thing is for sure, if you are looking for unconditional love and peace of mind in a relationship, then you have no option that to tow my line-be with a white man.” Did you just Eco that from your ass woman? So now white men are now synonymous with “unconditional love ” and black men are not? From what statistics did your spider brain deduced your so called statement of ” facts from? You’ve been with only two black men and you come here to write this foolishness.. 

Btw why did you not spend the rest of your life with the first unconditional love giving white man you met.. Or you suddenly forgot to reciprocate their unconditional love? Why it had to be not one, two but three? If It is unconditional love you looking for couldn’t one be enough. Or you don turn ashawo be that .. Bullshit.. if two black men treated you bad deal with it and move on. I don’t care who you date.. But Don’t ever in your ignorant self hating life try to disrespect or generalize on black men or men in general period.. You hear. You monkey

kumapem says:

@Nyamekye, well said:  Stupidity and ignorance is indeed a bliss.  This woman has clearly been scarred by a brother and she clearly lives in perhaps another universe cuz white men do and are capable of treating their partners negatively, as well as black men.She was probably coached into thinking that white men are better but wouldn’t admit it.

Akua says:

@Nyamekye, I totally agree with you. I have had my share of a bitter and painful relationship with our black men, but I can still say that there are great guys out there who are black . I have found a man who is and will forever be more than a white man. He loves me, respects me, adores me, worships me, and sees me as his world. I am the most precious stone in his life. I believe finding true and a good man only take prayers and patience. White men are not the only men who can bring you peace of mind and happiness in a relationship. That is simply bs. I love my STRONG BLACK men! I would not exchange them for nothing.

Semi-Cartermatic says:

@Nyamekye, Well said!!!! U gave a good constructive comment 
only thing i didnt agree is the “Monkey” reference.

KA NE WU says:

You are soooooo right Ophelia. Thank you for using this medium to educate some people who think Black women who date whitemen are for favours. Am à Ghanaian living in Europe and have had my share of walking out of à bitter relationship with my fellow Ghanaian man. After investing all my trust, love, efforts for good Four years, i only found out hè was rather so deeply in love with someone else, and even planning to take it to the next level which his sister was aware and approved of. You see, there is an old Saying which goes ‘If you are scared of divorce, you can never find à beter marriage” I licked my wounds and move on after that 4yr bitter relationship and the next man i bumped into was à whiteman, which was my last option not for any racial reasons. I just wasnt for white guys, i gave it à try and trust me, the difference is HUGE! Is not about money or for any material gains but trust me i feel at peace with my whiteman and hè treats me like à baby, we are expecting our first child this November and am so happy i gave him à chance Am not Saying “whitemen are perfect” They also have thier shortfalls, but the gap between whitemen and blackmen Will always be big. Even When my current relationship fails, i don’t think i Will ever go back to à blackman! I’d rather remain single for the rest of my life. Trust me i am not à racist!

Akua says:

@KA NE WU, the gap between a white man and a black guy can never be HUGE. You just didn’t find the right black guy and probably didn’t wait patiently enough with prayer in finding this guy you have now. Though I am happy things are working out for you now. To say that you will rather remain single for the rest of your life rather than going for a black man is just so pathetic. I have dated all black men, and a couple of white men. I just didn’t feel the white brothers, so I will leave it at that. I was married to a black guy for 19 years and it was horrible. I finally left the marriage, and decided to wait on God for the right man. Though, I wasn’t sure who would come, I prayed for what I wanted, and I can tell you that the black man who stepped in is an angel. Talk about passion, romance, love, dedication, and attention, he got them all. He adores me to the highest degree! I have not met any one like him, and I speak from my experience. No one is perfect, but he is near perfect! I think it is more about the one you feel most happy, peaceful, and comfortable with, and nothing else. So please don’t bash our black men as if they are evil when it comes to choosing a partner. There are great ones among them, and they come with full package, you know what I mean!

Miyagi says:

“White Men Who Like Black Women Have A Fetish” yes because any weirdo who thinks black women are more attractive than white women naturally is a s*x fiend I think of fetishes as something abnormal or bizarre and probably containing leather, piercings, and Clay Aiken music I don’t think finding darker skin tones attractive qualifies for any of that “Black Women are Sell Outs Who Date White Men” 99.5 percent of couples in the world are same race Only 1.5 percent of black women in the US marry white men I am pretty sure it is not “selling out” to do something only 1 out of every 200 couples in the world does  If anything it’s “selling out” or compromising to marry same race if you’d really rather be married to a black woman/white man It’s giving in to what your friends, family, and society want more than what you want, thus, selling out That You’re Really as Open Minded as You Think a lot of women have told me they’re “open minded” to white men who haven’t dated white men, never had s*x with white men, and routinely turn down white men that ask them out I didn’t know being open minded meant “Only if Justin Timberlake personally flies to downtown ATL to ask you out would you date a white guy” And I have seen white men in this group say they “like all colors” only to have a white girlfriend a month later Same with black women who were fiercely pro-white guy 3 years ago and now have a black boyfriend I hate it when someone says bw/wm relationships are “just a phase” in a young person’s life I especially hate it when it’s so often the case Don’t pretend after a couple white boyfriends and then you are engaged to a black guy that race “had nothing to do with it.” It’s unfortunate that too many men/women I know might throw in the towel on interracial dating after one or two bad experiences but have given same race partners many more try’s Interracial dating isn’t a cure all that will magically work the first time you try it I think you find white men/black women more attractive and you stick with it Like I said, 99.5 percent of the couples in the world are same race The world needs to bend more to us than we need to bend to it

kumapem says:

@Miyagi, yo bro. statistics are stereotypes, plain and simple.


did you copy and paste from somewhere??…honestly what u’ve written make no sense and the English is all over the place….check it out well.

Akua says:

@Miyagi,This is a public forum, so please take your time to write and edit. Make sure that people can read and comprehend what you write. There is no need to write when what you write doesn’t make sense. Just a thought, no offense please.

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