Sex In Ghanaian Movies Are Unnecessary Says Akorfa Edjeani Asiedu

Akorfa Asiedu

Akorfa Asiedu

Over the weekend, fans of the quickly climbing ‘Meet The Girls In The Yellow House’ tv show were treated to one of the best actors as a guest.

She entered the house looking all chic and s*xy for her age. Dressed in a GTP loose wrap over chiffon with expensive matching hand bangles and necklace, it looked inviting into the life of this screen goddess. But for the other missing regalias, Akorfa Edjeani looked like a modern day traditional queen.

Obviously jealous by her young looks, the first question was targeted at knowing how old she was and what kept her going. ‘I take very good care of myself and as a cultural freak, I don’t like perming my hair so am very cool with my ‘down cut’,” she said coolly to wave off the Girls jealousy at her looks.

Does Akorfa’s looks with ‘down cut’ worry her? “I didn’t and still don’t care if my traditional African outlooks gave me out as ugly. What is important for me is to feel comfortable and good about myself. I am not shy of who I am,” she interjected beautifully with passion in her eyes.

The sassy and gifted actress who likes boiled/fried yams with hot pepper laced with koobi said, heartbreaks are a must for every girl despite the fact that they hurt. Although, she couldn’t remember her first heart break, the experience was a learning curve for her.

She married her husband, she told viewers, when she was 23 and has been married for 20 years with two children aged 19 and 15 years. Is anyone doing the maths to get her real age since she was very evasive about it at the beginning of the show?

Akorfa started starring in TV Theatre in 1983 before she went to the University but had her real taste of movies later.  The bad girl who got impregnated in ‘Harvest At 17’ said, “acting is an inborn thing for me and it came naturally because I started acting before I knew I was acting.”

Why is the cocaine addicted American loving ‘Mataa’ star off our movies screens? Mrs. Akorfa Ejeani Asiedu said, “When I get good scripts, I sure will be in front of the cameras again. I don’t take movies for the money; the stories must mean something to me as a professional actress.

“I agree that s*x sells today but some nudity and scenes in some movies are unnecessary. Some s*x scenes won’t change anything in the movies if they are deleted. We should ask ourselves if that is what we want to project in making the industry a success. Most producers today used to be marketers who invest their monies where they think they can reap more,” spirited Akorfa replied to a question about s*x and nudity in local movies lately.

Talking about her most challenging role ever in a movie, Akorfa pondered her character in the GAMA movie ‘The Noise of Silence’. In the said movie, she played the role of a 14 year old, a blind person, grew old before regaining her sight. This role she said was emotionally and physically draining for her then.

The ‘I sing of a well’ producer said, “Although actors must be able to detach themselves from the emotions of their characters; they should act instead of recite their lines.” This notwithstanding, she mentioned having been caught in the emotional web of her character once in the stage play ‘Raising in the sun’ where blatant racism was on display. This affected her and she remembers crying for over ten minutes after the stage call backstage.

Chances are that we will see a lot more of Akorfa in the coming months because she will be undertaking massive stage productions soon. Just so you know, she was at the Keri Hilson and Bow Wow concert to shake what her mama gave her…any ideas?

‘Meet The Girls In The Yellow House’ shows on Viasat 1 on Saturday at 10am  with a repeat on Sunday at 9.30am. Don’t miss it.

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C. says:

I agree with her. The ghanaian industry is trying to copy Hollywood, which is sad. Nowadays, in almost all the ghanaian movies you see a s*x scene, which is very unnecessary. It wasn’t like that before.

selina says:

mayen dwin! does s*x not happen in real life? I am sick and tired of hearing this woman who spends all her time having s*x with different men become a hypocrite on TV talking about s*x in movies. so why did she have s*x in I sing of a well. Akorfa practice what you preach!
there should be a rating systems that rates movies to protect kids from watching movies with s*xual content. there is nothing wrong with s*x in movies. its only that, it must contribute to the progress of the story and it must be well done. 
Akofa, stop seeking popularity by this hypocritical comment you keep making and stop having s*x in the toilet of your restaurant with politicians. 

maykay says:

i agree wid u Akorfa

inter says:

Nana or i don no what u call your self , be careful for useless comment, bcs Nigerias super Nollywood never do p*rno movie like Ghanians Ghollywood. so be specific,i mean White. Correct your self brof.

`madam social says:

wow i never knew akorfa was married let alone for this long. great job miss akorfa

Nana Ama says:

i second that anyways. Most Ghanaian movies are becoming p*rno and this needs to be looked at. If we are copying from the Nigerians or the Whites,then am really really sorry coz they have their culture and we have ours.I dont think any parent would pray that her son of daughter would act a scene like this.Please let watch.

Amoah says:

I don’t get it anyway because the s*x in GH movies are all very much unattractive, fat girls with cellulite and men with hairy asses!!!

miyagi says:

@Amoah, Hahahahaha that’s not nice to say lol what about those girls with stretch marks and Forest hill inbetween their …… know what I mean 

Amoah says:

@miyagi, 🙂 I know and them too… but hey, I only notice the guys…. you know what I’m saying! 🙂

Miyagi says:

@Amoah,Yes madam hahahah 

ato says:


Miyagi says:

Great article much respect to Akorfa one thing I like about her is that she always speaks her mind and i think she is right some people may disagree with her but i think Ghana definitely need some sort of industry to separate “p*rn” and “adult film” from the rest of the industry our Culture is supposed to be the Institution that Demonstrates the set of Core Values that is central to the Social Contract and which binds people together in a Cohesive Structure It should profess Civilisation portray Maturity, a Sense of Truth, Honor, Dignity, Justice and Social Responsibility however this is being undermined by rats like Socrates (wherever he got that thief and plagiarist’s name from) who have been so influenced by foreign cultures and thus making our Heritage, Identity, and Uniqueness, inconsequential. Through f**ls like Socrates and his sycophant adulterers we have swallowed the meaninglessness of foreign cultures and constantly ruminate on the stupidity of our degrading societal values shame on anyone who supports this kind of product in Ghana We have to be logical And the right thing to do here is to force the hand of government to clean this act

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