PHOTO: Jackie Appiah, A True African Beauty….

What else can be said about Jackie Appiah, especially with this photo up in your face…With or without a stylish dress, Jackie Appiah truly defines Africa beauty…

What do you think?

GC Staff

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abena tawiah says:

jackie dats beautiful

lily says:

pretty girl.

dot says:

I know jackie is an ok girl not the top beauty becoze beauty is not only your eyes, the whole body count and her body is not that wow. and who said she is without makeup in this photo? she even have a lip gloss on but is natural gloss and mild makeup.

nana oti says:

absolutely beautiful,GOD bless ue mama hahaaaaaa.

boaduwaa says:

you are very gorgeous and nice. its my prayer the lord will be proud of you someday.

She looks like me, but I am fair and with a better nose.

Betty says:

Useless senseless human beings hating on Jackie. What have you achieved in your lives? If she is so unimportant why waste time commenting more than the space of 20 articles? See how busy even her picture got all of you? She just employed all your jobless asses. Jackie is a beautiful woman and that’s something u cannot take away from her. She is hardworking and has earned her place. she toned up a little so f*cking what? Onluy Ghanaians waste time on the colour of actresses. She has cleared up but that comesd with better living conditions and money. But you have to open your mouths gblayablaya.
The article also didn’t compare her with anyy but the idiots had to come and compare her beauty to Nadia and the like? Who mentioned somebody’s name here? PHD (Pull her down) and skinpain rats. Go achieve something. People do deeper skin peels and surgeries and people still celebrate them in their countries. Has this affected her work quality? Learn to criticize with sense.

real says:

@Betty, thank youuuuuuuuuuuu

pape says:

this photo has been taken in gambia during the shooting of her movie ‘the groom bride’. she is the epitone of black beauty.

Akua says:

She has makeup on, it is just on the lighter side. Don’t yo usee the eye liner and mascara she has on. What would that be for if she didn’t have any makeup on at all. Yes, she is beautiful with or without makeup, but in this case she has makeup on.

sarah says:

Jackie obviously has make up on… check her eyes, she has eyeliner on…
pls! stop deceiving us

Mary says:

I use to like Jackie, until I met her at Kotoka airport with my little cousin who wanted to take a picture with her and she was kind of rude about it, even though in the end she took the picture but you could tell she didn’t want to.

real says:

@Mary, Why would u and your cousin suggest a thing like that? are you guys villagers? see we the fans makes them over hyped about certain little things.. She might not want to just for personal reason for who know’s if you not going to use that picture for rituals nonsense if you dont have any better than to say dont comment.. are you not rude as well…

Beauty is from within.

sweetness says:

Take it easy guys, whats with all e insults? you shouldnt insult someone one for sharing their opinion. I think the look is just nice but i really dont think is all that. kudos to her on her new movie

jessi says:

@sweetness, are you new here?i ask because insults is no news here,some people come here just to insult people they know absolutely nothing about and the owner of this website seems to be happy with,cos he and his team do read these comments before posting here,there will be a time that this blog will be called just dont understand why one cant make a point without the insults.

gurushill says: for latest ghana leaks

Miyagi says:

@gurushill,Why yoU promoting your useless Porn website here don’t you have anything better to do Than spoiling people’s image 

jessi says:


Zowee says:

Stop bleaching girl, look at the neck, even the face!! It’s written “BLEACH” all over!! African beauty my ass. This writer is bias and I think Jacky is always bribing him to favor her!! Grow up Chris!!

real says:

@Zowee, hahahaha lets see a picture of you? please post it and lets compare and contrast… Bleaching is far from the gorgeous woman

ato says:


Paula says:

@ato, yes she will. You can never be jackie. Your family will never even get to look like jackie 

ato says:


Asomdwee says:

this photo was taken some five years ago, she was looking cute but now she has yam legs and balloon boobs with a lot of flesh hanging freely around her upper arms and ampit, not exactly pretty i guess!

Miyagi says:


Young jazzy says:

@Asomdwee, liar it’s from the movie the grooms bride I was at the premier on Friday it is a recent picture. Whether u like it or not jackie is the prettiest.

real says:

@Asomdwee, am sure you were just describing your own mother and sisters with that sentence right?? Yam legs fine pass the word cassava trust me her legs are cute.. and mind you every woman needs to be short as her unlike the long tall deformed nelson

Miyagi says:

@real,He was actually describing your jackie the “Bimbo IPad body shape” with 

mackie5667 says:

i notice emperors clothes syndrome whenever there’s an article on does ‘true african beauty’ even mean. African beauty,western beauty, ghanacelebrity beauty or whatever u decide to call her this girl is plain as f*ck. I can name ten gh celebrities finer than her off the top of my head.

ato says:


lily says:

jackie will always be true beauty. shame on jealous people who don’t have anything to do but to wait for an opportunity ho hate her. don’t mind them jackie. love.

Cici says:

Shes an ok girl..not wild biaaa

obeng says:

@Cici, you day lie jackie is to fine. 

menseh says:

 @obeng, God took his time to creat jackie

Miyagi says:

@menseh,I can see that God really took her time to create her yeah by given her an okay face bentua belly and horse legs and as short as a midget 

Camil says:

@Miyagi, God will punish  you for insulting his creation. He will surely punish you and your children yet to come. Jackie is what we call African beauty. 

Miyagi says:

@Camil,Hahahahah Thank you you call that African beauty hypocrite you expect everybody to like this pounded yam bentua belly shortingo 

ato says:


real says:

@Miyagi, aint you ashame of your self? she’s a mother and still with an intact shape.. her legs are cute for an african lady….with her belly is not as big as it was before.. am sure she’s still working out

Miyagi says:

@real,I knew you would bring your sorry ass to me why should I be ashamed Who is jackie I have seen all the comment you have been dropping one by one from ato, BB, inchristalone etc dude believe in what you want preach ass much as you want but your jackie is nothing a nono mather of fact a Bimbo 

amos says:

Jackie love your beauty

Rocklyn Love says:

Preedy it

real says:

@Rocklyn Love, from that coming from a pretty queen like you then she’s hot lol thanx.. jackie all the way.. nadia, the two yvonnes pray for God’s favor before you get on set nonsence.. whack ass b*tches


@nanya martinson,why do you say such things on a public site.if you want to talk about the other actress then create a website about them

Muhammed says:

sure dis is pure African beauty 

B.B says:

hmmmmm ,Jackie is an average looking lady. And come to think of it, what really defines “African Beauty”?

Lokko says:

@B.B, jackie defines African beauty. 

Anna says:

You are evil Miyagi everyone sees how u are jealous of jackie. But if 90% love jackie the 10%  is not relevant .

Miyagi says:

@Anna,So now I am evil for speaking my mind and by the wag were did you get your statistics from lmao your funny paaa

Amoah says:

I’ll say this look is normal. She’s not ugly but sure not over the top beautiful. If you wanna talk about beauty, you need to look at the whole package and I’m sorry to say this but Miss Jackie’s body is fine!!!!

Amoah says:

@Amoah, I was to say NOT fine to her body type!! 🙂

Tina says:

Jackie is number 1 in ghana . No one can take that from her. Just look at her beautiful eyes.

Beverly osei says:

, jackie you are damn s*xy I love you.

Ball so hard miss dior says:

Unadulterated, pure, no dilution or mix mix, just natural genuine african beauty, this what an african looks like, love it.

Mondo says:

True African beauty. Jackie u are the best

Lazy dick says:

I have observed that, any post about Jackie Appiah is either she is the most beautiful Ghanaian actress or the best actress in the business. Other actress are automatically inferior to her, especially Nadia Buari. Is this thing about inferiority complex, sheer jealousy, hatred, tribalism or stupidity? I  need some explanation Mr. Author

ericka says:

@Lazy d*ck, yes let us praise what  God has giving us  which is jackie when it reaaches there turn and they go an extra mile to do looks like what jackie has done in the photo GC would congratulate them. now its appiah shine

Miyagi says:

Apuuuto you call this African beauty Kai you almost made me vomit there are better girls out there who are more beautiful than her you guys need to stop focussing on her and Nadia and others all the time 

She is okay but defiantly not African beauty 

Lazy dick says:

@Miyagi, Do you have to register to be able to upload your picture here? I tried to upload my picture but, it seem something is not right. 

Miyagi says:

@Lazy d*ck,Go to and register with the same email address your using on GC and upload 
Your pictures there it will automatically appear on GC the next time you comment 

Lazy dick says:

@Miyagi, Thanks man, I got it

Miyagi says:

@Lazy d*ck,Your welcome buddy 

inchristalone says:

@Miyagi, is she bleaching? cos dis is not her colour when she started acting.i thought only nadia and yvonne are bleaching.african beauty ma assssssssss

Miyagi says:

@inchristalone,Your right she was way darker before she started no wonder why her make up went 
So bad at Cannes film festival with her pounded yam body 

B.B says:

@Miyagi, hahahhahahahahhahaha…………………”pounded yam body”

mike says:

Jackie you be fine girl wish you were my wife.

Miyagi says:

@B.B,Her body is not nice koraaaa 

nanya martinson says:

@Miyagi, i know right

ato says:

@B.B, timber tighs and duck feet too.

Miyagi says:

@ato,Hahahhahaha lmao 

victor says:

@Miyagi, God will punish you for every insult you throw at jackie because she is innocent and hasn’t offended you in any way. jackie you are my queen and gorgeous.

Miyagi says:

@victor,My friend go and brush your teeth before you come and tell me anything she is innocent of what 

ato says:

@victor, when its about jackie it becomes an insult ,please find something better to do,

real says:

@inchristalone, Nop is a Photoshop..editing photo’s makes u’r skin brighter please stop being naive. nonsence

stella says:

@Miyagi, you are soo jealous of jackie sure you have been paid by an actress to tarnish jackies image but it work because who God has bless he has blessed. jackie you are a true african beauty.

Miyagi says:

@stella,Hahahah nope sweety no one has paid me neither is she te most beautiful let me ask you 
This is do you consider Jackie more beautifull than yourself 

stella says:

@Miyagi, yes she is more pretty than me lie. Jackie is beautiful 

Miyagi says:

@stella,Are you saying this because you love her or because your insecure over yourself she is ok but not the most beautiful 

Mondo says:

@Miyagi, I think jackie is pretty. She is my star.

ato says:

@stella, not jealousy but the fact.let her wipe that lipstick from the lip and you will see the techni colurs like she is on APIO.

sena says:

@Miyagi, you are a devil miyigi  and everyone will see you. how can you not praise our black beauty proud that jackie represents ghana. love u gurl 

Miyagi says:

@sena,Woooow that’s a strong statement come on can’t I speak my mind you deserve some bentua paa for calling me a devil (lol)

ato says:

@Miyagi,well said bros, why must they bring this up ?this jackie cant be any good without make up, she is not what you want us to believe ,beauty goes beyond just  having frog eyes. martha ankoma will beat jackie in real beauty anyday, any time, so spare our ears with this jackie´s madness.

Miyagi says:

@ato,True that

Dentaa says:

@Miyagi, f*ck off as for you you will suffer in life. You are very stupid I can’t stand you. You are are jealous hater. You have been paid but who God bless no one curse. Jackie is our favourite in Ghana and we love her.

Miyagi says:

@Dentaa,You can’t stand me I’m jealous I will suffer in life damn make up your mind hahaha another You don’t know me but you can’t stand me how sweet you sound really s*xy when your mad but chill out hahaha try not to confuse yourself too much waai take it easy 

Bertha says:

@ato, Martha is very local with no class how can you say Martha Apuuto . Martha is so bush just look at what she did at the movie awards I was so embarrass for her. Anyway jackie you are an African beauty from head to toe

ato says:


real says:

@ato, martha is pretty but not too polished.. she was raised in a hook so will take a few time for her outer beauty to take effect.

nanya martinson says:

So Jackie is a true African beauty and Nadia is not? Anytime I see Jackies forks on here you write nice things about her but Nadia? Hmmmmm. It seems you just can’t stop bad mouthing Nadia or yvonne nelson. Don’t get me wrong I love Jackie too. but Ur just lot fair. Thanks

naa says:

Jackie you are very beautiful, black beauty

Ebo white says:

Jackie is really pretty without make up impressed the other actresses to this. I have never seen yvonne and nadia or juliet play a local girl before they always want to look nice. they are not versatile. jackie you are a true african beauty

frempomah says:

@Ebo white, then go and watch local movie call  KAWONAN TOSO ( close your leg) starring David Dontoh, Agya Koo, Nadia Buari etc. or watch America Solder starring Van Vicker and Nadia. After u watch just 2 movies then u came and rewrite ur comment. one thing u have to know, Nadia started Local movie first 

fredrick says:

 @frempomah, in those movies nadia was still looking fancy even tough she was soppose to look local 

frempomah says:

@fredrick, then  watch the movies again.  because she played local girl first till she found rich men in those movies. especially America Solder she was a daughter to a local Chop Bar mother. she played it so well as a local Chop Bar waitress.

real says:

@frempomah, Nadia just cant act period.. she struggled with her lines at least jackie dont fake her accent although she’s known to be a canadian citizen yet speaks with a clear voice…

ato says:

@Ebo white, go and watch beauty and the beast and and darkness and sorrows movies by Nadia before talking what you dont know. which african beauty ? still with make up ? let her take it off then you can talk about real ,true african beauty ,beauty is beyond just big eyes.

Katy says:

@ato, shut up  hater. Jackie is  beautiful, I just adore you.

ato says:

@Katy, you are a stupid fool and an animal who are you to tell me to shut up ?KWASEA an i maintain jackie is not the best and cant be no 1 take it or leave it ,you can eve eat her KAKA anddrink her PIPI OGYIMIFO . this girrl cant be ANY GOOD without MAKE UPS so are all the actresses. OFUI. does she look natural in the pic to you?her skin colur has changed, she has the make ups on eye lash, pencil the powder and the lip shine ,she has the techni colour lip .which trueafrican will go with all these?

Chris says:

@ato,you go die oooo. You wish ur favorites look  this beautiful but they won’t. Jackie is an angel from heaven.  No one matches her beauty! Period. Nadia ko Yvonne ni, they r just pretty in make ups and fancy attires, Jackie stands out  always and is a true beauty. I love the rest but they will never be as gorgeous and talented as Jackie is even if they should use all the make ups and surgeries in the world. The truth really hurts, doesn’t it?

real says:

@ato, Nadia’s beauty is not considered as african beauty she’s just albino period… am sure is best for her to find where she belongs to… never compare jackie with any female plssss… she’s our queen.

real says:

@Ebo white, very true lol juliet is so fake even her face show is all.. wonder where ghallywood been getting them from? Must it be the complexion or the talent we need in the industry? juliet ibrahim needs to be banned period

ben says:

The day meet jackie will propose to her. she is to fine whaaaaaat. I love you

ken says:

Jackie you look amazing  without make  up. 

ato says:

@ken,who told you she is without make up ?go for glasses.

Henry says:

@ato,Make up or no make up jackie is beautiful.

B.B says:

@ken, really??????? you need to look carefully.

real says:

@B.B, jackie is an area girl trust me without make up she’s even finer her skin glows to the max unlike weirdo nadia. plsss spare the girl the hatred

ken says:

Appiah u be fine chick

pesta says:

@nanya martinson, as for me i will dfinately marry appiah one day.

fredrick says:

@nanya martinson, jackie is a true african  if had money would marry her 

Frank says:

@nanya martinson, jackie all the way. I just love her.

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