PHOTOS From Becca’s Video Premiere: Asamoah Gyan, Yvonne Nelson, Eazzy, Richie, Irene Logan, ETC

Yesterday at the premiere of Becca’s new music video ‘No More Away’ featuring Nigerian rapper, M.I, the Ghanaian songbird (Becca) showed her dangerous curves and banging body…A true BANGER right?

Also at the premiere were Actress Yvonne Nelson, Asamoah Gyan, Richie, Eazzy and others…As usual, GhanaCelebrities.Com was out there to get the scoop and photos for you guys.

Check out the photos below…(Hover on photos for names)


And is it not too HOT for this Dr. Cryme? OH

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Editor

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realfellow says:

The lady interviewing Baby Jet.. really???? whats up with that pull up///// i know it is supposed to be high waisted but haba… pls…

realfellow says:

Btw, why is Irene wearing a lacy dress.. that is also lacy n revealin in the mid area?/ Didnt she convert into Gospel! that dress would hv been perfect for a “Gospel artist” without the mid section revelation!

realfellow says:

Everyone looks nice. Beccas dress is yummy!! and ooh .. my girl Ms Fashion 101. .lookin very  nice in white. 
And now Richie.. why?? Pls.. ur leangth is btn 30 &32 inches with tape measure!  Next time.. dnt only check ur weight… check ur height.. U know what i mean righttttttt!!!!!!!

yaa queen says:

Hei, my question is this: How low can beccas hips be. Distance beween the waist and hips seems to be too far away from the other. it is too exaggerated. my oh my. how far can they be apart. well….

mel says:

yvonne nelson is looking white papa…i wonder hw lighter she could get….Irene’s look is on point,except that she has to lose some weight…..eassy!!!!the least said the better….gurl,u’ve been crying or fasting? shit happened but gurl….get a grip of yourself and move on. dont let this put u down…i feel rly bad for u…..becca,hmm….no comment.

akua says:

lol Dr-cryme is always wearing a jacket, smfh!!!!!!!

afia says:

there is definitely something wrong with eazzy. she has lost weight in her face area and looks very very old. did not recognise her. Yvonne nelson is my girl and will be always but her friend sandra nailed it. she is looking fab in that dress. what is wrong with logan? too much weight. is she married, or pregnant? yuks

Adjoa Nbaaso) says:

Irene, u need to lose weight ASAP cuz u r beginning to look like a grandma..And eazzy, looks like ur brazillian hair wasnt real afterall.Now u see u should have trusted the natural one God gave u?Becca, did u go jogging or what cuz that sweat patch looks like that of a marathon runner..Girl, its not cool..

Chalupa says:

Looks like Eazzy’s brazillian hair is getting old

darling says:

Has anyone here in london noticed ezzy’s bag????? It’s 5 pounds from primark.

kizzy says:

@darling, who cares if its 5 pund sor 2 pounds, as long as she can rock it thats all matters. so stop hating

chris says:

@darling, lol they have exact thing in mokola

makaa aa maka says:

2nd 3rd and 4th pic is kwame fakye’s gal friend..she also won stars of the future becca!fine body!

Nii says:

Eazzy from the neck up is OFF! lol .. BECCA’s body is serious stuff / who’s the girl in that first picture? she was looking the best to me

nana owusu says:

Eiee doesnt becca use roll on hmmmmm wit dis wet armpit di3rr her armpit will smelll ooo.i think she has become too skinny which is not s*xy

jeff says:

Lol, im dying with the wet pit comments and Irene hs kinda gained weight while Eazzy has kinda lose weight too, and looks old too.

endowed says:

is Irene pregnant?

27calibre (O-o) says:

becca looks splendid (:

Cici says:

Eiii Ghanaians n wet armpit??there must b a cure for this bcos its embarassing papa..Becca,meeeehn

Amoah says:

@Cici, there, google it up

Miyagi says:


dericka says:

@Cici, hahahahaha u made my day with dat ooooooo buh truly its embarassing thou

cici says:

@dericka, serious..we all gotta put something together n find a cure for this disgracing thing..@Miyagi,its crazy

chris says:

@Cici, lol true lol

Cici says:

Eazzy has lost her front hair…lol..D. Cryme,this is Ghana so why r u dressing like its winter there??baby jet for u

KA NE WU says:

@Cici, Am happy am not the only one who Saw Dr Cryme’s winter coat ooooooooo! These local campions think They knowhow aaaaaaaa.

Rocklyn Love says:

Eazzy n Becca…. Yvonne looks good too

B.B says:

hmmmm Becca! Becca, she has a  nice body and she’s rocking that dress. Nice to see my darling Y.N.
Eazzy? Eazzy who…………………???????????????????? LOL

mother says:

@B.B, Eazzzy miss brazilian hair ..dont forget thats what makes her happy and secure in da public eyes ..lmao ..she looks old here i must say …yet with brazilian hair …lol

Miyagi says:

@B.B,I totally agree with you becca is rocking it 

Manny says:

Eazzy ataade3 wei di3 3ny3 m3 f3..looks too much like funeral cloth or? Who is the lady in the 2nd,3rd and 4th pictures from top to down? She fine!!!!Richie too dey make bola come,he looks good all the same,like some Italian Mafia.The Sandra lady looks virginal (he he he),like the innocent look. 🙂 Who is the guy in the baseball cap and what is he telling Irene Logan?( me p3 asem oo),is it her bf?  I love Becca’s Natural hair and curve hugging dress;she must have made some folks really happy!!! Baby Jet looks good and YN is sure one helluva a tall lady!

naa asheley says:

My babbbbby Jet looking …………….. Eeei Becca, nice body o lol

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