Lifestyle: THE NEW CRAZE IN TOWN, Bum & Hip Pads, A Perfect Way To Grab Your Dream Man


Is the preference of huge backsides in women so prevalent among Ghanaian men that women simply have succumbed to every form of bum enhancements including deception, yes deception to catch their dream men?

The most recent body-enhancing craze among women in Ghana seems to be Bum and Hip Pads.
You heard me right!

This started as something more common abroad but apparently a lot of women in Ghana now own either a bum pad or a hip pad which they quickly slip on before wearing their clothes on a night out.

Even women with average curves still wear these pads. They also include another product called ‘Body Magic’ which smoothens out body fat and folds to make them look svelte and s*xy within their clothes.

So my dear young men who are desperately looking for women with huge bums, hips and skinny waists, next time you see a woman with incredible (too good to be true) curves, she just may be a cross between Body Magic and Bum or Hip Enhancers. Don’t buy it too quickly.

The question however is, can we really blame these desperate women or should we put the blame on the men who want unrealistic curves in their dream woman?


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