Star Actress Jackie Appiah Surprises School Kids In London + Do You Have Any Questions For Her?


Star Actress Jackie Appiah who is currently in London shooting a movie paid a surprise visit early this week to St Mary School, Lewisham…

The excited kids who could not believe their eyes flocked around the Star Actress who gladly spent hours with the kids…

In other related news, I will be having a private dinner with Jackie Appiah tonight at a POSH restaurant in London, and we will surely have a lot to catch-up on….

If you have any question for her, drop it below using the comment box and I will not hesitate to ask her for you…That is after we have finished gisiting! 🙂

The perks of a celebrity blogger! Love it !

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Editor

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lily says:

if you watch the video, you’ll see at least 3 white kids at that school. she lost weight. good for her. and she looks nicer than when she wears too much make-up.

Danisha says:

Jackie lukn pretty n all

Huzy musah says:

awoooooooooooooooooooooooow wht a star jackie all e way @miyagi hop u ve seen that so try and lov her kk lol

lily says:

the writer of this article asked us to ask any question that he transmit to jackie. my question is that why she is not able to loose weight. she looks older when she is heavy. it does not fit her because she is very short. she is still my favourite actress.

sweetness says:

kudos to her, this makes us so proud us Ghanaians, she is a STAR indeed!
she looks lovely too

Pee says:

London? And there is not a single white person in sight. Times have really changed. I guess its an all black school…lol

tosefa says:

@Ball so hard miss dior, black jackie appiah,visit the childrens home in ghana and stop wasting ur time in london by visiting white kidz that will never watch ur local movies..”self pity!!

henry says:

@tosefa, ay tht again….

henry says:

why are guys fightin over this please aah she went to london doesnt mean she went to see the queen…ibeg ok she went there with her empty handed…..n is only london she can do tht not US OR CANADA…..mchewwwwwwww

Serwaa says:

@henry, jealous fool. As you hate God keeps blessing her. Jackie  I’m proud. Anywhere you are you light up the atmosphere you are loved by everyone.

Serwaa says:

@henry, jealous fool sit behind your PC and cry more. As you hate God keeps blessing her. Jackie  I’m proud. Anywhere you are you light up the atmosphere you are loved by everyone.

henry says:

@Serwaa, u need to shut it okk…..whos tlkn to u if u dnt like my comment dnt read…..useless ass… a life

B.B says:


ticia says:

This girl is truely a star….i

missme says:

@Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri i’ve got a favour to ask

Judicious says:

ahh i dont sim 2 undastnd y som ppl refuse 2 congratulate others when they see them grow 4rm grass 2 glory. How wud u act if she hapins 2 b ur sis,moda,or friend? For me,iz my praya dat she nd d others wud hav biga oppnities dan dis koraa. I pray dat everytn works out well 4 her nd d crew.

cece enima says:

@Judicious,  disgusting use of text spellings. Considering you wrote this sat in front of a computer.  

Miyagi says:

@cece enima,Hahahahahahhaha

jessi says:

@Miyagi, foolish boy if i get u the way i go slap u u go see

Miyagi says:

@jessi,Hahahahah I beg you pardon you really deserve an standing ovation 

jessi says:

@Miyagi, check grammar its not an standing ovation but rather a standing ovation. why your english teacher die or what? lol

Miyagi says:

@Jessi, Let’s pls not go there hahaha go through all your comments and come back waii madam horse face

27calibre (O-o) says:

jackie is a super star !

Rocklyn Love says:

Greattt love that

Lazy dick says:

@Rocklyn Love, I love your ass

Muhammed says:

wooooooooooooooooooooooow dats lovely indeed she a star 

Kim says:

Thanks for the update Chris. She is a Real African Princess… my question to her is just does she manage to stay so beautiful…. Kim from Guyana, South America

Amoah says:

The diff between making of GH movies and Western (World) standard movie making, if she’s known to the diff and if that will ever impact GH movie makers work?!

naadu says:

@Amoah, thanks pretty! a brand as she is and marketing her goods n services! including GH!

Miyagi says:

What does she want here what was her mission And what makes her do special and hie quick will she leave with her buffroat cheecks I’m sure these kids where manipulated and told to scream when she arrives 

jessi says:

@Miyagi, she get buffroat cheecks ha?do you look at your self in the mirrow?how do you think you look like?tell me were manipulated,listen to your self,so people like you get mouth to talk ha?aaaah anokwa sem paa se,hmmm so what you are saying is that the next time we see Nadia doing something like this with kids,it means that the kids are manipulated ha?well you go stand infront of your mirrow that is if you have one, take a very good lookt at your self and come and tell me what you saw.when its Nadia,no problem but its jackie then you are ill in your an*s,shame.

Miyagi says:

@jessi,Save your drama for yourself okay expired girl 

Chelry says:

@jessi, U sound soo aggressive and why? come-on…U were not born yesterday so grow-up. ppl re entitled to ve their opinions on this forum.

Miyagi says:

@Chelry,Thank you but don’t mind her that’s how she is her mission is to humilate me but that will never happen

aba says:

@Miyagi, foolish guy u are fond of talking rubbish anytime some body diagrees with your opinion if kwasia idiot like u

Miyagi says:

@aba,Let me ask you this how do you feel now that you insulted me? Are you now proud of yourself huh? It seems like your suffering from mental illness and what is diagrees? Or you mean disagree sorry but I’m not easily distracted with your insult try harder next time or try and do it without one try and visit the mental hospital okay have  a nice day 🙂

aba says:

@Miyagi, look Miyagi or whatever u call yourself i dont have a problem with us all expressing our opinion on this site but i take exception to the fact that u have made it a habit of giving cynical and sometimes using foul language anytime somebody has a different view from yours. Personally i could care less about u cos u dont pay my bills so to me u are nothing

Miyagi says:

@aba,Why do you keep replying than keep moving on do you think your insults or whatever is hurting me your a big joke okay remember you came to me not the other way round smartie 

naadu says:

@Miyagi, why are u sounding like this? u sound so so sad and unhappy! sometimes i wonder if u are in anyway related to this ppl lalaland and lolo on
Even if they shouted out of manupolation, she enjoyed it! who fakes a smile for you? hatter!!! she is a brand and What are u kid?

Miyagi says:

@naadu,What in the name are you on about are you sure your okay in your head? 

jessi says:

@Miyagi, see goat telling sheep that he is smelling

miyagi says:

@jessi, you again……….. After seeing your flipping face I feel like not even responding you anymore after this ………….silence hahhahaaha omg

Wofa K says:

@miyagi, just because u have a mouth does no mean u should always open your mouth anyhow and talk. I think G.C would does all a favour by banning this guy from this forum. he does not make any objective contribution in debates. All he knows is how to insult.

Maame says:

@Miyagi, you are the one who isn’t ok. Get a life be happy for others

Miyagi says:

@Maame,Is it by force to love or be happy for someone 

Nim says:

@Miyagi, is not by force to be happy for someone but u should shup up whe others are expressing love for someone dont be a hater loser like u

saaa says:

@Miyagi, miyagi you are a fool u are even ugly urself. JACKIE APPIAH WILL ALWAYS BE THE SUPER STAR OF GHANA AND AFRICA

Miyagi says:

@saaa,you wish keep dreaming 

Miyagi says:

@saaa,you shouldn’t be asking me why i am smiling now lol so you couldn’t come with something better than that bipolar girl do me a favour and put your big grandma panties on! Grow up and act your age okay mumu gurl and who is ugly lmao joker this is a D*R*A*M*A -F*R*E*E- Z*O*N*E  so abeg Please take your Bull Sh!t somewhere else. Thank you & have a nice day

kizzy says:

@Miyagi, Stop hating….am sure if u see her u will be screeming too

Miyagi says:

@kizzy,Hahahahah your not serious screaming never that

frank says:

Everyone loves you jacky.

Victor says:

Jackie you are the angelina jolie of africa. 

Chelry says:

@Victor, Angelina who? U got it wrong…

Chelry says:

My qts is…1) who’s her role model? (2)does she ve make-up artist? plz we wants the inteview in our local language TWI…not brofo baaku kuraa…..

Miyagi says:

@Chelry,Hahahahah aha lol 

kizzy says:

@Chelry, lolol thats a good one. we can read some serious twi up in here LMAO

ato says:


menseh says:

@ato, jealous alll the way skin pain which ghana actor have u seen visit a london school before. Jackie you are truly a star around the world. I love u. 

ato says:

@menseh, are you alright ? hate who ? why do you have problems accepting some gosple thruths. Juliet Ibrahim is in the us , Roselyn Ngissah ,David Osei just came home from a movie shoot ,Nadia shot a movie HOLDING HOPE with Desmond Elliot in the US and you green want to tell me that jackie is the first to shoot a movie abroad? you primitive thinker.

jenny says:

Is not traveling abroad is you been respected and to be invited to visit a school that the student know and sees you as a super star men Jackie you are bless and a true star @ato,

ato says:

@jenny, how do you understand by the word respect?

nana says:

Jackie you are truly a star.

ben says:

Jackie is a star ooo. your looking beautiful love your top.

Miyagi says:

@ato,Your so right my brother 

ato says:

@Miyagi, bros ,hope u gud.

Miyagi says:

@ato,I’m good good bro 

Miyagi says:

The only question I got for her is why she s..k when it comes to dressing 

Amoah says:

@ato, You’re so right! J Malo did the same, where it was a Uni in the USA. So this is not first time. But for her may be. And which school is she visiting? Are all the kids only GH and or Naija?!?! London for you! 🙂

ato says:

@Amoah, my sis thanks ,sometimes i dont understand her fans ,when its jackie its history making ,when they trully know its happen before ,they need their heads examined.

elle says:

@Amoah, mate i always agree with you, doesnt even look like a school in ldn.. she isnt even on mainstream tv so my youngers dont even know who she is.. im surprised school kids watch gh films coz the gh ppl i know i included, hate them!

ato says:


kizzy says:

@ato, Ya’ll need to stop hating and appreciate, she works hard, she got all kings of funs around the world, kids and Adults. @Amoah ur lil sis will know her if she watch them African movies.

Ball so hard miss dior says:

My girl doing good n looking pretty at the same time, keep it up girlie. Haters gon hate but who cares

Anthony says:

I’m happy for Jackie her presence is really great, she lights up everywhere. You are a true Diva.  Love your look Jackie.

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