Why Do We Toast To Good Things With Alcohol? Nadia Buari Asked!

Nadia Buari after the press preview

Nadia Buari after the press preview

Nadia Buari was the welcomed guest in the Yellow House to visit the Girls over the weekend.  Looking so fashion conscious, there was no way anyone who watched the show could miss how perfectly she matched her ear rings with her hair band, and her bangles with her shoes.

When asked about it by jealous looking Frost, she said, “My mum arranges my outfit. As a manager she makes sure everything is spot on.’

Nadia Buari who started her career some six years ago said; her mum knows when to play mum and when to act as her manager. With a bashful laugh she rebuffed that her mum manages her for free, “she is so business oriented she won’t do that for free. The beauty of the relationship is she knows what cut to take”.

The sassy actress who is so family oriented has four other siblings; two brothers and two sisters. She talked of her mum and sisters who basically critique her smiles to her kisses in movies. She especially talked about her mum not mostly impressed and pushing her to work hard to bring her characters to life.

When given champagne for a toast, Nadia dug down to be her very self by looking into the camera and questioned why we always are “toasting to good things but drinking alcohol to that”. This drew lots of laughter in the Girls house.

She definitely had her groove on the show revealing that she is guilty of being shopaholic and that she buys her shoes herself.

What is her craze with Beyoncé? “Hahaha, that goes beyond what most people expect because I am attracted to her work sense and drives of pushing her dreams. I buy into that not that I just want to be a Beyoncé wannabe, far from that,” she stated unequivocally.

The inner beauty of Nadia was clearly there to see as she answered her questions from the Girls. She spoke of her first kiss being grabby and was very amused at her puppy love reminiscing her early years.

The Girls were also surprised that Nadia also gets crushes on hunks on TV sometimes as she confessed to this. Are they only footballers? Nope! She said, like every other lady when she sees nice looking guys her heart misses a beat whether they are reading news, doing sports, acting or whatever.

Nadia Buari was in a dilemma what to say when asked about heartbreaks. A lot of viewers were expectant she would openly talk about her alleged relationship with Micheal Essien but that never came up. Her response was short, “I have experienced it before and all I would say is, it taught me to know better.”

The Buari family were on the verge of unveiling a Family reality TV show which couldn’t materialize because at the penultimate time, they were all doing different  things and their paths never crossed so they couldn’t settle to get the show recorded but everything else was on course and will be a reality someday. One of her brothers is a rapper who has just released an album and her sister is also in a girl group doing her thing.

Will Nadia Buari ever go into movie production? “I am taking my time to make a good impression when I decide to go into film production because I want whatever movies I come out with to be a keeper of a movie. I know better and I must make sure quality becomes the benchmark,” she declared.

Although she can’t remember the movies she has done with Nigerians, she offered that working with them is fun because they are so determined and always on the edge of getting things done. The Scandal star sporting a blonde wig said, she doesn’t mind shaving her hair for a role if it is worth it and will tell the story.

It was emotional for her talking about the late Godwin Kotei and her for him as a young lecturer at Legon who she described as very much in tune with his young students and what they need to know.

The shy actress said she was trying hard to connect to her fans off the screen and having challenges with being tagged as a show off which she is not. She said fans should feel free to approach her because she is human and here to serve her fans.

Her difficult role she said was when she had to act as a blind person. Being a perfectionist at her roles, she added that she is yet to get into a challenging role to get really challenged since she started acting.

Nadia is involved in a lot of charity work although she rather this is keep quite because she feels she makes a lot from her talent thus thinks it appropriate to let her wealth go around. She said she doesn’t do anything apart from acting for now although there are other plans yet to be hatched. She didn’t want to talk about coming out with a clothing line or anything like that but she said she really wants to exhaust the film industry.

She talked about her great friendship with former Big Brother All Stars housemate, Confidence Haugen, whom she described as a wonderful person to be around. That notwithstanding, she mentioned her mum as being her best friend with whom she discusses every subject; the men, the stress, investments, s*x, gossips and everything!

Nadia Buari is not looking for a perfect gentleman to settle with because she refuses anything like perfect man. “There is no such thing but you can make him perfect to suit you. He should take good care of me as well as honour, compliment and complete me”.  If she finds him she wants to bore him five children.

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