CONGRATS: Ruff N Smooth Member Takes A Wife

Mr and Mrs Baah-Foh

Ahkan, a member of  Hip Life duo, Ruff N Smooth, real name Clement Baah-Foh tied a nuptial knot with his sweetheart Tracy Hendrix last Saturday.

The wedding took place at the Bethel Prayer Ministry International at Abossey Okai in Accra.

The two got engaged in Canada last month. Join GhanaCelebrities.Com to wish Mr. & Mrs Baah-Foh a happy marriage life.


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  • Miyagi

    Is she Jamaican or what cause she surely don’t look Ghanaian to me 

    • henry

      @Miyagi, no shes full ghanaian born in toronto…..CANADA…

      • Miyagi

        @henry,Ooh okay cute girl 

    • henry

      congrats tracy…..wish u well….

    • Nii

      @Miyagi, that comment is so stupid, what exactly does ghanaian look like? i hate when people say that

      • Miyagi

        @Nii,What’s so stupi about my question is it a crime to ask in my eyes she don’t look like it and Henry explained 
        It already so what’s your problem keep your drama to yourself okay enough said 

    • Ama

      @Miyagi, your question is really stupid is there any formula for how ghanaians should look like omg use your head

      • Miyagi

        @Ama,Fool I there wasn’t why would I be asking did you come ere to argue ivor what don’t you get tired 
        Take your stupidity somewhere else professed AMA 

        • Ama

          @Miyagi, for this question u asked i have lost the little respect i had for u

          • Miyagi

            @Ama, keep your drama for yourself okay it’s all good I don’t need your respect  how  dare you to come 
            And use te word stupid on me and your here talking about respect huh 

            • henry

              @Miyagi, my dear dnt mind them oo jelosy go kill them all…..shes too beautiful to be ghanaian period……

    • Ama

      @Miyagi, i was not disrespecting u i was only using an adjective to describe the type of question u asked and that is a a stupid question. You on the other hand called me a fool so who’s disrespecting who. U are so emotional just like my bitch

      • Miyagi

        @Ama,Seriously what do you want from me now and Id my question was so stupid than all you had to do 
        Is correct me instead of going ham on me by the way explain to me why my question is so stupid
        Also my bad for calling you a fool than I apologise for that 

  • C.


  • chelry

    She look like a smoker…Anyway congrats!

    • henry

      @chelry, shut up..who looks like a smoker….chek ur face b4 u tlk shit abt ppl idiot

  • Pictures or it did happen GC

  • naa asheley

    Beautiful couple… Wishing you guys a ”smooth” marriage. All the best.

  • Rocklyn Love

    lol good 1 der…. very nice