LIFESTYLE: Are You Looking For Greener Pastures?

“This country is too hard, I think it is about time I think about returning to Liberia”….This is one of the many conversations I had with a colleague.

‘Why do you feel that relocating to Liberia will work out better for you than the U.S.?” I asked.  My colleague explained “I am tired of these bills and working to death!”.

I took this as an opportunity to ask other African colleagues, friends, and family their thoughts about greener pastures.

Surprisingly enough, their responses were the same. The thought of relaxing with a cup of Akpeteshie, Palm Wine, or Guinness under a patio umbrella with a sweet breeze is what everyone envisions.

However, I replied with statistical facts that many individuals in these African countries are desperately trying to emigrate. In this matter, there is a level of equilibrium.

I am personally content with my life in the U.S. but then again I have the thought of possibly residing in Ghana.

The thought seemed great but in reality I would prefer to continue building my career and success where I am familiar in order to greatly impact Ghana in the event of relocating…

Are you tired of whatever country you are in? Do you desperately want to relocate to Ghana? And for those in Ghana, do you still want to leave Ghana for greener pastures elsewhere?

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Danisha says:

Interesting, sometimes i cry cuz i mis ma lyf in GH. Its not easy here in de U.S but i think its full of oppurtunities if u decide 2 tk advantage plus u need 2 av a profitable job or education b4 moving 2 GH 4 gud. Afta i complete my B.S.N why not i’l be de 1st to head home Godwilling.

`madam social says:

omg whoever wrote this article has been reading my mind. i so desperately wanna go back to gh. if only i can turn back da hand of tym, i would have just told my dad i wanna stay in gh and skul. i’ve been out of high skul for da past 5 years and i m still struggling to get my bachelors cos i’ve to skul n work at da same tym. rite now what i feel like doing is to 4get about skul n just pack my tins n kiss this place goodbye.

Semi-Cartermatic says:

You can make it anywhere if you have the determination!Me personally i will choose leaving back home over circuit system of leaving.After my mission is accomplish in this city no doubt moving to some kuul village back home will be my first priority.I’m just a temporary resident!

Ball so hard miss dior says:

Its a torture living abroad, personally i will never get used to living in the US, as someone said ur life becomes a routine, i will relocate when am done doing what am doing, cos every time i go to Ghana either i dont want to come back or or cry when coming back, cos now everything we have in the US u can get it in Gh n also u feel like a first class citizen, if u r in Gh right now and u have a job stay there, come only for vacations

Amoah says:

Thats an intersting topic. One reason Africans are tired of their lifes in the West is, taking what ever job to make it. Jobs that you’ll not do if you’re in GH (your own country). But one thing is also, people need to think about what madeed them move to the West in the first place! Now many GHians, say they want to move back home and how nice GH is. But it is not as easy it seems, when you’re there, just on holiday. Which you have to remember, it’s a diffrent thing then moving back there for good. This explains why the many GHians saying they’re moving are still here in the West after many years!

Naa T says:

i think you can have a quality lifestyle in Gh better than abroad and UK to be precise…Reason being there isnt much to do here, your life becomes like a routine, work -- gym -- home. and weekends night out -- cinema -- eat out -- visit family and come monday you back to the routine..but i am under the impression GH is totally different.
I would love to relocate to Ghana but its only the thought of making new friends and getting used to the system and the whole settling process sounds daunting, especially if your family lives here…but hey, if i decide to date a ghanaian n he wants us to go for good, and i love him that much why not…lol

suallah says:

to hell with greener pastures in sam1 else’s country. Sam pple lyk ma self wil live and die in ghana. Only the always stupid pple lyk miyagi wil nt side with me.

B.B says:

@suallah, What has Miyagi done to you to deserve this insult? Couldnt you have made your comment without bringing his name into this? 

Miyagi says:

@B.B,Lol don’t mind him Waii he clearly got issues 

Miyagi says:

@suallah,Am I that bad why would I disagree with you hahah I forgive you this time next time drop your comment 
Without mention my name it would do you good okay 

suallah says:

@Miyagi, u r beginin to reason thank God 4 dat . Am beginin to admire u on the gud side. Peace

Miyagi says:

@suallah,Oh really you better apologise for calling me stupid your lucky I’m in a good mood today 

missme says:

@Miyagi, lol

Miyagi says:


B.B says:

My dear you can interview me on this topic and believe me, i can talk about this until you get tired of me.

Am so so so tired of living abroad and i want to go home for good. I have been thinking of going home for the past two years but am still here………………..LOL 

One thing i know for sure, GH DEY BEEEE and soon i will go for good.

Miyagi says:

@B.B,Hahaha lol 

Danisha says:

@B.B, oh ka na ka bio de bills r killing us, GH dey be 4real.

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