LIFESTYLE: Are You Looking For Greener Pastures?

“This country is too hard, I think it is about time I think about returning to Liberia”….This is one of the many conversations I had with a colleague.

‘Why do you feel that relocating to Liberia will work out better for you than the U.S.?” I asked.  My colleague explained “I am tired of these bills and working to death!”.

I took this as an opportunity to ask other African colleagues, friends, and family their thoughts about greener pastures.

Surprisingly enough, their responses were the same. The thought of relaxing with a cup of Akpeteshie, Palm Wine, or Guinness under a patio umbrella with a sweet breeze is what everyone envisions.

However, I replied with statistical facts that many individuals in these African countries are desperately trying to emigrate. In this matter, there is a level of equilibrium.

I am personally content with my life in the U.S. but then again I have the thought of possibly residing in Ghana.

The thought seemed great but in reality I would prefer to continue building my career and success where I am familiar in order to greatly impact Ghana in the event of relocating…

Are you tired of whatever country you are in? Do you desperately want to relocate to Ghana? And for those in Ghana, do you still want to leave Ghana for greener pastures elsewhere?

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