Would You Marry A Rastafarian? TV3 Newscaster, Nana Aba Anamoah Says HELL NO!

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There is a growing negative perception about Rastafarians or people who wear locks. However, wearing locks doesn’t necessary make one a Rastafarian either does it mean that the person smokes weed.

Many people detest Rastafarians for several years. TV3 newscaster, Nana Aba Anamoah has joined perhaps the few people who despise Rastafarians –she doesn’t have a thing for them.

She said she won’t marry a Rastafarian due to her perception that every Rastafarian smokes Indian hemp ‘weed’. Indeed, she is not the only person with such a perception about Rastafarians. It has now become a normal thing to paint Rastafarians as smokers.

Nana Aba who doubles as the host of Diva’s Show on Saturday made this revelation on Hitz FM’s ‘Hang Out’ hosted by Kwame B.

She also said that though she respects Rastafarians, she would find it difficult to spend enough time with them because of the fear of some of the hair entering her mouth.

Nana Aba’s reasons for not wanting to marry or be personal with a Rastafarian appear ridiculous and hilarious but then that makes her who she is.

What’s your perception about Rastafarians?

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  1. Bwhat Nana Ba  is saying is totally ridiculous eing Rasta doesn’t force anyone to follow vegetarian or vegan diet nor using cannabis Some of the Mansions of the Rastafari culture such as the Twelve Tribes of Israel of which Bob Marley was a part do not specify diet beyond that which to quote Christ “Is not what goes into a man’s mouth that defile him but what come out of it”  

      1. @Didi, hahahha may God forgive you what lip gloss are you talking about I was just sticking out my tongue a lil bit that’s all

  2. I thought all Rastafarians  were weed smokers when i was a teen. Honestly, i cant marry someone with dreadlocks, not even a guy who plaits his hair or has a bushy hair. 

  3. That’s a no go for me, though some of them have the look. However, my view on them was that they are not well groomed! even if I was wrong, but hard to get it out of my mind! 🙂

  4. i never new diz lady is an ignorant b*tch. Diz taught are 4 kidz n nt sam1 lyk her. Let me make diz clear no rastafarian wil marry born 1 and an ignorant person. Fuck u all haters of rastamen.

  5. i dont know if i will marry one, but i must admit i had a crash on one when i was in uni, this guy is so sweet n gentle, his dreads were neat, he had a really serene aura around him that was contagious, i just couldnt help it,..will i have dated him if he had made a move? hell yeh! he is so so fine! LOL

  6. I agree with her i also think most of them smoke weed, n its a hell no for me too, same with folks with tatts on their body that shit is tacky to me

  7. Nana Aba Anamoah -please sit down and stop talking. SMH @ Ghanaian television they put anyone on TV does this woman even have the proper credentials? Like how ignorant can you be? First off – Dreds or the Rasta hairstyle have been around many years way before Rastafarian Religion emerged. As a African. Ghanaian Nana Aba needs to go a read and brush up on her history before she says nonsensical things on national TV. Kwasiasem If she would know many culture and religions including Rastafarianism who happen  wear dreds pride themselves on serious cleanliness because dreds its not just style but rather a symbol of their spirituality.  and if nana aba doesn”t want to brush up on african history then she should go and read the bible she will realize that dreds is not just a style that symbolizes laziness and excessive weed smoking but rather a close spiritual connection>

  8. sorry for the essay! but i just needed to correct the blatant ignorance that has been displayed by nana and some other commentary im not a rasta and i dont have dreds but as a ghanaian i know  my history well enough to know the significance of dreds and its meaning> some ghanaians really need to think before they speak because sadly what they say is at times a reflection of the intelligence of our ppl> 

  9. I dont even think this will hurt any Rastafarian in James Town.After all Stereotyping is “Pandemic”!!

  10. i dont blame her for saying this at all because all the politicians she is dating dont have locks. she stupidly loves artificial guys in braids like that of nadia buria’s younger brother. i like nana aba for her presentation skills but that gurl is hell snobbish and selfish. unless u are a celebrity, she wouldnt like some gurl out there with nice body structure and good looks to come close to her because of her liliput kapoipoi self. i have dated a rastafarian and trust me some of them are very neat, smells good and very gentle. if u ve realised, ppl with locks have finer skin,without pimples or skin diseases and eat well.  one thing too about rastafarians are that, they are very sincere and speak their minds thats how come the whites folks like their company. NANA ABA is so ignorant, talks too much n feels on top of the world always and always trying to disgrace ppl on her divas show. 

  11. who is this nana ama koraa to tlk shit like tht….u r too ugly 4 rastafarians so u need to shut it…..n do ur stupid tlk show….go wash ur mumu face ibeg…..

  12. Its quite a pity how some people judge others,the fact that you are cleaner and nicer than someone doesn’t mean you are a better person than he or she is.They come out and make noise about Indian hemp like its a taboo but their boyfriends and lovers smoke it too…#Godiswatchingusall#


  14. I used to think that of them until I got to know two of them personally. I was surprised to know that they don’t even drink alcohol.

  15. It is her opinion and we all have ours.Some of us here insulting her is very silly cos most readers here keep insulting jackie,nadia,yvonne and any one they dont lyk.So what is the problem if she is also saying hers?Next article plsss

  16. I have had my dreads for 3yrs and love every bit of it. I get more gurls now than before the dreads. But my reason for my dread is the great role models in my life. I have had difficulty finding work in the past year but now have a job that pays me more than any job I have ever had. Mine stands for freedom and courage. Every dreaded individual has a meaning for their locks. Its funny how people appreciate the fake or (other human hair) and shuns natural hair. Most of the Ghanaians I hang out with smoke weed and go to church and have no dreads. I on the other hand, have never smoked before ( no cigarettes, weed, etc). Any son I have in the future will be dreaded. I LOVE MY DREADS!!!!!!!! 

  17. Its ok I have locks and its ok if some ladies dont like us there are plenty that do but the bigger focus is to not try to paint negative picture on any African groups. United we stand and divided we will fall. The real reason we dont like many natural hair styles is because of deep brainwashing from Europeans. Lets focus on building African an not try to find another group within us to hate that is our biggest problem. 

  18. i totally and completely agree with Nana Aba Anamoah on her perception for rastafarians though i respect them and all that bt i am scared to get closer to them and i am yet to find out what would make me get closer or love (date) a rastafarian