Would You Marry A Rastafarian? TV3 Newscaster, Nana Aba Anamoah Says HELL NO!

There is a growing negative perception about Rastafarians or people who wear locks. However, wearing locks doesn’t necessary make one a Rastafarian either does it mean that the person smokes weed.

Many people detest Rastafarians for several years. TV3 newscaster, Nana Aba Anamoah has joined perhaps the few people who despise Rastafarians –she doesn’t have a thing for them.

She said she won’t marry a Rastafarian due to her perception that every Rastafarian smokes Indian hemp ‘weed’. Indeed, she is not the only person with such a perception about Rastafarians. It has now become a normal thing to paint Rastafarians as smokers.

Nana Aba who doubles as the host of Diva’s Show on Saturday made this revelation on Hitz FM’s ‘Hang Out’ hosted by Kwame B.

She also said that though she respects Rastafarians, she would find it difficult to spend enough time with them because of the fear of some of the hair entering her mouth.

Nana Aba’s reasons for not wanting to marry or be personal with a Rastafarian appear ridiculous and hilarious but then that makes her who she is.

What’s your perception about Rastafarians?

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