Out Of Box Story: CPP Promises Every Household Free Chicken If The Party Wins 2012 Election

Free chicken

This is hilarious…Whiles Nana Akufo Addo, the New Patriotic Party Presidential Candidate is promising free education should his party win power, in far away Kumasi, the CPP Subin Constituency Youth Organiser has promised that, the party has secretly made plans to distribute chicken to millions of Ghanaians.

What I deduct from the whole thing is that, if you can buy your own chicken, you do not need to vote for CPP right?

I can’t stop laughing. Just read the story below….

THE CONVENTION People’s Party (CPP) has promised every household in the country free chicken if the party wins the upcoming general elections.

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The party’s Subin Constituency Youth Organizer, Abdul Rahman made the promise Saturday in an interview with Daily Guide in Kumasi at the Heroes Park, Baba Yara Stadium. Making the promise which some political pundits would certainly describe as unachievable, he said his party had secretly made plans to distribute chicken to millions of Ghanaians.

But when pushed to the wall, Mr. Rahman refused to mention how the CPP would raise enough funding to embark on this ambitious drive which has never been heard of in Ghana’s politics. Insisting that his party would be able to keep its promise, the CPP Subin youth organizer noted the party did not have the cockerel as its symbol for nothing.

Asked whether the CPP had a big poultry farm somewhere that would supply the millions of chickens needed for the distribution exercise, Mr. Rahman said “when the time comes we shall all see.”

He said what the CPP needed now was for the electorate to give the party its mandate to steer the affairs of the state in 2013, stressing that “as for the chicken we shall surely distribute them to the people after we have won the polls.”

The party he said had knowledgeable people to help lead Ghana from its current state of hopelessness to one of affluence adding the CPP had in the past proved that it was capable of leading the country to the Promise Land, citing the good work of Ghana’s first President, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah to support his claim.

He recounted that Dr. Nkrumah’s regime was able to transform Ghana when the Europeans left the country, arguing that no government could match his achievements.

Abdul Rahman implored the electorate to vote massively for CPP flag bearer, Dr. Abu Sakara in the December elections, insisting he was far better than his all his opponents combined.

He said when voted into power, Dr. Sakara would bring back the exemplary and vision-oriented leadership skills displayed by Dr. Nkrumah which once helped propel Ghana to the top.

He warned politicians to refrain from making statements that could trigger war and rather campaign based on ideas and policies to ensure the polls were held in a peaceful atmosphere.


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by Ernesto Yeboah on Wednesday, July 11, 2012 at 3:54pm ·

“The Convention People’s Party (CPP) has promised every household in the country free chicken if the party wins the upcoming general elections”

The above was the headline of a story attributed to I.F. Joe Awuah Jnr. A Kumasi correspondent of the Daily Guide published in the Daily Guide and used by a number of media sites including Peacefmonline and Ghanaweb.

The Convention People’s Party wishes to state categorically that the story is an invention of I.F. Joe Awuah Jnr and the Daily Guide because the CPP does not have a Youth Organiser at its Subin Constituency Branch named Abdul Rahman as stated in the story. Additionally the CPP has recently published its manifesto which clearly outlines its policy objectives for the country -- the first political party to do so.

The CPP Manifesto has been widely circulated to all media houses, CPP Regional and Constituency Branches, and nowhere within that document does the CPP promise every household in the country free chicken.

We would question the motive of Mr I.F Joe Awuah Jnr’s story, since it fails to meet the high journalistic standards necessary for such a story against the background of an issued and circulated CPP manifesto.

We would ask Mr Awuah what checks he carried out to ascertain the true identity of the person claiming to be a youth organiser of the CPP when he interviewed him at a public place -- “Heroes Park, Baba Yara Stadium, Kumasi”

Mr Awuah and the Daily Guide should confirm to the nation proof that the said Abdul Rahman is a Youth Organiser of the CPP, or withdraw the article.

In recent months the Convention People’s Party has become the beacon of hope for the millions of our fellow citizens disillusioned and disenchanted with the situation of corruption, waste and mismanagement in the country , and the many disengaged from our politics. The party has set the standard for the country at every level – a party putting country before party; the CPP Congress was acclaimed by CODEO as an example to the country; the first to publish a manifesto for the elections to seek to steer the debate back onto issues rather than insults; its Presidential candidate Dr Abu Sakara is widely accepted as the candidate setting the tone for the elections following his IEA encounter.

We can only assume that such reckless reporting is designed by those seeking to dent the image of the party as a Serious, Focused, Disciplined, Credible and Electable Party and to seek to reverse the CPP advance as the most credible alternative in the coming elections.

Ghana Must Work Again – Yabre!!!

Nii Armah Akomfrah

Director of Communication

Is this a celebrity site or fowl website?  How can you put Jackie Appiah and a running fowl on the same website?  Dude, if you wanna blog about Cock and Hen go to the village.  

You are diluting the “GhanaCelebrities”   brand with these useless posts.


@naa asheley, excately my sentiments! i saw this yesterday, i refused to comment. But i jux saw Dinne Sawyers news on fouls being contaimnated with whatever hat is giving women blood clout for lif. that antibiotics can’t even treat. Ghana be ware Ohh…. ton!!

@naadu,hahahahahaha Lord! don’t tell me swine flu, chicken flu or whatever is back… Rofl

WTF did they said free CHIKEN ?????