New Music Video: ‘Sweetio’ By Raquel Feat. Sarkodie11 Comments

Chris-Vincent A. Febiri
Posted on 11 Jul 2012 at 7:21am

I don’t know what took Raquel this long to release a video for her hit tune ‘Sweetio’. All the same, it is here and it is not bad.

I do not get the concept of the video though…I love music videos that when you mute the songs, you can somehow be able to deduct what the songs are about by just watching the moving images.

Check out the video below


Chris-Vincent A. Febiri

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  • 27calibre (O-o)

    nice video and nice song as well ..

    Mr Chris what took her long is some people where spreading false rumours about her


  • dashinglystunning

    Was there any need for this wack video when the song had already made waves and seems like already loosing its flavour???? Next time u want to revamp ur music, abeg do somethin dat is worth watching. The concept of the video is very poor or maybe i was expecting more due to the content of the lyrics. I cant believe ive wasted 4:06 of my time this morning of which am not getting back……..mtcheeeeeeeew


  • Twitch

    Seriously??? what’s with the comb??? It’s a low budget music video. Raquel can do better…


    Miyagi Reply:

    Sponsor her than or keep quite@Twitch,


    Ama Reply:

    @Miyagi, Twitch is expressing his opinion if u dont agree with then argue your instead of telling hin to keep quite


  • maka aa maka

    im sorry ba she looks like a man in weave!


  • Adjoa Nbaaso)

    What is this?Girl, w3i paa..With all this colors colors makeup on ur face ..Disappointed she couldnt make a beautiful video to suit the lyrics..This video looks like a commercial..


  • jessi

    yeah right wonna be celebrity trying soo hard to fit in,this fame thing with all them red carpet and things are making some of you girls go wack,lyrics not bad,40 percent good but makeupand the video,oh girl please that sucks real bad wow.


  • T

    Kwasiasem! What is this? Ghanaian celebs need to get it together -- Our music is now making serious waves and impact both on the continent  and beyond. Yet they continue to produce ridiculous videos and images that can negatively influence their fame and exposure. After seeing many photos of Ghanaian celebs on this website especially the females I’m convinced that none of  them know how to dress and all of them need a stylist and a solid team behind them. Raquel and most GH artists take notes from other  celebs in Africa like who actually make high quality  videos that correspond with their lyrics and are dressed well for public appearances and as for the issue of money and sponsoring [don’t choose a profession you know u cant handle]


  • revivedafrikana

    bad make-up. bad costume selection


  • Ama

    the video is one way i was expecting to see sarkodie and raquel having fun in a park just like Ja Rule and Ashantis video