GC Life 101: Guilty Or Not Guilty?

I was only seventeen when I left my village (Saboba) to come to university in Accra.

My mother accompanied me to the bus station and wept as I boarded alone. I was a village girl who had never even been to the capital of the region. In my bra were all her savings including a little from my very reluctant father. This was however only enough to cover my fees and transport.

When I got to Accra, the only money I had left besides my school fees was 2 cedis, 50pesewas. At least I was sure of a ball of kenkey.

I had no hall, no hostel, no bed, no space to lay my head. So I alternated between the hostels of the people I knew from SSS. They were not always welcoming but I had to shut my ears to their insults. How do I mind them when I have nowhere to go?

To keep body and soul together, I struggled!

One blessed afternoon, as I did my usual walk from the Jones Quartey Building towards the N block, Allah himself smiled upon me: A shinny black Mercedes SUV pulled up right next to me. Initially I kept walking because there was no way somebody in that ‘devil’s chariot’ could be talking to me!!

But it drove after me, honked and stopped again. I stopped.

He was looking for a nursing school which I showed him but he ended up inviting me for lunch and yes, I quickly jumped in! My village legs inside a Mercedes Benz?!

To cut a long story short, Kwame (As I came to know him) turned out to be genuinely sweet and charming and soon we got closer. Our relationship blossomed beautifully.

He looked out for me like an angel or brother and I considered myself the luckiest girl alive. My hostel hopping and hungry days quickly faded away. How could I reject such a blessing?

As soon as my final year rolled by, Kwame proposed to me and I said yes. So we got married few days after my last paper although his family kicked vehemently against it.

His family did not like us together because I was a muslim and also because my social class was way beneath theirs. They believed I was a gold digger.

I must admit that Kwame helped me a lot (perhaps even saved me) but I grew to love him genuinely. He was my Savior and I would always be thankful. How would I wish anything bad for a man who lifted me out of the gutter? But his family continued to hate me.

All the same, I couldn’t be bothered, I was in dreamland!

One week after our marriage, dreamland came to a noisy screeching halt!

Kwame totally transformed, he became a monster, a beast roaring out of nowhere.

At the least provocation, he would slap, punch or kick the living light out of me with the speed of lightning. And if I ever dare try to talk to him about it, It only got worse.

My paradise crumbled before my helpless eyes. I had no one to turn to. It felt trance-like the way he completely changed. I had to make up lies upon lies to the neighbors about my bruises almost on a daily basis.

I stayed home and worked like a dog and got treated as such too. Between being beaten and kicked by my husband, I miscarried 3 times in one year.

My life was a nightmare.

I tried really hard to endure and prayed it would end but I literally lived from hell gate to hell gate.

One dark night, Kwame accused me of not putting enough salt in his soup. I apologized but he slapped me for talking back, smashed my head against the wall and strangled me till I choked. I fell to the ground and covered my head with my hands.

He kicked and slapped me till I was a bloody mess and then he left me alone. Just when I heaved a sigh of relief thinking he was done, he came back with fresh accusations. I was doing dishes in the kitchen when he came to ask me about his favorite fork which he couldn’t find. I had no idea where the fork was but I told him I was sure I would find it somewhere around the house.

Kwame wouldn’t take that answer. He got angry and started shouting about me not taking good care of his house and started hitting me again.

He grabbed a pan and smashed it on my head. I could hear my skull literally crack, I was dazed with pain and for once I reacted. My instincts kicked into gear and I turned around with a 12″ slicer I was washing and run straight into him blindly.

Kwame dropped to the floor instantly…


I knew something was wrong when he didn’t get up to beat me again.

I bent down and shook him without response.

Still silence.

Then I touched my fingers to his pulse:

I had killed my husband…

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ticia says:

a man that beats their partner simple means he does not luv u…..well is either guilty or not guilty b’cos is your story n dead man cannot speak for himself what actualy happen…

davidnkrh says:

purely self-defense. no dude should lay a hand aggressively on his wife, girlfriend, whatever.

ice cube says:

purely self defense

fred says:

There is provision for divorce. If any man, or woman is uncomfortable in any marriage. He or she should get out of that relationship. There is no need to kill to make a point.

Rocklyn Love says:

Not guilty….. helping sm1 doesn she shld been beaten or shld be mistreat…. i think ur husby was taken to juju..cos he wouldn av marry u if he did not love u….sorri for all this buh u thank God u didn die first….buh some Men must learn o stop all dis nonsense gosh

unice says:

Hmmmmmm! Life! is not easy, the best thing she should have done was to stay away for sometime when the husband started misbehaving,and if the husband truly loves her,he would have gone back for her.But she was thinking everything was going to be fine. Who knows what would have happen if the husband was to be alive? IN ALL THINGS LETS GIVE THANKS TO GOD.

jessi says:

its true when they say you can never know a person till you live with him under the same roof,when you let a man know that your entire existence depends on him,he uses you like a tv romote but thank GOD for your life, its better late than never.

B.B says:

I wish you had left him the moment he started raising his hands on you. The good thing is you loved him. Anyway, if I were a judge my verdict would have been GUILTY but would have given you some few yrs behind bars.  

cece emina says:

 Well he is dead and gone . END OF STORY. I suppose ???.
 Nobody can justify violence resulting to death except in the case of self defense. 

dashinglystunning says:

This is a lesson to us ladies. The way you sell yourself to a guy is how hes gonna treat you. Am sure the lady worshiped him like a god bcos he saved her from distress and therefore gave the man the audacity to treat her anyhow. Eventhough the man acted like a b*tch like someone said, for me i wud blame it on the lady. Treat a man like ur life depends on every step he takes and he wudnt hesitate to run over us like a derailed train. Why didnt she move out before it got worse?

Miyagi says:

@dashinglystunning,Nice one 

RITA says:


RITA says:


Miyagi says:

Your both guilty you saw a Mercedes and thought probably like money in the bank, he probably sweet talk you while you jumped in his car he probably promise you a lot of things after hearing your story and decided to be nice to you , and seems like you didn’t take your time to get to know him he is more guilty go abusing you next time try and get to know someone first before you jump on the money Train 

zena says:

@Miyagi, you did miyagi boi kwraa dis pic wit ur tongue sticking out is not cool at all! r u gay or someting. Pls try n change it! Its disgusting for a guy wai

Miyagi says:

I will change it but don’t ever call me a gay again @zena,

zena says:

@Miyagi, what is so bad in calling u gay. Massa its a free world n im saying my mind. Infact why should you even be hut when u know u r not? Ei i think i touched a sensitive spot! OMG

Miyagi says:

@zena,Your not serious waai what sensitive spot did you touch hahaha commot from here 
Im trying to be nice and your here calling me gay, for your info I despite gay people don’t ever call me that 
Unless your from the other side 

zena says:

@Miyagi, Masa the word is despise not despite! Enough of this crap. If you are gay, you will reply to this mail! Being gay is like a stigma now. You changed your picture when i called you gay! LoOk at that!

Miyagi says:

@zena,Wo y3 kwasia paaa wati ofui  I tried to be nice to you but you keep going on mumu girl get out from here ask you ather if he is gay aboa 

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