Star Actress Jackie Appiah Makes History…To Star In 1st 3D Nollywood Movie11 Comments

Chris-Vincent A. Febiri
Posted on 14 Jul 2012 at 10:55am

Reliable information available to GhanaCelebrities.Com has it that,  the multiple award winning Ghanaian Actress-Jackie Appiah is set to make history. Jackie Appiah will soon become the first Actress to star in a Nollywood 3D Movie…

Yeah, 3D is coming to Nollywood and Jackie Appiah is the person chosen to kick start the 3D revolution  as a lead Actress…She will be starring alongside an unnamed Hollywood Actor.

It is well over due, we got to go 3D too…

About two months ago, I went to watch Avengers in 3D with Actress & TV Presenter Joselyn Dumas when she visited London. (CLICK HERE IF YOU MISSED THE POST ON OUR HANGOUT). She mentioned during our conversation that, 3D has not reached the cinemas in Ghana…

Now, Jackie Appiah and co will be forcing the Cinemas to give attention to 3D.

If you have not seen a movie in 3D yet, then you do not know what you are missing. My first 3d experience was with Avatar and it was embarrassing…I felt the characters were standing next to me, ready to kick me…LOL

How was your first 3D experience like?

Chris-Vincent A. Febiri

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  • jenny

    Wow girl you are bless


  • AKOS



    Miyagi Reply:

    @AKOS,Whatever we don’t no her roll yet so don’t get your hopes up what is 3D nowadays 


  • Miyagi

    aeeeeiiii asem ben nii this girl again What did she do this time to get the roll 


  • Amoah

    Chris my first 3D was at the IMAX in New York back in late 1990’s and then Avarta. Kind of fun, but I’ll have to say I’m one of the many people who get dizzy when watching 3D films. I’m sure you’ve heard about it! :-)
    But Nollywood, go for it and fingers cross, you’ll do a great job.


    Posted By: Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri Reply:

    Oh yeah heard of that, one thing I have realized about 3D’s is that, if it not an action movie or things are not moving fast here and there, you do not really feel the effect…

    Avengers was great in 3D at the ending when the aliens invaded and the fight got stronger…

    When they were preparing, I was not seeing the effect…

    Same in Avatar, when they were flying here and there, the effect was great.

    I also watched Thor in 3D and It did not feel like 3D because it wasn’t fast enough…

    Last week, I went to see Wonderful Spider man but it was not 3D. I feel it is another movie that the effects will be amazing if watched in 3D…

    Now my worry is, will Nollywood be shooting a fast sort of action movie? if yes then the 3d effect will be strong, if it will be drama, then viewers won’t feel much diff…It will be as if you are watching HD.


    Lazy dick Reply:

    @Posted By: Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, I agree with you 100%


    Semi-Cartermatic Reply:

    @Posted By: Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, I had a similar thought on that line.Is like Tyler Perry shooting his movies in 3 dimension which makes absolutely no sense to me. I will rather see them shoot in IMAX (if possible) than go 3D.The 3D effects come live depending on the kind of story that is been told.That is why Dark Knight Rises is not in 3D whiles Avenger or Spider Man was shot in 3D. Mostly 3d in sci-fi movies work just fine but to make that same effect in actual location shoot environment looks ridiculous. Idk do we have 3d cinemas back home?Can an average Joe on street of Accra or Lagos be able to watch this? Although i will be really happy for us to take our movie industry to a whole new level,we need to first make sure of our story lines,produce good pictures before we jump on the bandwagon of 3D. 


  • Abena Asubonteng

    Jackie go high am proud of u


  • suallah

    slim buster starred in 3d movie check mett. Check it out.


  • ticia

    most children movies are in 3D…