Eazzy To Tie The Knot Soon But Not With Keitta + Ragging Battle Between Her & Rockstone Continues


Eazzy At The Press Conference

Eazzy At BBA Press Conference

Former Big Brother housemate Mildred Ashong, popularly known as Eazzy, is rumored to be set to tie the knot very soon. The disturbing twist to the story is that she will be tying the knot with a different man and not her highly publicized love interest (Keitta) who is still in the Big Brother house.

Attempts to reach Eazzy to comment on these disturbing rumors have proved futile. Meanwhile, Keita continues to profess his undying love for his lady love-Mildred Ashong in the BigBrother house daily.

So yours truly GhanaCelebrities.Com went on a digging mission and dug deep into the dark waters between all parties involved and what we came up with will confuse and astonish you.

Thing are getting messy as Reggie Rockstone and Mildred seem not to be seeing eye to eye on anything.

Now open your ears as we drop the juicy scoop.

News coming from beneath the carpets of Reggie Rockstone and Eazzy’s homes say that there have been several sightings of Eazzy with other men about town including an unnamed footballer and boxer. Eazzy is rumored to have a long underground romance with this same boxer.

These relationships were the reason why Eazzy repeatedly denied on TV any attachment to Keita until few days before her appearance at Big Brother, the gossip claims.

The rekindling of these romances have angered Grand Papa ( Rockstone) who is incensed at the way Eazzy seems to be playing his little brother Keita like a little soft ball.

Keitta & Mildred in the diary room

Keitta & Mildred in the diary room

And everybody concerned about Keitta have been calling for the breakdown of their relationship after they saw how Eazzy ordered and shut down Keitta on national TV some time back. It became apparent that she was the boss of young boy Keitta.

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Eazzy seeing that Keitta is going steadily for gold, she has started spreading rumors with the aid of her friend (Mikafui) about how she and her mom are the main sponsors of Keitta’s life before he stepped into the Big Brother house so he is indebted first and foremost to her.

The gossip continues that, Mikafui has reportedly been posting insinuations against Rockstone on her facebook wall.   Eazzy  has also followed this by ‘dissing’ the immaturity of Rockstone on her twitter page.

After Eazzy arrived in Ghana from the Big Brother house, she cut off all ties with the Rockstone family and set out to blacklist them.

GhanaCelebrities.Com is told that, Eazzy heatedly asked Reggie Rockstone not to come and meet her at the Airport.

Reports also indicate that Eazzy apparently sabotaged Keita by packing a lot of his clothes and boxers from the Big Brother house, which she brought to Ghana with her. This has been the reason why Keita has been stuck with virtually one pair of boxers which has already made headlines.

Another claim being made is that Eazzy’s Brazilian hair saga and stubbornness towards Big Brother was an attempt to get Big Brother to disqualify  her and partner-Keitta too so they could both pack and come home together!

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Eazzy has also been accused of not supporting or campaigning for her man in any way since she came home. Her reasons being that Reggie Rockstone and his camp didn’t campaign well enough for her to stay longer in the Big Brother house. But Rockstone insists he formed team #Keazzy which campaigned for both his brother and Eazzy.

Reggie Rockstone

Reggie Rockstone

And that, KOD being Eazzy’s manager was very lackadaisical since he was supposed to have been campaigning for his client too.

The gossip also says eazzy has cut off his family and deleted his friends from her bbm to avoid any form of contact.

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Kwame Faakye also makes a dramatic entrance into this mess as he  has become one of the mutual friends trying to reconcile Eazzy with her boy friend’s family and friends. However, since signs of an illicit affair started to brew in that camp, there is further falling out between the parties involved.

One would ask what is KOD ( Eazzy’s manager) doing, sitting idle in the middle of all these?.  It was said to GhanaCelebrities.Com that Eazzy has by pass KOD to contract another man whose name we got as Carl to help clear her image with Keitta’s friends who have completely distanced themselves from her at this point.

Mimi Divalish also rears her  ‘beautiful’ baldhead here with a story that goes back to way before Keita and Eazzy went to the Big Brother house claiming that Mimi tried to snatch Keita from Eazzy and when she didn’t succeed, she started sending seductive young women to steal him away. REALLY?


So Mimi and other single female Celebs including non-celebs are on the prawl to nail poor Keitta’s ass.

Finally,  we are told that when Keitta approached Eazzy with the Big Brother dream, Eazzy did not want to go. But when Keitta mentioned that, he is determined to go and therefore will go with his young female friend, Eazzy said HELL NO, I am in….

The question is;  who will win this battle of stars? And will Keita and Eazzy’s relationship survive these heated allegations?

GhanaCelebrities.Com will keep you posted on the turn of events. We are sure our phone lines will get busy with bits and pieces coming in from those inside the two camps to complete this messy puzzle.

KOD-Eazzy’s Manager

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