Few days ago, Actress Nadia  Buari’s photo from Mfantsiman Girls Secondary School was our ‘photo of the day’. Today, we’ve come across a photo of her celebrity lover-Michael Essien before he became the ‘big star’.

One thing I can say is, money is damn good and we all deserve to get some one day! LOL

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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Editor

Chris-Vincent is a Law Graduate, a Human Rights Advocate and a Professional Truth Sayer. He is a Film Critic, the author of the popular eBook 'Success Is A Right, Not A Privilege', a Freelance Blogger/Writer and the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com. Contact:

Lol shiny head and shirt bigger than the body big up to dem those where the good old days boga pimps 

I so agree with u chris, money is damn good, if u subtract the money from him hes not all that, this is why i believe nadia was with him not for love but the money.

@Ball so hard miss dior, you really need your head EXAMINED. cant you stop mentioning NADIA name for once in your comments? so what if its money that makes her loves him ? guess you love stones ,or better still KAKA. who in this world dont love money? even the RICH STILL ask for more RUBBISH .

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