BIG BROTHER STARGAME: Keitta Up For Eviction, Kyle Saves Keagan And Replaces Keitta!

Keitta alone during the Diary Session
Keitta alone during the Diary Session

Gathered in the lounge waiting for the nomination results, Biggie read to the Housemates the names of those up for possible evictions.

Using his alphabetic order technique,  Biggie read that “the Housemates up for the possible evictiom are, Alex,Keagan, Lady May, Prezzo and Wati“. Biggie went ahead to tell them that at least one of the nominated Housemates will be evicted this Sunday.

As it is well known that the Head of House may save one of the nominees and replace them with another so it was this time. In the Diary room when asked the Housemate he wanted to save and replace with, a confused Kyle after a long time of thinking  saved Keagan and replaced him with Keitta.

Who ever expected  Kyle to save Keagan who put him on the  chopping block last week? Anyway that is what a true friend does for the other.

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This means that the final names of the Housemates up for this Week’s eviction are ; Alex, Keitta, Lady May. Prezzo and Wati. From the Diuary room the first person to give Kyle an as king eye was Keitta. Maybe he was already suspicious that he was to be the victim of the swap deal after realising that the left Housemates, Talia and Jannette couldn’t fall into Kyle’s swap.

Start voting now to keep your favourite Housemate ion the House.


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i think he is going nowhere,nomination or not. i kind of have a feeling that this time the money is coming to Ghana.

after Keagan replaced him last week he gon do this? I mean he wasn’t even nominated, he could have’ve just left it as it is and let Africa decide. Keitta’s brother is Reggie Rockstone whose a huge celebrity and owns a club. He gon order anyone who enters his club to vote for his bro… Keitta ain’t going no where

I fink keita deserves it for nominating Goldie last week!!I mean when u stab sumone at that bak be prepared to be stabbed bak?!

@tonita Assabill,What’re you talking about?mdid Goldie not save “her man” and put Keitta in his place?m

@Vince, exactly so i was surprise with her crocodile tears when she learnt Keitta nominated her.

@tonita Assabill,
@tonita u r such n idiot do u not watch the show? hu stbbed hu first foolish fool

@yaa, i second u and vince, goldie deserve it. she is a hypocrite. has she forgotten how she stubbed keitta and later asked him to be friend with prezzo since roki is out.