LIFESTYLE: Did You Choose Your Career Or Your Parents?

Doctor, Lawyer, Engineer, Entrepreneur, Nurse…. These are the top five prestigious careers that many of our African parents harp on.  It would be a travesty if an individual were to deviate.

Did you choose your career or your parents?  In college, graduate school and the work place, I often came across young African’s who were distraught about their careers.

During discussions, it was evident that it was a matter of pleasing one’s parents than actually being happy.

Furthermore, it seemed difficult for these individuals to confront their parents about the issue. Many feared that they would disappoint their families and not live up to the standards their parents envisioned.

Let us also not forget the ‘The Golden Handcuffs’. A broad term that is used amongst students that are enslaved to  high paying careers in order to pay back school loan debt- whether one enjoys the job or not.

So I asked “What career would you have chosen?”  In response, I was told, “Teacher, Painter, Fashion Designer, Social Worker, Counselor, Dental Hygienist, Dietician, and Paralegal”.

Though these careers may be underrated; at least these individuals were honest with themselves. They would rather use their gifts and talents to live a fulfilling life than a desperate one.

Personally, I believe in living on purpose. I have been very direct with my parents when I entered college that I refuse to live out their dreams but rather mine.

So, are you happy with your career? Would you change your career if you could reverse time?

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