Meet GC’s New Team Member-Chantal Korsah

Chantal At Adams Apples Dinner, London

Hi GC Family!

I’m very excited to take up my post as a Contributor on GhanaCelebrities.Com. My name is Chantal, and I’m a medical student based in London. I also own and run a business.

I enjoy writing, and have been a guest contributor for a few Afro-inspired websites/magazines e.g. Afro-Elle Magazine, as well as school/uni publications. But this is my first regular writing job.

I had a great experience thanks to GhanaCelebrities.Com last year when I was lucky enough to win a free ticket to the Adams Apple chapter 2 premiere in London, and an invite to be a guest at dinner with the Adams Apple Director, Shirley Frimpong-Manso, and the entire cast…

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I have many interests, and I am passionate about Ghana and Ghana-related issues. I look forward to writing about and discussing with you guys everything on Ghanaian Fashion & Lifestyle, Health, Gossip and Entertainment.

I also attend Ghanaian/African events here in London quite regularly and look forward to sharing the experience with you all. Your comments make me LMAO, so please keep them flowing 🙂


Chris-Vincent’s Comment

As someone asked; Is Chris hiring a whole army or what? No I am not…I care about GhanaCelebrities.Com readers and to produce daily quality content on time needs several good hands…The show gets bigger, it cannot pushed by one man.

I am super excited that many people have shown interest and are willing to join the GC Team.

I think I have two more people I am in talk with and I will cut the hiring….18 member team around the world should be able to catch all the gossip on time, no matter where they are growing from.

Chantal is a smart creative individual and I am confident she will bring a lot more to the table.

I had the opportunity to meet her some time back (as a lucky GC reader) and we dined together along side Shirley Frimpong Manso, Joselyn Dumas, John Dumelo, Yvonne Okoro, Adjetey Anang, Naa Ashorkor and others… So she is not new to GC and the stars!

Show her the love and hate you have shown me and the rest of the team…. 🙂

Chantal At Adams Apples Dinner, London
Chantal At Adams Apples Dinner, London

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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Editor

Chris-Vincent is a Law Graduate, a Human Rights Advocate and a Professional Truth Sayer. He is a Film Critic, the author of the popular eBook 'Success Is A Right, Not A Privilege', a Freelance Blogger/Writer and the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com. Contact:

I think you posted this same picture here sometime ago…Chris are you recruiting your entire family and friends or what?Or u just giving them the 3min fame on here.This new GC member thing looks like a joke now.Stop playing with our minds..

@Adjoa Nbaaso), lol, I have only met Chris-Vincent once, at the dinner. I had to go through the same rigorous procedure as everyone else, submitted a sample article and other examples of my writing. Looking forward to your comments.

Hold up a minute I ask that question isn’t this the same girl that won a dinner with Shirley Wonder shall never end I like the army that Chris is putting together 
Well hope you guys will be putting your name so at least we know who is writing what But welcome hope your meet and greet with shirly was full of fun and that you enjoyed it 

@Miyagi, Yep its me lol. We are waiting for u to join now lol. Looking forward to hearing your opinions, it is your comments that really make me LOL. Unfortunately you won’t see my name with my articles, we newbies are credited as GC Staff, apart from the originals Chris-Vincent, Ebenezer and I think Sassy Chic and Gossip Mama.

@Chantal K,Hahahaha Lmao That’s good to here well welcome and bring some juice so we can all LOL all the way