MISS GHANA 2012: Six Qualify From Northern Belt + Kumasi (Southern Belt) Auditions Is Tomorrow



Six young, witty, beautiful and purpose-driven ladies, who auditioned for available slots in the Northern Belt in this year’s Miss Ghana beauty pageant, have qualified for the national finals in Accra.

After engaging in different tasks over a period of three days which required all contestants to pass certain score points, the judging panel, which included Shaida Buari, Miss Ghana 2002, Mimi Areme, Miss Ghana 2009, Shika Obeng, Executive Director of FC Skin and Beauty Clinic, Inna Mariam Patty and a guest judge, upon careful consideration, and in consultation with Contestant Manager Lauretta Aryeetey, gave a verdict that went well with all who auditioned.

The judges took into consideration factors including but not limited to poise, attitude, facial beauty, elegance, eloquence, intelligence, beauty with a purpose and sense of direction among other vital score points.

The selected contestants include Georgette Anawode Adeyiga, a 20 year-old Biology student of the University of Development Studies (Wa), Gifty Enyonam Abiti, a 20 year-old Medical student, also of the University of Development Studies (Wa), Josephine Aryitey, a 19 year-old Senior High School graduate, Biley Sung La Bou, a 22 year-old Management Studies student of the University of Development Studies (Wa), Joana Ahiawordor, a 24 year-old Level 400 Political Science student of the University of Ghana, and Rufina Boateng.

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Rufina and Josephine will represent the Northern Region, with Gifty and Georgette representing the Upper East while Joan and Billy would represent the Upper West region at the national finals.

“The quality of girls we’ve selected from this belt goes to underscore the importance we are attaching to this year’s event. We are hopeful that they will go very far in what already looks like a tough national finals,” Inna Mariam Patty says.

Contestants who failed to make the final list received consolation prizes from donors including a hefty 50 discount on computer training at IPMC.

“Just as we’ve been preaching from day one, this year’s Miss Ghana event is a win-win affair and we’ve just proved that in Tamale by ensuring that even those who lost out went home happy,” she adds.

Following the Northern Belt auditions is that of the Middle Belt, which takes place tomorrow July 17 at the Golden Tulip Hotel, Kumasi. The Middle Belt comprises of the Ashanti Region, Brong Ahafo and Eastern regions while the Southern Belt, whose auditions comes off on July 24 at the Golden Tulip Hotel in Accra, is made up of the Greater Accra, Volta, Western and Central regions.

In all, 20 finalists will be selected across the three main belts, and properly groomed over an exciting reality show. There will be no weekly evictions, Exclusive Events Ghana has said.

Miss Ghana 2012 is powered by Exclusive Events Ghana, with support from Manet Properties, Auto Plaza Ltd, Reflexion Hair care, Africa Cola, Fidelity Bank, Whirlpool, FC Skin & Beauty Klinik, Special Ice Mineral Water, Accents & Arts, TT Brothers, International Energy Insurance (IEI), Edern Security, Intercom Programming & Manufacturing Company Limited (IPMC), Total Fitness Health Club, ATL Fabrics, Danny’s Décor, Moet and Chandon, Active Media and Amazing U.

Miss Ghana 2012: Evolution of Beauty.


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