LIFESTYLE: Ghanaian Dating Stereotypes…What Is The Worst You Have Heard?

So in one of my several stop-gap student jobs I have had, I met a very funny Nigerian girl who was Yoruba, and when talking about guys, she waxed lyrical on the subject of the difference between Yoruba men and Igbo men.

Surprisingly she was full of praises of Igbo men, saying that they treat their women like queens, respect them and prefer to work 16-hour days to allow their woman to stay at home and take it easy.

But Yoruba men, she said, expect to buy women with their earning power and car that they drive and treat women like trophies and objects. Needless to say, she was on the hunt for an Igbo man.

I started asking around about Ghanaian tribal stereotypes and had some very funny answers;

Ashanti men are braggers, throw their money around and have a superiority complex, but are very ambitious and hard working…

Ga men are big talkers, but are not big spenders-they are too stingy….

Ewe men use juju too much, but are good scholars….

Fanti men-romantic and sophisticated but are too honest, so they lack tactfulness and diplomacy….

Dagomba men-tall, dark and handsome, but expect one or two rivals wives if you marry one….

Akuapem men are very polite and gentlemanly….

Kwahu men are very business-minded, but stash their money in their house rather than in the bank….LOL

Any other stereotypes that I have missed out? And has anyone found these to be true in any way? What is the worst you have heard?

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