LIFESTYLE: Ghanaian Dating Stereotypes…What Is The Worst You Have Heard?

So in one of my several stop-gap student jobs I have had, I met a very funny Nigerian girl who was Yoruba, and when talking about guys, she waxed lyrical on the subject of the difference between Yoruba men and Igbo men.

Surprisingly she was full of praises of Igbo men, saying that they treat their women like queens, respect them and prefer to work 16-hour days to allow their woman to stay at home and take it easy.

But Yoruba men, she said, expect to buy women with their earning power and car that they drive and treat women like trophies and objects. Needless to say, she was on the hunt for an Igbo man.

I started asking around about Ghanaian tribal stereotypes and had some very funny answers;

Ashanti men are braggers, throw their money around and have a superiority complex, but are very ambitious and hard working…

Ga men are big talkers, but are not big spenders-they are too stingy….

Ewe men use juju too much, but are good scholars….

Fanti men-romantic and sophisticated but are too honest, so they lack tactfulness and diplomacy….

Dagomba men-tall, dark and handsome, but expect one or two rivals wives if you marry one….

Akuapem men are very polite and gentlemanly….

Kwahu men are very business-minded, but stash their money in their house rather than in the bank….LOL

Any other stereotypes that I have missed out? And has anyone found these to be true in any way? What is the worst you have heard?

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Colour me surprised! It is of great fascination and wonder that the Akuapem guys attracted no negative remark.  Is this a harbinger  of  the incessant bias  and misrepresentation that have come to typify the ethos of this blog?

I am at war with Chris and his establishment for bringing  the name of Kwahu guys into disrepute.

  I know kwahu men  are short and can not satisfy women in bed but that doesn’t give you the solemn  right to impugn and subject us to the sadistic vitriol of your mango tree  journalism.


sisy says:

i hear most of the time that Brong Ahafo men are very foolish, is that true? i actually came to comment on the igbo men issue.. i am dating an igbo man and he is  perfect. he treats me like a princess. very caring, kind, generous, he actually wants the best for me always. i am thankful to have him. i am ghanabeb…

cici says:

i’m a proud ashanti woman n i tell u what i love my ashanti guys no matter..whatever they’re i just love them n them only..

Miyagi says:

@cici,That’s what’s up 

cici says:

@Miyagi, yeap..they’re great guys

`madam social says:

any thing on akyem men? anyone

Prof says:

What about wala men?

G says:

Lol, I guess we have a bunch of Ashanti haters on this blog, I have to disagree with the statement of them not taking care of their children….what they lack is developing a personal relationship w their kids, but monetary wise, they take care of that aspect…..Kwahu men r stingy, very stingy w their money n i heard about them not saving in a bank also…..also, being Ashanti, I have experienced some stereotypes maself, I had a Ga lady tell me this a few years ago “u r sooo beautiful n I will so try to hook u up with ma younger brother, but Kumasi girl, hmm I don’t know about that”….I wasn’t offended tho, jus laughed it off, bc I grew up in the us n not Kumasi n I hardly ever get offended anyways

Miyagi says:


Sadam says:

Asantes thnk they da shit..evry tym am havin a convrsation wth 1 of thm n i say i dnt speak twi they lyk dude ar u an alien or wht? Trana say if u a ghanaian u shud be abl 2 speak it n am lyk am a dagomba n u dnt speak dagbani eithr soo suck it..they shud realy learn 2 respect othr tribes…

`madam social says:

somebody get me an akuapem or a kwahu man oo lollest. krobe r labeled as prostitutes and ashantis men don;t take of their children

Miyagi says:

This is the first time in 2 years I’m going to disagree with you lol ashanti’s are good people you know I look up to my dad and his friends and good thing is he has always been there for me and my younger brothers and sisters his kids are his number one priorty until today he stiLl calls us to find out how we are doing and and if we needs something the advice that he gives us etc@`madam social,

`madam social says:

@Miyagi, lol i know i generalised it  but some of da ashanti men i knw r kubolo fathers.

Miyagi says:

@`madam social,Hahahahahaha lol

Ball so hard miss dior says:

@`madam social, hmmm ashanti men dont take care of their children???? I strongly disagree with u, most ashanti men are the best providers n fathers any girl or boy would have. i wouldnt trade my father and boo for no one

PT says:

well i think ewe guys are so sweet, i am fanti and had the opportunity of dating two ewe guys and i must say they are so sweet, loving and generous. the least said about Ashantis the better. i love the Ewes

Frog says:

@zena, like wise am not taking anything personal its cool alright?Btw u seem to lyk saying mr. Frog u lyk the name.

Miyagi says:


zena says:

what is the hair piece video doing in between the article? needs to up their game and produce better pictures not confusing ones not rlevant to the blog

Frog says:

@zena, fantes spend money they have worked their asses of to make.I dont see anything wrong in indulging myself once in a while on money I worked hard to make.See ecclesiastes 2 : 18-25

zena says:

@Frog, Mr Frog again! Pls d blog is asking what you hav heard that is outrageous! u r taking things too personal and quoting verses. Pls spare all that! I wrote what i heard dats all

Frog says:

@zena, like wise am not taking anything personal its cool alright?

Frog says:

@Miyagi, ok my time living among them made me thinklyk that cos the ones i came across are a no no.I fully agree with ur last comment and this is so bad u know an ashanti once told me marrying an ewe is lyk being bitten by a snake.Its so poisonous I mean come on this is 2012.One told me as for my family we only marry ashantis cos they wont have to travel far to get to their relatives but that same person was willing to marry a white person whom it takes a visa,a long flight and a lot money to get there.Where is the sense in that.

Miyagi says:

@Frog,Well spoken #realtalk

Miyagi says:

Asantes never like any tribe, either they call you pepeni, ayigbeni or nkran gyimifuo i know many asantes whose family shunned them just because they are married to kwahus Even in the same akan group asantes think they are better Superiority complex proper We cannot afford this childish reckless, inane, in-ward looking attitude to life we must all accept the hard truths that we have equally hurt each other with words and actions in thye past, and the ignorant ones may continue to do so in the future but those of us who know what is at stake must work hard to change this It should be part of our eductional curriculum for every child in Ghana to learn to respect and revere all our cultures Teachers who teach bias or inciendiery tribalistic messages should be run off a very complex issue to tackle but we can start with educating everyone to respect all others

Chantal K says:

@Miyagi, Yes! Amen and Amen!

Miyagi says:

@Chantal K,Thank you C

zena says:

That Fante women like their bread buttered from back to front and are too luxurios in nature and are not economical at all when one is married to them

jessi says:

@zena, really?are you sure,i mean very sure?

Frog says:

Ashanti men have no superiority complex but the opposite,they bring people around them down to make themselves feel superior

zena says:

@Frog, Mr FROG, that is not true at all about Ashantis! I am not an Ashanti but my experience with them makes them really nice people to be with and work with lol. If you have a problem with one Ashanti dont generalise it and dont turn him into a FROG like u hehehehehe

Miyagi says:

@Frog,I am Ashanti and dude your so wrong about that

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