Open Letter To Dance Hall Artiste; Kaakie!

I have had the chance to comment on Kaakie whenever I’m reviewing a show I attended and she performed. By now, methinks most people know my stand on her. Home girl needs grooming.

In my review of the Stand UP GH concert featuring Bow Wow and Keri Hilson, I mentioned Kaakie’s performance which looked just ordinary.

I wrote, “Next was Kaakie, who looked just ordinary. It’s rare for a new artiste in Ghana to have three banging songs, something Kaakie has but didn’t capitalise on. With three big tunes ‘Ewo’, ‘Too Much’, ‘Toffee Pon Tongue’, Kaakie could have done far better out there. She can do better than she did.”

“I don’t want to be slapped on the face with the ‘hater’ tag so I will leave Kaakie alone but I think she needs grooming to stay up there. Case close, I’m not saying more.”

It appears that for all this while, I’m not the only person who feels Kaakie needs serious branding and grooming.

Read the article below captioned: Open Letter To Kaakie

Dear Kaakie,

First time I heard one of your tunes, I didn’t know who the singer was. I just loved the music and enjoyed it as much since the Radio Presenter was happy enough to play it twice. He mentioned you had been a contestant in Stars of the Future and that you did not win, nor make it to the top five yet you have found your way into the limelight. I think that song was Too Much.

After sometime, you were already on the bill for musical concerts. You have indeed performed on a lot of platforms since I heard Too Much and the few other hit singles you have come out with so far. One thing I find disturbing, however, is the way the public has reacted to your looks for all this while. The outcry about your look and stage performances have been too much on the high side. I can honestly say I have not heard nor read a comfortable thing about your appearance, for whatever shows it has been.

I am no fashionista, and am probably the wrong person to try to give you a look but I am going to say it anyway. Your music is dancehall reggae, if I am correct. This kind of music requires a lot of energy to perform as the performer has to entice the crowd to move. The lyrics can be crafty, the beat can be punchy and they on their own are usually enough to make heads roll but when it has to be performed, people inevitably look up to the performer to entice them some more. You could have the best hits that people can enjoy in their homes and cars and offices and at social places but once you are there to perform, the expectations will be higher and all eyes will be glued to you.

For these reasons, I am not surprised that people still praise your music yet downplay your performances and your appearances. I do not think your kind of music deserves you to dress as if you are singing a ballad. Your lyrics and beat are hard hitting so I think a tomboy look will be much better. For your hair, wear it in long corn-rolls or long braids. The braids should not be those tiny ones and hold it in a pony. Wear a tank top or tee shirt which should be fitting. Wear a jeans or khaki trouser or shorts. This can be either tight or slightly loose. And add sneakers to it. Such a look should make you very comfortable so you can freely move and as to your dance moves, please tell your managers to get you a choreographer.

You can choose to try this look on your next performance and based on the public’s reaction, you can then decide exactly the kind of look you would want to have and probably maintain. You can still go the all girlish way for, say, an awards ceremony as an invited guest and to the musical concerts but once you are going on stage, change to suit your kind of music.

All the best to you Kaakie.


GC Staff

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da first tym i heard da track(too much) i ask ma frnd whom i was with,wich jamaican artist play dat song.only 4 him to tell me her name is kaakie n a ghanaian based in dansoman.i av stil not seen her perform live on stage to av much to say abt her performance on stage n aw she dress any tym she mount da stage,but i av to admit she’s a bunch of talent dat can only be liken to da diana kings,da patras,queen latifas to mention but a few.dis young lady needs to b encouraged n i bet u guys are doing a gud job keep it up n i hope she’s listening.

Sacrod yetrap says:

I’m so proud of dis chick and most proud of the way people are readily offering her free advice and consultation. It really proves dat we are in the month of being proud as a Ghanaian and patronizing our own. Her music is good but I think she’s still afraid to it properly cos she’s afraid of what her pastor and church members will say abt her. But hey girl u owe no exlanation to no human but to God so come out of your closet and do it with a bang and you will be shining throuout West Africa and beyond. For the improvement in your physical appearance it is so very imperative dear…good luck

jersy says:

Ghanaians dont promote good artist well.. why is sarkodie the only one popping in ghana? in nigeria theres like 15 artist striving and no one is on top of the other. in ghana u ask who’s ur fav artist the whole ghana will say sarko. kaakie is very talented, please ghana dont mess up

Miyagi says:

@jersy,You make allot of sense but dont forget that kaaki needs to Write great songs, polish her live show and play for Entertainment Executives that can take her to the next level market her shows on Twitter, Facebook, Reverbnation, Songkick, Myspace, local music stores try and push as much unit out she needs to start looking around for an experienced manager to help her get started an experienced manager she needs someone who understands the ins and outs of the industry the same  person may also be able to help you secure an entertainment attorney when the time comes

ComMo says:

shes a great dancehall only problem with her is that she needs 2 improve on ha stage performance,shes too stiff most of the time n needs 2 utilise space on the stage

ticia says:

last time i went to Ghana i heard this gal song on radio and i said it…this gal got great talent and she will go far …i luv her song soo much that i wish i was her manager..thank God ppl has notice her great nature talent…too much!

Anita says:

I get what ur saying, but style is something u need to develop and its personal. I am sure that with time and money hers wil become better.

adomaa says:

i think it perfect, our so called stars should allow demselves to be criticised because it will shape them 

Abena Asubonteng says:

I think Kaakie has real talent which shall take her to the international scene pretty soon .Ghanians should relax and and take it cool with her for ROME was not built at a day!

Miyagi says:

She keeps it real 


I have been telling JMJ, kaakie”s manager and sound engineer to find a costumier  and proper hair stylist  for this girl. she has got great talent that i think with appropriate costume, she can rock the stage better.  This Dansoman based girl has been around the studio since childhood recording songs with known stars like samini, stone bwoy etc and i wouldnt be surprised she dresses anyhow cuz shez always around guys and i was expecting that tom boy attitude from her the first time i heard her songs. even though she is just 21, the way she costume herself makes her look like someone who is 30. sister Kaakie, u are lucky ur style and ur ability to sing patoa in ur songs are unique n all ur tunes are danceable, if not for that reason, ur songs wouldnt have gotten this far.  if she heed to this advice, home gurl will go places cuz she is damn good and talented.

xtian says:

Not bad @ all…..this is how we are suppose to add value to people and our stars lives …thanks to the writer, you are brilliant…I’m happy that you didn’t use any abusive word to the Artiste,…keep doing A̶̲̥̅̊ word job.thumbs up

xtian says:

Not bad @ all…..this is how we are suppose to add value to people and our stars…thanks to the writer…thumbs up

sakonko says:

i agree with u … very great contribution

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