LIFESTYLE: Do African’s Work Harder Than The Western World?

Growing up in the United States, I was taught that hard work pays off and that the U.S. is a place of opportunity.  I was also taught to outshine school mates with perfect grades and given advice on how to surpass my colleagues in the workforce.

I believed and knew for a fact that my parents were not discriminatory. As a matter of fact it would be senseless of them to practice discrimination as ‘Black Africans’-Ghanaian’s to be precise; residing in the U.S. However, my parents did inform their children that African’s work harder than those in the Western world.

I did not understand this concept until I completed my education. I witnessed countless motivated African individuals who were determined to succeed by all costs. There were no complaints during study hours neither was there time to party all night.

We all remained studious while enrolled in 5 – 7 courses per semester. Though our course load was immense for the average student, it was also very important to me to establish an amicable friendship with my fellow African’s as means of support to each other since we were the minority.

It was also important to establish a network for future venture purposes. No sooner did I realize my parents were right.

As an adult now, I have seen the difference in the workforce. African’s always seem to go the extra mile to make hours at work, complete an assignment efficiently and timely, perform tasks that other’s aren’t willing to, and most of all take on demeaning dead end jobs just to establish themselves with the intent of self-betterment. 

So what are your opinions? Are African’s harder workers that than the West? Or do you think we just have no option and we if had an option, we would not be hard workers?

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Mama Sweet, you took the wind out of my sail.  Well said.

White people are smart. Working hard does not guarantee you the American Dream
You have to be wise and smart.

Work smart not hard, after you finish your degree, how much student loan do you have?
You gonna wokr forever to pay it off.

Awuradebasa says:

The biggest problem in Africa is our PRIMITIVE CULTURE,although we call it (rich culture).
africans work 5 times harder than white people but they enjoy life much better than we do.

How many white men have 2,3,4,5,6,7.8 and 9 wifes?

President Jacob Zumah of south Africa has 5 wifes with over 20 children and counting all in the name of RICH AFRICAN CULTURE.

sarah says:

the problem is westerners make things easy for themselves cause they use machines instead of handlabour on the other hand africans dont improvise they still have a long way to go cause theire hardwork goes to vain. africans need to step out of the box

Frog says:

Africans do work hard but as Amoah said motivation places a big factor how many Ghanaian businesses have Employee of the month award or annual awards night so on?If u bring up an idea that could benefit the firm u are either shot down as u are a low level staffer or a manger takes it up and hogs all the glory without any acknowledgement.Or ur own collegues say depressing things lyk ”Is the job for u?Why are u killing urself leave it for another time” the list goes on and on

27calibre (O_0 ) ♥≈♥♥≈♥♥≈♥♥≈♥♥≈♥ Never tell your problems to anyone...20% don't care and the other 80% are glad you have them♥≈♥♥≈♥♥≈♥.♥≈♥♥≈♥ says:

Africans are jealouse bassing on my experience with my OWN GHANAIANS  brothers and sisters (Yes Ghanaians to be precise) …majority of africans behave like CRABS ,when his fellow CRAB is trying to go up he pulls him down ):

the whites are like THE ANTS  they support each other no matter what happends

so it time GHANAIANS START to adopt the ANTS MENTALITY.

GOD bless ghana 

Miyagi says:

The productivity level can’t be compared under the prevailing circumstances The West economy is much larger and more advanced in respect of inputs to production and the Africans, most of them, have a primitive production process. But i think we African man work harder whether in Africa or in the west, what makes their effort not easily seen in Africa 

afia says:

Africans are naturally lazy

Amoah says:

@afia, Ohhhh….. that was a hard one! 🙂 Any ways, I think it’s the weather pluse luck of motivation from our leaders.

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