Caption This Picture

Caption This Picture

Caption This Picture

Footballer Sulley Ali Muntari and model Menaye Donkor appear to be much in love. At least the picture says that. Laughs!

What’s the best caption for this picture? Lets hear you!

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  • nanya martinson

    lol beauty and the beast

    • @nanya martinson, Same thought here too lmao

    • Beauty and the Beast

    • tosa

      @nanya martinson, Beauty with a lot of liabilities…..

      • Miyagi

        @tosa,W)Kasa tisɛ Wɔ Firi Atlanta, a village boy 

    • Rocklyn Love

      @nanya martinson, hahahahahaha u funny… asem oo

  • cici

    very cute..both r cute

    • liz

      @cici, esewora! what is cute about sulley muntari or u don’t understand the meaning of cute.N’anim huhuuhu wae wo se woy3 cute.mcteeeew.he is a good footballer but not cute.

      • cici

        @liz,kwasia like u..who invited u here?mcheeew

  • Ball so hard miss dior

    Am gonna keep it 100, if dude didnt have money i cant n see how he would have scored her, but much power to them tho!

  • 27calibre (O_0 )

    love in the air !

  • naa

    beauty and the beast

  • mel

    “this is what can do”

    • mel

      @mel, mean   t” this is what love can do””

  • jessi

    next article please.

    • 27calibre (O_0 )

      @jessi,are you jealous?

      • Miyagi

        @27calibre (O_0 ),Ask again

  • tosa

    menaye”the biggest liability to Muntari” can”t even get pregnant 4 him………..

    • jessi

      @tosa, God gives children not her.

      • Ama

        @jessi, well spken i think for the first time on this forum u have spoken sense lol

  • KA NE WU


    • Miyagi

      @KA NE WU,I guess you need to jump on the money train as well than lmao

      • KA NE WU


        • Miyagi

          @KA NE WU,Lmao

    • Miyagi

      If its real, It will last

  • em

    love is in the heart, not the face..they both look great.

  • Semi-Cartermatic

    So what are some of you Ghanaian trying to say? The reality is some of you in here end up in sum messed up relationship bcos of this mentality. Negative thinking has blinded some individuals that they cant see positive aspect of things. Abeg let them couples be if ull aint got shit to say!

  • kwame

    i boarded the same plane with meneye last december from kumasi to accra and she sat on my seat bcos she wanted to be near her dad, i politely asked her that was my seat and i didnt appreciate the way she spoke to me though i gave up the seat for her. since then i lost respect for her but i admire muntari though.

  • chelry

    This writer paa! why only sully and menaye? bring it onnn… all Dem celebs and their so called partners.

    • Ama

      @chelry, so what sense are u making

  • zena

    I just hope she will stay with him when he isnt able to play football anymore and the doe isnt coming waawaa. I wish them well since they are married!

  • Nii

    he looks like Mr. ibu’s rotten big toe lol, you know how to saying blind people

  • TheChuckylee

    All I can say is money is good.The real love will be tested when the money is not flowing anymore like now.Then we’ll all know if its true love or money love.I hope Sulley is investing like his seniors Tony Yeboah and Samuel Osei-Kuffuor though.It wont always be like dis.

  • Not sure why people say he is too ugly for her.  The guy has money! His money is undoubtedly prettier than her beauty, which is why she has to succumb to his lures. He can afford to buy 1000 Menayes.  

    It doesn’t matter how big your thing is or how good looking you are, if ur broke you cease to be attractive to women.  Women love money! 

    May be it is her love for him.  Love?  For the where?  Twiaa! Please!  Love is a weapon used by women to bludgeon men into poverty by holding the heart hostage.  They  then bury you with the biggest bomb called marriage.   

    How ever misogynistic or chauvinistic this rhetoric might seem, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out  how widespread this phenomenon is.  

  • nana nketia

    Gold digger marries the beast

  • Abz

    MONEY TALKS….SIKA KASA AMPAA..  i personally dont think Manaye would have dated or married Sulley if he hasnt got the cash. of cos money talks.