Lousika, The Chick In Town!

We have a Nicki Minaj counterfeit walking around stages in Ghana called Lousika.  Though I do not like the fact that she is digging into Nicki Minaj’s style (stage craft and appearance) thereby killing her own, I think she has a banging look…

She looks good and has a great body…Until the banku and fufu kills it, let those who have eyes see…

What do you think?

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Watch Boss’ Chick by Lousika below


Lousika On Stage

Lousika On Stage

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  • nana nketia

    U call dis a great body,her breast fall already at her age.see how it looks even wit the support of a brassier.only in her dreams can she even be compared to minaj’s house girl.mtchewwwwwwwww

    • 27calibre (O_0 )

      @nana nketia,you are right i dislikes girls with falling breast.

      • @27calibre (O_0 ), ok then leave ur gfs breast alone n they will not fall, i beg, its all ur fault always pressing n sucking them, why wont they fall….???????????ß

        • 27calibre (O_0 )

          @sisy,ahaha you killed me with your comments ahaha you are soo funny ,but is sucking and fondling cause breast to fall? if yes then i dont think socos i have been doing that to my girls breast for long time but it still strong (:
          am use to breast ask my mum when i was a baby(:

        • Miyagi

          @sisy,Eeeeish leave them alone aren’t they made to be played with those watermelons 

        • Kwaku tutu

          @sisy, even my mum who gave birth to 6 kids al grown now has a much stronga breast dan lousika’s n wit d help of bra, i bet its evn better dan dat of minaj herslf. Lol

    • @nana nketia,she is looks better than nikki minaj, look at nikki everyfin about her is fake. lousika is atleast  naturally beautiful. 

      • nana nketia

        If she’s natural then she must be herself cos even thou nicki has fake boobs n ass,she’s super hot n we love her da fake way she is cos she represents her fake self but see dis sagging breast n fat belly trying to copy nicki @sisy,

  • ato


  • 27calibre (O_0 )

    i dont know why breast of young ghanains girls are falling so easy ):
    any way she have to try to bring ut her own style.

    • @27calibre (O_0 ), men should get their hands off them n they ll not fall.:)

      • 27calibre (O_0 )

        @sisy,ahaha you killed me with your comments ahaha you are soo funny ,but is sucking and fondling cause breast to fall? if yes then i dont think socos i have been doing that to my girls breast for long time but it still strong (:
        am use to breast ask my mum when i was a baby(:(:

        • nana nketia

          If she thinks posing in those cheap braa wit sagging breast will make her popular then she has a bloody long way to go cos der’s nothing exciting wit her overused body at her age.i dont think she even looks 21,soo sad @27calibre (O_0 ),

          • 27calibre (O_0 )

            @nana nketia,she just have to be herself not living in some ones shadow ,she have to be herself am sure she is good upon the sagging breast .

            • Miyagi

              @27calibre (O_0 ),She is not having enough breast massage 

      • @sisy, you sound so offended, I am beginning to suspect that your breast has fallen as well. if you are not a mother and you have a sagging breast, Shame on you!

        • 27calibre (O_0 )

          @Lazy d*ck,ahaaaaaaahaaa take it easy on her

    • @27calibre (O_0 ), because you men keep pulling it like lastic

    • this girl is really wack. anoda wanna be

  • This girl is amzing , she comes wth a style because she wsnt even born in ghana ,so she’s the best. In dressing n it all

  • C.

    What’s up with the posing of the bra?? ugh!!!

  • Ball so hard miss dior

    Is she even a ghanaian? heard shes from cote d ivore, why the hell is she in ghana rapping?

    • Miyagi

      I know I am the last person on here you would talk to but she is Ghanaian yeah born nd. Raised In France her real name is Christelle Akua Sika Amankona she just added the Lou which stands for Wolf to her third name Sika so she repesent both French/Ghanaian backgrounds @Ball so hard miss dior,

      • nana nketia

        Are u her pr or is dis lousika hersel,i beg she’s wack n is only jeremie dat plays her wack songs cos she sef her accent be fake like her fake wack artiste @Miyagi,

        • Miyagi

          I asume that your using bbm as well well no I am not her PR at all have met her couple of times in Paris and know someone that knows her as well who is into music and parties and trust me she aint wack at all you just need to get used to her that’s all @nana nketia,

          • nana nketia

            Wooww,u met her a couple of x n u remember her full name n all dat info,strange.hmmmmm pr job well done @Miyagi,

            • Miyagi

              Mtcheeeeew what’s so wooow about it@nana nketia,

  • endowed

    Pretty Girl

  • GoldenGurl

    NONSENSE….the whole lot, her lyrics, style EVERYTING! Loada rubbish. Why Ghana stars/females don’t care to be role models. You wanna empower your younger female generation with this crap…is embarrassing man…

  • kiki

    lmfaooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! is she f*cking serious right now?!!!! wtf was the song even about? a girl showing off her lipstick…thats pretty much it #FAIL