I do appreciate and understand some of the points made here but Chris would be an interesting debate to discuss where things go WRONG on social networking sites,  as we well know they do go VERY wrong. I doubt Jackie’s career  is being inextricably damaged by her not being on Facebook/twitter. I respect her decision not to Sign up, though on the other hand she could try it and see so she can say, listen I tried it and it’s not for me! 

I always tell my Staff that “Powerful new technologies provide great benefits, great topic you nailed it once again Chris I think it’s it would be a good movement i realise that social networking changes the way we live with social networking as the most recent service to be provided at modest cost. It can be expected to bring pluses and minuses…My question is will social networking sites really improve the quality of african celebrity lives? Because some African celebrities refuse to get on Facebook or Twitter because of the double life some of them live  


@Miyagi, some people CHOOSE not to engage in social media, it’s not a preference for them. Also please don’t make the assumption that ppl on networking sites don’t lead double lives. There are many non African celebrities that not not to go and Facebook or twitter. It doesn’t make them less successful. I really don’t give a monkeys about a celeb twitting what they had for breakfast.