Motivational Message Of The Week: If You Don’t Build Your Dreams, Someone Will Hire You To Build His…

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Editor
Posted on 23 Jul 2012 at 4:10am

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The worst thing that can happen to anyone is to kill his or her own dreams but spend his entire life helping others build theirs.

You may be wondering why any reasonable person will forgo his own dreams and rather help others build theirs.

The fact is, no matter how absurd the above sounds, many of us are doing this. We are trapped in doing things we do not believe in. We have been easily bought as slaves to help the highest bidder build his dreams to the detriment of the dreams we had years ago.

Take a minute and ask yourself these questions;

What are your dreams?

What are you doing towards achieving these dreams?

As human beings, we are persuaded towards comfort. Our dislike for discomfort and adversity always aid us into going for the nearest options, even if we do not believe in these options.

The very moment you started looking for opportunities in life was the moment you gave preference to someone’s dream. This was the moment you decided to become a builder of another person’s dream.

Why am I saying this? Opportunities do not create themselves. They are created by people around their dreams. The creators of these opportunities which are centred on their dreams make them available for builders like you to see. You then grab these available opportunities and pursuit them.

At this stage, what do you think you are doing? You are merely helping the creator build his mansion of dreams.

You may see it as a perfect opportunity to build your own dreams. The fact is, it has merely been designed to confuse you into thinking the road will lead to your dreamland. No, it will lead to the dreamland of the creator. Why should someone create an opportunity that will take him to your dreamland rather than his?…Continue Reading From Here


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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Editor

Chris-Vincent is a Freelance Blogger/Writer, Founder and Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com. He is a “witty” writer who wrote several award winning articles/debates during his Secondary School days at Adisadel College. To develop his writing skills, studied Communication as a major with Sociology and Law at Newham College Of Further Education, London. Currently, he holds a degree in Law (LLB), Diploma in Para Legal and, he is a postgraduate Law student majoring in International Human Rights... He is the author of the popular eBook 'Success Is A Right, Not A Privilege'. He also blogs at www.TopVincent.Com. BBM pin: 7C7331B2. And let me add that, I am BIASED because everyone is (including you)---in fact, objectivity is an illusion. Remember "absence of evidence is not evidence of absence".... Click Here To Hire Me


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  • GoldenGurl

    Honestly, man ain’t that a bitch though? Lol but so true! If I didn’t work5-6 days a week I’d have my business up n running by now stead of keeping my company’s assets and business up n running. Damn! True talk Chris! When u look at it like that makes you think a Lil harder! 

    • GoldenGurl

      @GoldenGurl, yes an amazing author/psychiatrist emphasised the importance of delaying gratification for your upmost success and development! 

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  • 27calibre (O_0 )

    it makes sense (;

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    u are a true santa.u thnk well enaf.its toooo gud to be true.