When Did Flying Abroad ‘Uselessly’ Become Status Adding Enterprise For Ghanaian Celebrities?

Ghanaian Celebrities In USA

Ghanaian Celebrities In USA

This may sound absurd and shallow but I am tired of the level of ignorance some of our celebrities are parading. The pathetic part of this is that, certain news starved media houses are also helping them in championing what seems to me like a feckless enterprise.

If you have been following Entertainment reports recently, you would have come across news like ‘Yvonne Okoro Goes To UK’,  ‘Yvonne Nelson Flies To USA’, ‘Joselyn Dumas Spend Weekend In London’, ’John Dumelo Goes To USA’  and all sort of headlines.

If you spend time to go further than just reading the headlines, you will quickly establish that, there is nothing substantive being reported apart from these stars boarding planes to foreign countries. From these media reports and information that I have gathered, most of these trips are  feckless endeavors…

Over the weekend, I asked few people in the industry including a celebrity about the recent frequent trips of our celebrities to foreign lands. I wanted to find out what they really go there for since the many reports say ‘they are there for a business trip’.

I have no issue if someone is taking a holiday outside Ghana but from my deductions, many of these trips are not holidays. I was also told that, among the celebrities and certain Ghanaians, if you fly abroad a lot (no matter the reason of flying), it adds some sort of marks to your status. This is therefore the reason why most of our stars are frequently tripping to the United States and UK,  and then arranging with media men to put their ‘useless’ trips in the public domain.

Despite my big laugh, I could not simply understand how travelling ‘pointlessly’ to any country will add anything to ones status.

I do not think Beyonce , Halle Berry or Denzel Washington will fly to London for nothing, hang around some hotel and then fly back to America even though they can afford these trips.

Do not confuse holidaying with these useless trips. Same way one will not just board a flight or car to Kumasi and hang out there for few days , why do these same people fly to other countries and hang out there uselessly, thinking it adds value to their brand?

If flying abroad adds any mark to people’s status, then I guess those living there have zillions of status mark….

We really got a long way to go!

Ghanaian Celebrities In USA

Ghanaian Celebrities In USA


Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Editor

Chris-Vincent is a Law Graduate, a Human Rights Advocate and a Professional Truth Sayer. He is a Film Critic, the author of the popular eBook 'Success Is A Right, Not A Privilege', a Freelance Blogger/Writer and the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com.

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  • Abz

    well John is there for business..YN n sandra are there to shop..shopping for more Loiu vitton bags and Loubotin shoes…dont know about Lukie

    • honey

      @Abz, luckie lives here in the US,she lives right around my neighborhood in the bronx.

    • @Abz, shes stays here with her hubby

  • Miyagi

    Attention seeking and publicity stunt that’s what these celebs do and they media is seems to be falling for it and blog it all the time take KkD for example even though I don’t see him as a celebrity every single clothes he buys or wears he needs to ale picture of it and show it to people that I got it when he goes to places like the states he wants the media to know that I was there and witness it allot of Ghanaians just like to show off allot 

    • Amoah

      @Miyagi, LOL at your profile pic!!! 😀

      • Miyagi

        @Amoah,Hahahahah I love it 

      • honey

        @Amoah, i swear,this miyagi can be annoying and outta control sometimes but its haaard to get maaad at him loooooooool his profile [ic got me rolling on the floor tooo hahahahhahaha.

        • Miyagi

          @honey,Hahahaha don’t get mad wai I only cyber bully people here lol 

    • jeff

      @Miyagi, Exactly , very true

    • jeff

      Luckie’s case is different cs, i know she’s based in U.S

    • Sasha

      @Miyagi, U so rite about K.KD. when he was interviewd on BET during the awards ceremony he couldn’t even pronounce Ozwald Boateng’s surname in a Ghanaian way.

      • Miyagi

        Hahahaa true that I saw that and was laughing all the way but yet he knows how to show off with everything he buys or whatever his son or daughter does an old man like him he really needs to get a life @Sasha,

    • @Miyagi, hahahaha some only shops for replica products like LV, Chanel, gucci and so on hmmm as for lol john he’s always here either been invited by some hoe just to chop and run hahaha just kidding lol he’s always shooting a movie

      • Dr. Miyagi

        @nana ama,john aka yogi bear with his smooth talks he needs to change his name into pimplicious desparate to get some 

  • Lola

    so what are they there for? Look at the 4 of them. And they go there to go and eat kenkey or banku? could they not have gotten the best of kenkey or banku in Ghana? does that sandra also think she is a celebrity by always following them around?

    why does the embassy even give them those 5 years usa visa? because you have a visa does not mean you should go there for pure nothing . shallow people indeed

  • pathetic souls who have not even sat in a plane before so it is paining them soo soo hard that somebody is able to fly in out like of ghana like going from kaneshie to circle. they are celebrities for chrisake. you guys are simply nobody’s. they got their cash, moola, benjamins, cash, money, sika, shika. go and look for yours, broke azzzzzz guys and stop hating. chimpanzees and baboons

    • Miyagi

      @danielle,So we are baboons, chimpanzee. And even pathetic because of this topic and that makes us broke? Are you serious? Or is it that you just don’t have anything to say I never knew you could judge through people’s comment how broke they are you really need to teach me how to spot that 

      • honey

        @Miyagi, miyagi she didnt mention u..aaaahba!! hahhahahahhazhahahaha can u see a comment and just let it goo?? loooooooooooooooool daaamn

        • Miyagi

          @honey,Lol hahaha she is lucky she didn’t reply again 

          • honey

            @Miyagi, she better not cos her comment was stupid,and if she does,sorry for her cos i know somebdy called miyagi who’s standing around the corner with sharp tongue loooooooooool

            • Miyagi

              Hahahahahaha LOL you got jokes hahhaaha @honey,

      • honey

        @Miyagi, but yhhh,she sounds sooo stupid and ignorant. nobody has a problem with them travelling to anywhere in the world,hell! its their daaaaaaaamn money,the fact that some stupid media houses makes soo much noise about it,which is pointless and baseless

        • Miyagi

          @honey,I totally agree with you 

    • 27calibre (O_0 )

      @danielle,YOU sound too HASH ,MIND YOUR WORDS.

  • vim

    stupidity!! scroll to the mid right part of ur page where uv posted Rihanan in her bikini in st tropez!! dat one too what will u say? she’s from barbados in the caribbean just like st tropez so why post that then also? kwaisasem..stupid journalism then on ur part ghana celebrities!!

    • Miyagi

      @vim,Are you making sense?

      • Trith

        @Miyagi, why do u alsways have to come to the defense of Chris of G.C cant he chris defend himself or unless u and chris are one and the same person

        • Miyagi

          @Trith,With a respect this is Miyagi you got the whole picture wrong I do disagree with GC or Chris sometimes Go through my comments and you will see Gc is Gc and Miyagi is Miyagi trust me 

  • mel

    mmmh…..yvonne is looking whiter and whiter each day…..its so damn obvious!!!!!!!!!!mmmh

    • Miyagi

      @mel,Ever heard of flash or are you going color blind 

    • Abz

      @mel,Yvonne is using the whole set of Makari producrs. thatz why she is lighter now.

      • @Abz, hehe true lol shes bleaching with her fake lv hand bags 

    • ato

      @mel, dont think so.

    • ato


  • lee

    The last time I checked Cris covered and wrote about it when Jackie Appiah was in London. Does that also count?

    • jessi

      @lee, good question.

      • Trith

        @jessi, i agree with u

    • ato

      @lee, this is my problem when its jackie there is nothing wrong with it but when the hand turns then aaaaaaaaaaba, jackie is not worth that star thing ,she is just like these local champs , i think she also travels sometimes with no good reason.

      • ama konado

        @ato, jackie went to shoot a movie so get your facts right. plus she is a canadian and can travel around the world if she wants but she hardly does. she is not like these local champs who go and stand in the line for hours waiting and praying they would get a visa. So i beg leave Jackie out because they are not previlaged like jackie,  she doesnt queue

        • ato

          @ama konado,what about her previous travels?  ARE THESE PEOPLE TRAVELLING WITH YOUR MONEY ?stop this hypocricy ,who is jackie and that madness about?

      • boro

        @ato, please ato all fingers are not equal jackie ueses a canadian passport she doesn’t have a problem like these ghana born wannabes like yvonne. Jackie is blessed already why must u even bring her name up? she can travel around the world without a visa yet she hardly travels. how many times have you seen them publish her story that she is abroad? anyway such is life if you never thought in your life you would get the chance to travel this is how you would act, empty barrels make the most noise. I blame News One that yvonne pays to write stories.

        • ato


    • Celebrity

      @lee, This writers only find Jackie appiah”s life worthy of recognition so will always portray hers” differently……,//……we all av favorities bt urs is too much….IF SHE IS TIRED OF IT WHO IS FORCING HER TO ALSO WRITE

    • Amoah

      @lee, I think you misunderstood the story. jackie was in London to do a movie (I’m not a big jackie fan) LOL. But when you read about these other stars, the story is travel for business. What kind of business, they can’t provide. But in GH it is a big status when you travel abraod, so why shouldn’t the stars do the same!?!?!

    • paul

      @lee, she was there to shoot a movie with Tchidi. so it was bussiness for your information, she also use the time wisely to meet up with her fans in their school. so jackie is different and unique

      • ato

        @paul,did chris ask them what they went there for?  Rome was not built in a day , and dont forget this is not jackies first trip. were all her trips USEFUL ? Its their moneys if they want to travel  what is our problem?

  • ThickMama

    haha Chris paaa. Hve u 4gotten? Eva since 1957 any1 who gets 2 london n bk is instantly a borga!..dat stil is on except dat its so old i wish dey dump it..d 21st century shine ur eyes! Dnt ve tym 4 dis publicity stunts..dey shld polish up dier dressin n actin.

    • 27calibre (O_0 )

      @ThickMama,ahaa …..BOGA…. you are right sis.

      • ThickMama

        @27calibre (O_0 ), thx hun…lol

  • Vince

    Slow news day?

  • TheChuckylee

    Is dis article really necessary?Just recently Jackie was in London and videos her interview with Chris was posted ryt.Was dat not a useless trip as well and unnecessary showoff?I’m sure dis hate campaign was purposely becos of my sweet Yvonne Nelson.Surely it can be becos of John and the others.Hate campaign and propaganda failed!Next!

  • afua

    Chris or whatever you call youself. You are just a hypocrite and a hater.

    • That is your opinion…isn’t it? 🙂

      • Trith

        @Posted By: Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, it is not an opinion but a known fact u biased in your reportage and when u are biased u only write good things about those u like and bad things about those u dont like

        • Can you read what I have written below the article (my profile) at all?. I have stated that I am biased and don’t remind me of that…When did being biased become a crime and under what law? if nothing else to say, move to the next article pls!

          • Trith

            @Posted By: Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, so if u admit u are biased then u must also admit u are a hypocrite u cant be biased without being a hypocrite

          • @Posted By: Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, i wonder whereu got ur licence,its quit obvious u r not a professional,u r just a locally made jornalist promoting the ones u like…..sick…

          • @Posted By: Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, i hope u r using ur brains and not letting ur feelings get into your real career, by the way get yourself a new hobby coz this one is pathetic,it just shows how jealous u can be.

          • Emma

            @Posted By: Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, n to knw tatnobody mine em hear is de stupid tin of it all.Whn did travelin to America begin an issue then i shld then start 2 considered maself as one tho.I agree wit on tis….local campions called GH caleb.Whn dey come here we all buy 4rm de same store n dey go to GH n called emself celebs my foot.

  • watzup

    I just don’t understand this local celebrities, what has flying abroad got to do with adding value to status? Instead of them adding value to their acting skills and going to the gym to be fit, they’re rather eating Banku and oily stew, na wa for them ooo…………

    • Shipman

      @watzup, that funny lol

  • nana nketia

    These ppl hv low self esteem n think showing off dat dey r living a good life will make ppl see dem better when infact dey cry in their rooms everyday,which one of dem empty barrels own a trassaco house n u call dems celebs…dey r all a bunch of concert entertainers earning peanuts cos none of the actors n musicians in ghana qualifies for dat celeb status,and u gc also publish all their stupid trips so why r u bashing dem now.lol

    • Ball so hard miss dior

      @nana nketia, You are the only one making sense here, which one of them owns an estate either in trasacco or spintex? Instead of saving their money to own hms they buy plane tickets to come abroad to show off to ghanaians, if these so called celebs r not posing with real stars, they will be shopping for cheap shoes n fake bags. Bunch of concert entertainers except for jackie who seems to be about her money.

    • jessi

      @nana nketia, you are right,most of them dont have shit,they cant even get a man to marry them yet we are here making noise.what really do these soo called celebrities have,what have they really done for our soceity?

  • If someone is in Ghana and has money to travel, I say kudos to you. Like they say travel and see

    Some of us in the diaspora have not even set foot in the next city of the countries we live in.

    Chris stop hating and get out of your small flat and go see the world

  • Peewee

    It is a slave mentality that we as Ghanaians, and Africans as a whole can’t seem to rid ourselves of. The main reasons are the high levels of poverty, and poor infrastructure that exists on the continent. Many people can’t afford one square meal a day, let alone buy a ticket to visit Europe, or some other developed countries, so those who are able see it as a status symbol worth bragging about, albeit ignorantly. This display of affluence and ignorance, will only end when corruption stops, and the government commits itself to building a country that is clean, and devoid of open drains, and filth; where people can enjoy a ride on super highways, and don’t have to go to another country to see skyscrapers. Ghana is a small country with enomous natural wealth; these objectives are achievable with commited, and intelligent leaders than the ones we have now. Forty years ago the people of Dubai lived in tents; today with dedication, and good leadership it rivals any western developed country.

    • `madam social

      @Peewee,  good point.

    • jessi

      @Peewee, ahaaaaa you are the sort of people that brings constructive comment here,you have made sence 100 per.it was worthit reading your comment,keep it up.

    • dericka

      @Peewee, hmmmnn very wise 1, exactly wat i think of everyday. student sitting outside doin exams n yet ppl who hav the opportunity to help just dnt wanna do it. hmmnn bad government n wicked ppl

  • Metaphor

    Luckie is bleaching.Look at her face carefully

    • @Metaphor, she is bleaching with makari but her and yvonne.. Newest bleaching product for african celbrities

  • Definitions

    BIASED --  favoring one person or side over another; “a biased account of the trial”; “a decision that was partial to the defendant”.

    HYPOCRITE -- a person who professes beliefs and opinions that he or she does not hold in order to conceal his or her real feelings or motives.

    source: Freeinternetdictionary.com

  • If i met this Chris guy somewhere i would just slap him for no reason and shout kwasia, “fri ho ko” and walk away. 

  • afua

    While other countries celebrate the artistes they have, all Chris and his crew do is to hate hate hate. What did they ever do to you. I think your also a village champion since you posted the pictures of you and Jackie in London. Showing all you 32 like a villager.

  • Akosua

    If I had the money I would be flying uselessly around the world too.

  • Chelry

    So what Christ? broke people always complaining how rich folks spend their fortune..this ain’t news anyway…