You Guys Really Got Me Thinking…Is Nadia Buari The Only Guilty Of ‘Image Enhancement’?

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So last week we (GhanaCelebrities.Com) posted a readers mail about Nadia possible wearing bum pads (Click Here To See It).

To start with, how did the writer see this? I saw the pictures like most of you, but i did not notice anything special about her bum until the mail came through.

As if the mail in itself was not funny enough, some of the comments made me wonder even more.

What is the issue here?

I wear Brazilian hair, just like 85% of the woman in Ghana (my own estimation).I also wear acrylic nails. This is also fake and on special occasions I might wear some false eye lashes.

These are products that most women use to look more beautiful and to feel better about them self.

I even think selling Brazilian hair is the best way to make money in Ghana at the moment. How many of our female celebrities don’t wear them?

Eazzy At The Press Conference
Eazzy At The Press Conference
Yvonne Okoro
Yvonne Okoro

Please, I am not confirming if Nadia wears bum pads or not. That is her business, but if it makes her feel better and look better why not?

All I am saying is that we all use something every now and then to look better. And just because we are used to some of these products do not make them better. At least our celebs are not into botox and implants yet.

Don’t get me wrong I certainly understand what the writer was saying when it comes to little girls looking up to celebs and wanting to be like them. I strongly believe as a parent you are responsible for raising your child. It’s up to you to let your child understand these people make money with their looks.  It’s an image.

Just saying……..We are all equally guilty as women, not only Nadia Buari.

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  1. I 100% agree with you. For the past 5yrs, i cant remember when i went out of my apartment with my natural hair. I always have that fake hair on. 
    Majority of us do it but the only difference is that some have the artificial things from head to toe.

      1. @Miyagi, i dont need anyone to tell me my hair looks funny (the truth is it looks funny)…………

    1. Nice topic, Just be your self and don’t be a follower.. surround your self with friends who have the same oppinion as you.. as for the fake have you seen the models these days? Models are always seen as hot people who have pretty hair and long eyelashes and flawless skin and long polished nails and who are also tan you can also see these models with the guys who have the 6 pac and the nicebody and nice tan. So the girls feel like they have to look like that. But in reality they look just be yourself and know that naturall beauty is the best Miyagi has spoken 

  2. I love this article, well done!!! As if she is the only one who did something artificial… sure at least at one time, the writer had fixed weave-on before…..and that is fake too because it it not your hair. Please, we should stop this attitude, even if she wears bum pads (really if she does), its just like wearing a wig-cap or having a hair extension or wearing acrylic nails or even wearing fake eye-lashes…..i felt very bad when i read about it last week, it’s very embarrassing that Ghanaians would take this as an issue. Maybe they shld write about the color of panties she wears too……like seriously, this is bad!!!!

    1. i actually like my natural hair, i will so love to leave it without putting any extensions but i have no time for my natural hair. it takes a lot of time to wash n set it every 3 days to keep it healthy. I cant ask my hubby to set it for me so i have to go to the beauty salon which is very expensive than to get once in 3 months extensions. In Africa i leave my natural hair n dont put in any extensions.:)

  3. So true I never go out as my self always have some wave on my head or some fake nails even i am wearing sometimes a corset 🙂  and i loving it . Keep it up girl . Looking forward to your next topic 

  4. hmmmmm does it mean that 99.9% of ghanains wear WIG ,helloooooo ,if yes then i have to start  bussiness (:
    i just dont get it ,why cant blacks also try to CREAT their own line of hair dressing than adopting the style from the western world UNIQUENESS IS A PRIDE. huhO_0

  5. well only reason GH local celebs are not into botox and plastic surgery, (yet) is because they (some of them) don’t have the money for it. I mean with all the bleaching AND brazilian hair Afghanistan hair …LOL… looking forward to see which will go under the knif, first. Like getting a nose job! 🙂

    1. @Amoah, I am sure thoe that can afford it have already done it!! I want to believe a few have done nose jobs and botox. You know we are in Africa so nobody takes plastic surgery seiously!! I didnt mention any names pls!

  6. when will nosy people like you learn to mind their bussinss? if she is into it,pls let her be afterall it looks good on her.