CELEB STYLE: 911 Fashion Cry To Ama Konadu Abebrese

They say when something is not broken, do not fix it, But the fashion sense of Ghanaian award winning actress Ama K. Abebrese has long been broken.

The big question however is, why isn’t the diva fixing it?!!!

It is common knowledge that Ama has serious fashion issues, horrendous ones! Whether she is in London, Accra or Afghanistan, the value is the same.

And upon all the cries for her to do something about her dress code, we are confused why she continuously ignores these well wishing remarks. Even non Ghanaian blogs have begged her to dress better. All to no avail…

Ama, we love you but you have to show us that you love yourself too. It is embarrassing for your fans to keep finding excuses for your dressing.

You are presently the worst dressed celeb if not woman in Ghana. If you have chosen to live your life in the public eye, please make it at least pleasing to our eyes.

Is it that you do not know how to dress or you are just too full of yourself and therefore believe nobody can teach you? If you don’t care what people say, maybe you should walk n*ked so when we see you we can say…”there goes the actress who does not give a damn” Would that be better?

Even if you don’t know, why not watch and learn from other people?

I am yet to find a picture of Ama K. Abebrese in which she dressed up properly. Be it, a casual day out and about, red carpet, premiers, birthday bashes…just name the occasion and Ama will show up as the grandma with her wig sewed or worn like a stiff barbed wire helmet or long and unkempt with an outfit from ‘Dark Ages’ or ‘Adam’s Family’.

Perhaps you borrow from the ogres wife? Ebei Ama! What exactly is your mission? To carve yourself a niche as the worst dressed? Maybe if you changed your way of dressing just a little we would be hearing wedding bells soon.

I hope you will read this and think carefully instead of getting mad at Ghana Celebrities.

If any of you have a picture of Ama K. dressed well for a particular occasion please upload it for a change

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