DKB Calls Off Shows Due To President Mills’ Death

DKB in a sorrowful pose

Ghana’s former Big Brother Representative has been hit emotionally hard by the passing of the President of Ghana the late Prof. John Evans Atta Mills.

According to his management Ecstasy and Boom Entertainment, he was preparing for 2 private shows slated this weekend, where he would be performing comedy on topics related to current affairs which obviously involves spoofing the system but has been cancelled due to the shock he received when the news of the president’s demise came out officially.

According to DKB “I was deeply hurt and devastated by the news and it felt like I had lost a father even though we biologically and physically we don’t have anything in common except attending the same school i.e University of Ghana.

Uncle Atta is a person who you would admire and have affinity for due to his extreme patience, tolerance and good sense of humor unconsciously because he is a character that bears no grudge with anyone, another factor that that worsened my plight was the death rumor of my mentor Eddie Murphy which later fortunately came out as a hoax.

You would think you know how to handle anger and provocations until you meet Uncle Atta and realize that he doesn’t know those elements exist. The news broke me down emotionally such that I lost appetite to perform on those shows thereby sacrificing them and anything that comes with it as my form of last respect for our lost father”

His last words were, “the whole country will miss him but especially the comedy community because he undeniably provides unlimited materials with his antics for us thereby giving us something to joke about, I will entreat every Ghanaian as a form of respect to him exercise a bit of his attitude in their daily life that’s patience, tolerance and love for the needy. Lastly let’s all rally behind our new president H.E John Mahama to govern the nation well and as he takes us to the polls soon, I hope and pray we have an “Atta Mills-ful elections” to honour his death.

From his management, all fans of DKB should gear up because he is planning to hit Ghana with the BIGGEST comedy show in the history of Ghana with fellow comedians from other African countries flying down to perform with support from hit making musicians from Africa dubbed “DKB n FRENDZ” coming soon !!!!!!.

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