I Have The Eye To See A Beautiful Lady … And So I Was Made Miss Ghana 2012 Judge – Majid Michel

Majid Michel judging the ladies

“They actually said that, I have a beautiful wife so because I have a beautiful wife, I have the eye to see a beautiful lady”, Majid Michel, one of the celebrity guest judges at the Accra auditions for Miss Ghana 2012 said in his usual jovial manner.

And the winner of Miss Ghana 2012 is … not so fast, just hold it. Before the winner is announced, lets pause a little and look at the exciting prizes that the lucky lady would be taking home in addition to the coveted crown.

The would be Miss Ghana 2012 in addition to the first and second runners go home with an official car [one for each], a unspecified sum of money, tickets to London, employment opportunities, branding and ambassadorial opening, elegant household appliances from sponsors of the pageant.

It does not end there. The top three ladies qualify for a full educational scholarship worth several United States dollars to study with one of the best universities in the United States of America.

Also the eventual winner would be accommodated for a year with the two runner ups residing at the Miss Ghana House, which is donated by Manet Properties.

And the icing on the cake for Miss Ghana 2012 is to represent the country in the Miss World 2013. How exciting can it get?

And with the coming in of Exclusive Events Ghana, which is headed by former 2004 winner of the pageant, Inna Patty, it appears the oldest pageant in Ghana has taken its rightful place in the pageantry industry in Ghana in grand fashion.

Auditions for the 2012 edition started in earnest and it’s almost at its zenith. In the Northern Belt which comprises of Upper East, Upper West and the Northern regions, six beautiful young ladies were picked for the finals.

The Southern Belt which comprises of Ashanti, Eastern and Brong Ahafo regions also saw three ladies picked for the national finals. Now auditions are going on for finals ladies to be picked from Accra.

One of the twists in this year’s pageant is that, celebrities have been added to aid in judging the ladies for the final events. Being a proud media partner of Miss Ghana 2012, GhanaCelebrities.Com made a quick visit to the audition grounds at Golden Tulip for an observation.

Indeed, we were taken aback by the number of beautiful ladies ready to be auditioned. “The mad rush for this year’s Miss Ghana is indicative of how prestigious the brand is, and also speaks volume of its leadership role in empowering the Ghanaian lady,” Obed Boafo, Publicist for the Miss Ghana event said.

With over 200 ladies auditioned in Accra, Majid explained, further what they look out for in them.

“We are scrutinizing and screening the ladies to pick the best of the best and there is no compromising whatsoever. We are here to judge them, their intellect as well as their looks to see if it matches. If it doesn’t, you can’t make it through”

According to him, a lady cannot be beautiful and move around with an empty head hence the several auditions to test their intellect and how they talk, how they think on their feet and answer some witty questions.

For Majid who appears judging ladies in a beauty pageant for the first time, conceded the enormous challenges, they [judges] have encountered, partly due to the intelligent nature of the ladies.

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Jay says:

So the criterion for being a Miss Ghana judge is that “Oh your ass was on TV”?
Where are the modelling and fitness trainers, beauty experts and fashion designers? We’re going to an international BEAUTY pageant, not Brilla o! (Smarts matter too, but has anybody really paid attention to the answers given by semifinalists at Miss World?)

Chelry says:

What a joke! In a word~~ No

maka aa maka says:

i thnk what he meant by the would be miss ghana is, the miss ghana to be thus the one who wins miss ghana.

Betty says:

Majid, do you also have an eye for taking care of the beautiful things you pick? please go take care of your wife so we don’t see her looking shabby again ok?

Adjoa Nbaaso) says:

@Betty,Nice comment…thanks girl

Miyagi says:

Hahahaha “you can’t just be beautiful with empty head” Majid your very rude paa, “They actually said that, I have a beautiful wife so because I have a beautiful wife, I have the eye to see a beautiful lady” another stupidity again no wonder why they never go far out of all the millions of judges Majid is the one you picked Abeg skip this topic I know your good actor and love your new movie “The Grooms Bride” with Jackie Appiah and the rest of the cast bug has for this one its a no no no 

27calibre (O_0 ) says:

My comments  here is for Mr.Chris .

Mr chris you cant meet the beautiful girls on here by not asking permision from me and @miyagi ,i need a reply now .

yes i know you are just PRETENDING to take only coffee and tea with them ,YOU ARE ON THE WATCH LIST Mr Chris(:

Miyagi says:

I totally agree with you bro you. Can’t keep on meeting this girls just like that Amoah is our sister and you should have ask permission first @27calibre (O_0 ),

27calibre (O_0 ) says:

You have  eyes for LADIES are you serious?
Any way @GC check  3rd line of  the article it does not sound as good english to me,It starts with…………. (The would be Miss Ghana 2012  ect….)

Miyagi says:

@27calibre (O_0 ),Lol

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