LIFESTYLE: Is Weave/Relaxed Hair Beautiful But Fake & Is Afro Hair Natural, But Ugly?

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Following on both from the ‘fake article’ and the ‘Dark skin vrs Light skin article’, I have decided to talk about black women’s hair. I have relaxed hair that is a bit past my shoulders, that is what I feel most comfortable with.

I have never done weave because my scalp is quite sensitive and even with “rasta” plaits, my scalp will erupt into itchiness and soreness.

Here in London there is a growing movement of black women who are going back to their natural afro hair from weaves or relaxation, citing the chemicals present in relaxers, and the stress placed upon the scalp by weave and lace fronts as reasons.

Some of them are controversially claiming that women who don’t rock their afros have not pride in their Africanism, and are basing their self esteem on looking like Caucasian women.

Hmmm, while I think this is an extreme point of view, there are studies that have shown that black women express dissatisfaction with themselves from an early age when they play with dolls that have Caucasian type hair.

Clearly we are influenced by what we see, and if the majority of women have weave/relaxed hair, that is what they will think is beautiful.

To some extent, I think the view that long straight hair is far attractive than afro or short hair is also propagated in Ghana schools where girls are disallowed complex hairstyles and have a rule of short “boyish” afro hair so that they can “concentrate on their studies” and not be “distracted” by boys, or beauty.

I can think of only one or two of our female Ghanaian, and indeed West African celebrities who do not wear weave, often the longer, the better.

Time is changing and a lot of young women are finding cuteness, realism and their roots in natural hair. Would you consider going back to natural hair? I am considering it…

For the men, what do you find attractive? Natural hair or the fake weave being paraded around?

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