Randomness: Did You Watch The Opening Ceremony Of The London 2012? What Do You Think?

I am not sure how many of you watched the spectacular ceremony that opened the Olympics games in London last night.  Why will anyone miss such a historical event though? LOL…

Anyway, even if  you did not watch it,  you must have heard or read about it by now…And if you watched it, you must surely have an opinion.

What do you think of the opening ceremony? Which act was your best part of the series of events which took viewers through the early industry revolution days of Britain to what we have today?

I think I most love the part where the doubles of Bond and the Queen parachuted from a helicopter above the stadium. My friends on my BB kept asking, is that really the Queen? You must be kidding me to even ask that question…LOL

The ceremony which was  inspired by Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’ managed to pull in Comedian Rowan Atkinson, playing the globally recognised character of mischievous-Mr. Bean. It was a perfect play by Mr. Bean.

The series of acts ended with hundreds of young nightclubbing dancers, taking us through popular British culture over the last five decades-music and dance were prominent.

To me, it was a well put together opening for Britain! What do you think?


Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Editor

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri is the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com , a Film Critic and a Human Rights Advocate; holds a masters degree in International Human Rights (LL.M), holds a degree in Law (LL.B), and he’s currently at Nottingham Law School, studying for his Legal Practice Course (with a second masters degree in Law) to practise as a UK Solicitor--he's a Professional Truth Sayer. He is also the author of the popular eBook “Success is a Right, Not A Privilege.” Contact: Vincent@topvincent.com

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