What Is Wrong With Our Female Musicians? They Need To Fix Up Quick Or Else…

On the global music scene, the Ghana Hip life scene is slowly, but surely making an impact with the male musicians championing the cause.

One thing I have noticed is that, our mainstream female musicians are off the radar, and in many cases, retrogressing in their career.

This is really sad to me as a woman. If I’m looking back even as recent as two years ago, our female musicians had all the potential in the world, tracks like “Wengeze” and “Fake London Boy” were in heavy rotation. But now they are getting it so wrong, their singles are making no impact, and their popularity is sinking fast.

As a result of free downloads, musicians cannot rely on CDs to make bank hits anymore, and must therefore focus on endorsements and paid performances, which are also heavily reliant on branding.

How can our female musicians attract performances when their songs are nothing to write home about? When it comes to endorsements, do not go there because their brands or images are at the weakest level.

Instead of tackling the above problems, our female musicians are rather spending precious time, energy and money staying at the same place, redoing same things, reshooting videos, etc.

The headlines have been a disaster too; taking part in a reality show has been a massive PR failure for one star, another veteran female has had her rep severely hampered by a number of allegations about her personal life, while another is said to be addicted to drugs. For attention, another had to flash her precious property on stage (At least that is what I think).

In short, our female musicians need to fix up or they will be relegated out of the game by the men. The talent is there, but they need to take serious control of their business, go and conquer.

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ThickMama says:

dey so need a gud management n branding..wen u agree 2 anytin u get anytin..nt jst d musicians all d ladies in d entertainment industry in gh..n gh lyk mediocrity 2 damn much!..wen u want 2 insist dey call u 2knw bt deyd do dat 4 foreign artistes.,.its hard work stayin on top,dey got 2 fyt..

Dr. Miyagi says:

Lol nice but I think they spend more time trying to look pretty I heard Tiffany wants  a duet with Mary J Blige don’t think tht will ever happen from what I am seeing 

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