Van Vicker’s Latest Movie ‘The Hands Of Time’ Premieres On August 3, Featuring Nadia Buari, Kofi Adjorlolo & Others!

On Friday August 3, 2012 at the Silverbird Cinema in Accra, Sky + Orange Productions, which is under the tutelage of actor Van Vicker would premiere  a new movie titled ‘The Hands Of Time’ to movie fanatics before subsequently releasing it unto the movie market for public consumption.

The Hands Of Time’ is the fourth movie that the actor has directed since veering into the directing field. Having directed three movies prior to this new one, Van have had time to weigh his options in terms of whether to ‘play God’ or to maintain the basic directing rules.

Let me explain the term ‘Playing God’. It is an expression used to refer to folks who behave like they know it all. These are people who feel that they know just anything and impose whatever they believe in on their associates.

So when a director plays God in movie making, it means that he/she tries to direct every mood and mannerisms of the actors on set whiles filming.

If you have better understanding and explanation of ‘Playing God’, let me know.

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In telling a story, a director can break the rules if he or she believes it’s imperative to do so to help the story – This is normal in movie making. The role of a director cannot be downplayed, more especially if such a director wrote the script which is being transformed into a movie.

I have had several interactions with movie directors and it came out that, a director can play God on set depending on the caliber of actors featuring in that particular movie. For instance, if the actors are new and looking for their bearings, then it becomes easy for the director working on such movie to play God as most of them wants to impress in other to be included in the next project.

However, it becomes an uphill task when the movie involves established actors; this is because of their egocentric issues. An observation I made was that, experienced actors feel ‘big’ and directors fear ordering them around.

This perhaps explains why most Ghanaian directors are stuck to one way of directing because they fear the backlash they would receive if they impose anything on the established actors.

Here is the connection to Van Vicker’s movie. Even though I’m yet to watch any of his previous directed movies, Van played God in ‘The Hands Of Time’ movie. Before anyone buys ticket to the premiere, one has to brace himself to watch a movie with full attention or else the person won’t grasp the full message.

I will come back and continue with the review soon, I don’t want to spoil the fun before August, 3.


Two sisters, Dantee (Nadia Buari) and Phyll (Phoebe Ewuraye) got separated when a wealthy man adopted Phyll as his only child.

He willed everything he had including his multinational insurance company to her on his dying bed. Kwabena (Kofi Adjorlolo), the husband of Phyll was aware of her father’s wealth and had his own plans.

Years after her stepfather’s death, Phyll decided to search for her elder sister (Dantee) but the search led to her death. Dantee on the other hand is gifted with seeing visions; she could not meet her kid sister after twenty years of separation but knew who killed her. She decided to avenge her sister’s death.

The question is would she succeed in her quest. Find all that happened in this pulsating, mind-blowing, unending suspense and creative piece.

Check out the trailer below


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