LIFESTYLE: Do You Have Needy Friends?

It does not matter if you are male or female in this situation.  Needy friends can be very annoying as he or she depends on you for everything…and I mean everything!  Whether it be emotional support, financial assistance, psychological respite; a needy friend is definitely someone that you might want to sever yourself from immediately. It has been researched that the longer you maintain a relationship with a needy friend, the more likely you are to become depressed yourself.

Therefore, the question i: “Do you have the courage to end your relationship?”.  Personally I had some needy friends.  I believe maybe it had to do with my personality.  I am nurturer at heart and a very good listener.

Also, it was hard for me to say no to certain things. My needy friends at the time would ask to borrow all my clothes, use my car, eat my groceries, call me four times a day-including at work, and would want to hang out all the time.  I had no time for myself or family.

I started to become depressed because my needy friends would also want me to fix all their problems too!  The last straw was when these same friends threw temper tantrums when I was too tired to return calls and most of all became envious and jealous at my successes.

It was such a painful experience after thinking these same friends I grew up with, needy or not, once knew me and understood that I was also trying to succeed in life. I guess at the time they also wanted me to carry them on my back to the finish line to prosperity.

I had enough at that point and ended all my friendships with those who were needy.  Once I did so I became happier and stress free.

Also I made new friends soon afterwards who appreciated my time and efforts.  Though I am hated and de-friended on Facebook; I can care less. Clearly I was not the one with the problems.

So, do you have what it takes to end your relationships with needy friends? What have been your experiences?

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