LIFESTYLE: Do You Have Needy Friends?

It does not matter if you are male or female in this situation.  Needy friends can be very annoying as he or she depends on you for everything…and I mean everything!  Whether it be emotional support, financial assistance, psychological respite; a needy friend is definitely someone that you might want to sever yourself from immediately. It has been researched that the longer you maintain a relationship with a needy friend, the more likely you are to become depressed yourself.

Therefore, the question i: “Do you have the courage to end your relationship?”.  Personally I had some needy friends.  I believe maybe it had to do with my personality.  I am nurturer at heart and a very good listener.

Also, it was hard for me to say no to certain things. My needy friends at the time would ask to borrow all my clothes, use my car, eat my groceries, call me four times a day-including at work, and would want to hang out all the time.  I had no time for myself or family.

I started to become depressed because my needy friends would also want me to fix all their problems too!  The last straw was when these same friends threw temper tantrums when I was too tired to return calls and most of all became envious and jealous at my successes.

It was such a painful experience after thinking these same friends I grew up with, needy or not, once knew me and understood that I was also trying to succeed in life. I guess at the time they also wanted me to carry them on my back to the finish line to prosperity.

I had enough at that point and ended all my friendships with those who were needy.  Once I did so I became happier and stress free.

Also I made new friends soon afterwards who appreciated my time and efforts.  Though I am hated and de-friended on Facebook; I can care less. Clearly I was not the one with the problems.

So, do you have what it takes to end your relationships with needy friends? What have been your experiences?

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  • Dr. Miyagi

    I like to think that when it comes to friendship I am not clingy, I am glue that means that I bond others together & without my organisation of outings & encouragement for communication between circles of friends certain friends would lose contact with each other As for me  I am quite an independent person who enjoys doing things on my own so I don’t have that one friend I tell everything to that’s why I got my parents for who I can talk to get advice cause having a needy friends brings allot of problems sometimes or they become too emotional and stressed but of purse there is ways you can deal with needy friends as long as your both honest to each other and don’t overdue things 

  • TiffanyBabe

    I think at one point in life, we all get to deal with needy friends. I kicked mine out and though she was not happy that she could not use me anymore, I felt liberated and happy. I was heading to the depression gutter. Everything is about this my friend. she won’t listen to me but always want to be listened to.when things are about me, it doesnt matter but her issues should be given the highest priority.

    I think she needed me more than I needed myself. I can be a slave but only to myself not to someone who seems to just want and want, not give anything to the friendship. I left and I am happy since then

  • Frog

    Mine was my roommate in school and am glad that is over.Guy was chronic liar and a backstabber too


    I kicked mine out not too long ago.Ok lets just say she brought herself and made it easy to be kicked out.Just like you Frog,mine was a pathological liar and backstabber par excellence. Man,she could even lie on my behalf. And everything was about her and no one else. Even in normal everyday chat,she just cuts in when I’m about to say something and tells me her ‘more important’ stories.I’m glad she’s a goner and I know by now homegirl has told tales upon tales about me to everyone who wants to listen but hey I don’t give a rats ass. I’m better off without her.