CELEB PHOTOS: Star Actress Jackie Appiah & Her Cutie Dog-Coco

I am not into pets but this dog that Jackie Appiah is holding is a real cutie…The Star Actress is currently in Nigeria shooting a movie titled ‘Dreamwalker’ and as part of her role,  the dog (called Coco) is hers…

if you are into dogs, then know that you are not alone, Jackie Appiah loves them too…From how she is holding unto that dog,  I will not be shocked if she buys one herself after the role…

If you are into dogs, can you let us know which breed is Jackie Appiah holding pls?

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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Editor

Chris-Vincent is a Law Graduate, a Human Rights Advocate and a Professional Truth Sayer. He is a Film Critic, the author of the popular eBook 'Success Is A Right, Not A Privilege', a Freelance Blogger/Writer and the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com. Contact: Vincent@topvincent.com

I wonder what the title wud have been if it were any other celeb like Yvone Nelson or Nadia……… Besides what is so special about the pix abeg let me think wai. @ ato still ROTFL at the hausa koko table.

@dashinglystunning, it would have been mediocre cos Nadia’s best friend is a lesbian/bis*xual Nadia is too plus a freaky pathetic Beyonce wannabe , Yvonne  Nelson is pretty, talented but arrogant and a wannabe as well but way better than that bastard and bleached goat  called Nadia. Anyways, Jackie is the most beautiful and talented actress Ghana has. She is numero uno. No one lies like Nadia  so her life is a total darkness. Upon all the lies she has told, she is not classy or appreciable at all. Gutterbred.

@ato, have u bought a block before? I don’t think you ever will,  Ato you will die a poor man till you start appreciating good things.   Jackie you and the puppy look so cute

Aaaaw this is adorable, Im a dog lover n I tell u thisnbreed is called Shih Tzu, they are so sweet and cuddly, I had one which I sold an Indian family cos my apartment is not big enough and I Thoth he needed more spacento play around, their type really needs so much love and so they always want to stay close to people, be on eir laps, cuddle n lick them all over, lol…..I miss it so much……Jacky looks good

she is goddess. i don’t know the kind of this dog, but the actress is nice looking and dropped some pounds. haters, you are dangerous, other will hate you too.

Some of you guys are pathetic, why can’t you just admire the photo of the girl and the dog? Why must you go into saying some stupid stuff? Pathetic souls when it comes to Jackie’s shine

@TiffanyBabe, you can chose to be the mediator between the local champion Jackie and GC readers,you can issue RESTITUTION”..if only you understand…

Oh ok so the dog is nt even hers and u don’t even know if she will buy one 4 herself? thats all good,,, the breed is agyapong’s and u can contact Chris 4 more details. Thank u.


@Afia, afua this jackies syndrome is getting out of hands, her missing ring is what they have to dicuss a so called star married woman indeed.

@ato, You are a piece of shit really, you are the most disgusting piece of shit on this blog, u r very obsessed with this girl obviously which is turning into some hate, kwasia, i guess u dream about her and always rear ur ugly head immediately her name is mentioned on this blog n start foaming at the mouth like a dog, nigga have an arena of seats at the makola market where u r a store boy or whatever,

@ato, No its not the Jackie syndrome which is getting out of hand, its ato pull me down syndrome which is out hand, nigga u cray

@ato, why don’t you mind your freaking business what does her ring got to do with you?  Get a life nigger go and pray for men to give your so called girls rings to, as for Jackie she has experience it, let the other actresses also get proposed to

Why do I get a feeling that these Pictures are old plus looks like she was on set unless she has started the lassie the dog licking as well since she don’t where her ring anymore 

@Dr. Miyagi, me naaaa i was also thinkin soo too or mayb de husband is nw impotent n she dont want to fornicate so she’s tryin to settle 4 tat lol…hummmmm..anyway tis is noting new as i’ve been told tat some of these local champions go n even sleep wit dogs in Najia 4 vry huge cash so its NO NEWS CHRIS n abt de ring tin @Miyagi hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…

@nana ama,Hahahahah I’m going to keep my mouth shut I this time I have received enough insult already I’m gong to be a good boy this time *wink* 

@Dr. Miyagi, you are pathetic grow up what does her ring got to do with this. If she is divorced  how will that be your business? Is she the first person to divorce? If she is married to is it your damn business? Idiot grow up. Ato another useless commenter grow the hell up

@Nancy, True that Nancy, she/ any other person can’t hold unto something that doesn’t work, and she and Yvonne are the only pure ghanaians who do not escape their nationalities, can’t we give them their right of raising Ghana’s name. who ever thinks that she is going with that pet is son of bitch and has been doin this before that is why he knows a human being can go with a dog.Ring and ring, put the ring ur mother’s finger. South Sudanese has given her her right, who knows u????

D@nana ama,s*xy???? Hmmmmmmmmm now puking she got the face and a cute short next but rest…………………(silence)

@Joseph Midnight, is vry true bro. n besides who care abt tis too? she can replace or even add to her children nimba or perhaps de husband is nw ***********?

Jackie I love you so much. Chris please can I meet Jackie, she is the best thing that happened toghana

@Joseph Midnight, in my grandfathers law document” this will be refer to as litigation”is often used where all others fail”..the so called Jackie,”the local champion needs some Conciliation…….

@Joseph Midnight, its a chihuahua breed. yes she is beautify, but vulnerability on the part of who, jackie or you? just curious