LIFESTYLE: Cheating – Is It Nature Or Nurture?

Most people cheat and admit it either to their partners or friends. Some people also keep it to themselves for life. The fact however remains that, a lot of people cheat!

Sometimes merely looking at another person besides your man or woman and feeling physical attraction so badly that you imagine being with them, is considered cheating. Because out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.

So just as your mind has conceived the idea, you are on your way to hatching it. Also in this day of social media, cheating has become so easy! But why do they cheat? Or should I say why do we cheat? LoL

Causes Of Cheating…

Fundamentally, I will apply my economics background here and say because the needs of man are insatiable. Insatiable needs lead our eyes to be constantly roving.


The social media platforms emerging these days are totally crazy. They pick people from all around the globe and thrust them right in each other’s faces. The effect is that, it sparks things quickly, conversations are started, mental drooling over pictures and more. With one click, you could send a message to or speak with a hot stranger.

You get closer by the day. Sometimes u may start a conversation with somebody one day and it feels like you have known each other for years, why? Because you two were eyeing each other’s pages for probably years!

And you may find more of a verbal or mental connection with somebody on the other part of the globe than with even your partner! What do you do in such a situation? Do you think that is cheating?

Are you going to cut communication with that person or break up with your partner just so you can date somebody who you only know as being on the other side of your computer?

Rather silly right? So you may just keep cheating! Technology is what brings in the issue of cheating as nurture. An environmental factor; because if our generation didn’t grow up right in front of computers, the extra danger of cyber dating wouldn’t be so prevalent.

Hmmph! This is where ladies will fall short. Even if it’s not in a woman’s nature to cheat, extreme financial situations can drive her to it. She may resist the temptation at first but eventually, she may
fall to it. It isn’t such a big issue for men.  Although some amount of men also cheat for financial reasons. Still, the number of men who cheat for financial reasons are very low compared to women.


A man will cheat for physical reasons faster than a woman would. A man is quick to notice and get drawn to the attributes of another woman easily.

Most women however tend to see everything good in their partner as long as they are in love with him. He could be a Lilliputian and they would wake up and see a giant when they want to. LoL. So it is very rare that women cheat for physical reasons.


Now this is mainly the reason why women cheat. The feeling of being unloved and unappreciated is very powerful. It hurts a woman, makes her feel so broken that she will notice when another man besides her partner, pays her a compliment, says sweet things to her. She gets drawn to the person wanting more.

Men however are not looking for a lasting emotional commitment when they cheat. So men are less likely to cheat for emotional reasons than women.

Now Let Me Hear You

So one may ask, since most of the factors snitch on women, how come many more men than women still cheat? Is it because it is in their nature?

Yes, I would say it’s more in their nature than anything else. I know the guys on this blog-GhanaCelebrities.Com have started composing their responses to attack me and I am waiting.

What do you think makes a man or woman cheat and is it in their nature or is it nurtured?

Have you cheated on your partner before? Tell us…nobody is watching. Hahaha!

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  • sii

    it has been proven that men cheat more than women n i think its true. i hv forgotten the exact numbers but i guess it was 65% ofwomen cheat on their men n 35%men on thier women….

    • B.B

      @sii,errrmmm, i dont get your point..

    • Dr. Miyagi

      @sii,And where did you get that percentage from if I may ask 

      • sii

        @Dr. Miyagi, it was published some months ago on yahoo.News where so many people were commenting tht they thought men cheat more…

        • Dr. Miyagi

          @sii, I see interesting 

  • Frog

    Yes I have.Men are born to dominate and posses everything arond them.It cant be helped it just has to be surpressd but its so hard and needs a lot energy.Women are lyk gadgets if u wait a little longer a new and improved model will be released than the one u have now.The cycle never ends

  • the women are too plenty for every man to take just one.

    • B.B

      @kabiru totti, hahahahahaha, so how many do you have?

  • James

    I have cheated many times. I have even cheated with married women-two women. I guess this is confession time and since I cant be seen, let me say it all here.

    I have cheated on my girlfriend (then) with her best friend. I also knocked several women when I was in a relation and they did not know or my actual girlfriend never knew. 

    I guess that is my nature and I cant change

    • Dr. Miyagi

      @James, eeeii “professor hit it and quit it”  your not easy than means you can’t control your willy at all people like you are called a “adulterous philanderer” so people like you give us man bad name massa you need “Jesus” in your life buy dettol and wash all your sins away 

      • `madam social

        @Dr. Miyagi, haahaa lmao … eiii dettol paa. in fact u’ll kill me shy lol. u just made my nite.

        • Dr. Miyagi

          @`madam social,Hahahaha lol he needs it 

    • towa

      @James, stop lyin to urself.. isnt our nature is a prob “s*xual addiction” u need rehab

    • Adjoa Nbaaso)

      @James, It isnt ur nature.Its a bad habit and u need to stop ASAP before u start getting consequences.God is watching..

  • Pampro

    You watch too much tv.

    • Dr. Miyagi

      @Pampro,Better than you do the wanking cause your not getting any 

  • Dr. Miyagi

    i’d go for nature  it’s some peoples need to feel accepted and i guess it’s also the fact that they want something different yet they don’t want to let go of what they have, they need to know that they can’t keep eating from two plates it’s either you have your favourite plate or you don’t have one at all 

  • Jsean

    I think itz nature 4 men n nurture 4 women b’cuz in de society in which we find ourselves polygeny iz accepted but polyandry iz a curse

  • Nart

    This article knocked me down o. It’s nature that men cheat in every aspect of life and the women is nurture because i caught most of them through such means. Thats y i don’t allow my real queen to open accounts online. Hehe