PHOTOS: ‘Nervous’ Nadia Buari At The Launch Of Showbiz Honours 2012

Perhaps this is no news since we all get nervous sometimes, don’t we? Yesterday award winning actress Nadia Buari screamed “I’m nervous” several times when reading a speech on what she has been able to do so far after being honoured in the maiden edition of Showbiz Honours.

I was like why didn’t she adlib than read the long speech, perhaps written by somebody? Anyway this goes to confirm that, acting is indeed not the same as standing in front of live audience.

Check out pictures of ‘nervous’ Nadia Buari at the launch of 2012 Showbiz Honours.

What do you guys think of Nadia Buari’s look?

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  • 27calibre (O_0 )

    damn Nadia is looking different  ,she is looking super and super cute (:

    • nanya martinson

      @27calibre (O_0 ), shes always looking fab

  • 27calibre (O_0 )

    is my eyes deceiving me or dont you see Nadia has done something lightly to her NOSE ?

    • nanya martinson

      @27calibre (O_0 ), make up babe make up

  • nana

    thatz one thing i love about nadia.shez always on point.damn. gal is looking FAB.#flawlESS. I dunno knw if itz only me but gal looks young these days.hehe

    • nanya martinson

      @nana, me too thats one thing i like about her

  • James

    Nadia is looking good but I think her make up is a bit mess up though

  • B.B

    This is not the best i have seen of her. I dont like the hair and make up and she looks funny in these pics…..

  • Lima

    yes, Nadia went under the knife. she has her nose done. go and look before and after.

    • sii

      @Lima, make-up trick, i do tht too, she only has gotten a new make-up artist….

      • sii

        @sii, i mean her nose, watch youtube nose make-up, tht is where i learnt it….

  • Dr. Miyagi

    Look at this coke and fanta Mix peel like she seen a ghost Scary pu**ycat

    • Amoah

      @Dr. Miyagi, LOL boy your comments always make my day! Keep it up!

      • Dr. Miyagi


      • @Amoah, hehehe he should keep it up? lol miyagi lol i think shes looking good paaa tho shes not my fan lol but truth must be told

        • Dr. Miyagi

          @nana ama,Lmao no she wants to bring Barbie back alive 

          • nana nketia

            Her fanto face n coca cola feet Lmaoo..why her bleaching cream no reach her feet @Dr. Miyagi,

    • inchristalone

      @Dr. Miyagi, dis is really you,cos u have changed.u paa insulting nadia?hmmm

      • Dr. Miyagi

        @inchristalone,Lol I’m still the same old but she got it way wrong this time and looking too peel 

  • kizzy

    Nadia u beautiful juss the way u were- y did u get a nose job done? u want to be like these American clelebrities? look how ugly they all look now after getting plastic done. Example LIL kim.

  • jealous one

    wow she looks so young and pretty. lightskinned paa nie!

  • jeff

    Nadia looks Gorgeous !!!!!!!

  • Betty

    You look beautiful Nadia.I love the colours. All of them. Not too sure about that kind of heel tho. Maybe the shape of the heel shoulda been a little different?

  • endowed

    lovely Nadia I’m getting my hair done like that for back to school

  • GoldenGurl

    Nadia looks cute but is it me or has the weight loss aged her somehow?? 

  • tina

    nadia looks great and anyone that loses weight always look different but of course Ghanaians will say its something else,smh

  • mother

    da dress didnt do justice to her this time ..cos it makes her look like 16 yrs old gal ….thats a no no …girl …
    body looks great though ….

  • Ball so hard miss dior

    Yall give jackie too much grief for wearing shining ensembles, but from where am sitting your girl looks shiny from head to toe, and in pink too.

  • ato

    looking sweet as always,

  • lilyy


  • deborah offei twumwaa

    oh yea nadia is really nice.