Gabby Douglas Gets Over One Million Dollar Endorsement Deal + Her Mother Filed For Bankruptcy Few Months Ago…How Life Changes!

Life is difficult but it is the uncertain nature of it that makes it beautiful. You will never know what tomorrow holds for you and this is why we should never give up on life.

Few days ago, 16 year old Gabby Douglas made America proud by winning 2 gold medals at the on-going Olympics 2012 in London.

As if her achievements and success is not enough, Kelloggs is reported to have quickly jumped to sign an endorsement deal with her worth between 1-3 million dollars. A day after winning her medals, Kelloggs presented to her a special edition box featuring herself holding her gold medal…

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This looks great for her, her family and her future…right?

But then it was not the same few months ago. Life was tough for her and her Mother- Natalie Hawkins. Her mother was struggling to even pay $408 for gymnastic classes she took 2 years ago at Orthodontist in Iowa.

Together with other debt, the mother filed for bankruptcy just few months before the Olympics.

According to bankruptcy documents which were filed in Virginia, Gabby Douglas’ mother filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy and her assets amount to $163,706.10 and carried a debt totalling $79,754.14.

She owes Capital One $1,534, Student loan — $4,350.23, Sprint — $158.78, T-Mobile — $413 and others…

With projections that Gabby Douglas’ success at the Olympics will fetch her over $90 million in endorsement deals, what are these debts to her mother? Nothing!

So you see why you should never give up on life even when all hope seems to be lost.

Source: BeyondGossip.Com

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God bless her so much. life is all about  timing. when its your time to bless its not going to be even second late.

@`madam social, its very true swty n in God tym der is no delay im a living testimony to tat lol

She’s an inspiration to the African American community, Will Smith stated that if he decides to have one more kid and it turns out to be a girl, He is naming her Gabrielle.

DOUGLAS is just  an active kid ,she very good at what she does and she is best at it ,thank GOD african  american is holding the flag of  africa once again at  the gymnastic which is hardly for an african to gain GOLD in that field.

who jah bless (:
for those who has lose hope fight for your dreams just like 16 YRS old Douglas did 

@27calibre (O_0 ),Totally agree with you she is very good even the judges and commenters where speechless