LIFESTYLE: Are You Racist?

I am sure this article will definitely get many readers attention.  I hope so because it would be an opportunity for individual self-reflection. As an African female I have experienced many racial events in my life.

The first unforgettable racial event was as a teenager working as a cashier in a department store.  Upon paying for items, many Caucasian people would place their cash or credit card on the counter instead of my hand.

Another event was also amongst clients in the workplace. Due to my facial features and accent, many African American clients would ask me where I am from. Once I tell them I am a Ghanaian, I am often asked if it is true Africans live in trees, are destitute, and walk around n*ked.

Lastly, I was in the home of an associate and I saw insects coming through the door. Personally I am deathly afraid of insects. As a result, I screamed and ran to hide. The associate came running as I told her that there were insects in her home. In response, she asks me “Aren’t you African?” I was so upset I left.

In my infuriation, I pondered if I have ever discriminated towards an individual or people. Unfortunately, I was guilty. I was ashamed of myself as I remembered the times I would tell my friends that Asians are the worse drivers and that Africans are smarter than other ethnicities.

It was worse when I remembered that I never corrected my friends for their racial comments as they would say that all African Americans are lazy, uneducated, welfare recipients.

Despite living in a world that racism is a terrible disease and inevitable; I am determined to transform my mind regarding my thoughts and kill hate with kindness.

So far I have been doing very well. We are all part of the human race; a colorful rainbow of people. Are you racist?

Racism (race discrimination) in simply terms refers to treating a person or group of persons less favorable than others in similar circumstances because of their race. It stretches to comments and even omission to act.

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