LIFESTYLE: Why I Will NEVER Pay For The Cost Of Weaves Or Wigs For My Girlfriend…

You can call me anything you want and feel the highest pity for my girlfriend but then that is what it is…

With time, if our relationship ‘graduates’ to become husband and wife, the above entrenched principle will still stand. I will never pay for the cost of weaves or wigs for my woman. I will be extremely proud if my sisters’ boyfriends and husbands do the same.

I am not going to blame it on how expensive weaves or wigs are because that will be reducing the importance of my standing to pettiness. I can certainly afford every weave or wig I know of, except there are ones being sold at 100 thousand pounds. But I will never contribute a penny on these things for my girlfriend and she herself knows this.

I will never ask a woman to give up her taste and lust for weaves so as she can pick up the confidence she has lost in her natural hair, but then why must I contribute towards financing these ‘shallow’ habits.

I got extremely upset and could not believe the level of naivety which has come to live with certain women of today when several young women on social media platforms like Twitter failed to see the high achievements of 16 year old American double Olympics medal winner-Gabby Douglas.

Instead, black women who are reported to spend substantially more money on weaves and wigs in the world than any race lambasted her for proudly wearing her own natural hair. (Click Here If You Are Interested In Gabby’s Issue). Some black women spend more on their hair than saving for their own future.

The reason why I have never and will never contribute to any woman’s weave or wig wearing enterprise is that, I find self confidence the strongest of all human virtue. You can disagree with me but those weaves or wigs come to me as lack of self confidence in what you naturally have.

Again, if you want to wear some horse tail hair, why must I pay for that as your boyfriend or husband? Same way I will not pay for cigarettes  for anyone because of my moral standing on smoking and the health complications, I dare lower the damage these weaves and wigs do to the confidence of women or their natural hair and be a financier.

Have you realized that wearing weaves and wigs have become customary while rocking natural hair has become an abnormality? When a woman wears a weave or wig, no exceptional glances are given to her but try walking down the street confidently with your natural hair as a woman and see the weird looks you will receive. When did the tables switch without notice?

My point is and has always been that, I will never help any woman pursuit her ‘shallow’ habits when there are genuine alternatives which can be fully embraced to enhance self esteem, growth and healthy living.  However, if you believe in any of these things as a woman and you want to chase them; good luck with it and make sure you are paying for your one-dimensional enterprise.

No disrespect to the many women who have found pride, beauty and confidence in weaves and wigs. For equal minded men like me, these things tell us about the emptiness beneath the bottle and the level of self hate that engulfs your personality. When did we begin to find ourselves so imperfect to the extent that some women cannot ever show their own natural hair?

Any effort to become someone else is a total waste of the person you are…Go for it but then don’t ever expect men like me to care about or finance them.

Take a minute to imagine a world without all these weaves and wigs?

Whatever your take is on this, I’d love to hear it…

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